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    What I get out of the Salon article is that Holder is willing to be the bad cop to Obama's good cop. Actually I don't trust either. I think they are both bad cops.
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    @kirbstomp1 That's what "another reaction" is there for :)
    Cause I can't predict everything that this diverse crowd will think.
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    I thought that word just meant "male" I'm confused. No, but really...I find it incredible that when the liberal media actually writes what they believe, that people are a shocked. Didn't we hear from the liberal celebrities how Obama was gonna do some messed up s**t to get this country the way they think it needs to be, this fits the narrative.
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    I don't understand what Mr. Benjamin's point was supposed to be. Maybe it was just intended to create controversy.

    By the way, "Inner N-word." should not be in quotation marks. It's not a quote. "Inner" N-word would be okay.

    Actually, I'm pretty tired of seeing "N-word" all the time. It's so juvenile. I wish that it was replaced with some sort of symbol, the way "the Artist Formerly Known as Prince" wrote his name there for a while. I blame Oprah Winfrey for this school trend. F-word you, Oprah,

    Lenny Bruce was right, saying it but not saying it just gives the word more power.
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    I think his meaning was more "house boy" which still has the same connotation , a little more acceptable maybe, but still meaning the same thing, Eric holder is Obamas slave, even though in MY own wording I would just call him his bitch.
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    @CATTLEPROD Then he could have called him Obama's apparatchik (an unquestioningly loyal subordinate, especially of a political leader or organization) but that wouldn't rouse the rabble.
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    Both Barack Husssein Obama and Eric Holder are racists. They were just waiting for something to happen so they could take Civil Rights action at the federal level.
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    Leftist establishment seem much more racist than other people. They simply cannot get over race. They're obsessed with race.
    For 50 years, liberals have attacked character while simultaneously pushing race consciousness, and claiming to be innocent.
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    I have said it a millon times. I know way more racist "liberal democrats" than I do racist "conservative republicans" That's why every liberal I ever met, my first impression is always HYPOCRITE.
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    That's always your first impression, huh?

    "big·ot (bgt)
    One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ."
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    @Dan_Tien Iam sure deep down inside of that liberal heart of yours you to feel that ever time you have met a conservative.
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    @Buckfan4life2 Actually deciding whether someone I meet is a conservative or a liberal is pretty far down on my list when it comes to first impressions. That's way below deciding whether they are funny, admirable, or an A-word.
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    The left is always spouting outragous inflammatory rhetoruc. They are usually praised for it . Certainly not consequented for it. They have an entirely different set of standards for themselves. They are for the most part hypocrits filled with hatred & rage.
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    I'm more concerned about this administrations "inner-sanctum," filled with deception, chicanery, corruption and the felonious assault on America from debt and spending to failure in answering pertinent questions on Fast & Furious, Benghazi, AP 1st amendment rights, and of course -- the IRS.

    Not to mention, their flagrant violations of Rule of Law and their outright contempt for our Constitution! This Zimmerman acquittal, is nothing but a cover for the above by stirring up more racial tension and unrest in this country.....<sick>
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    @S-N-A-F-U I almost repeated this post in face book and wrote out the N word both ways and told them which I thought was the right word for the man. Ok for this post to say it and beat around the bush, but not ok for me. I have been blocked by face book for the fourth time . Freedom of speech is not free on face book or not free for a conservative,l that is
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    @smith100 You are 100% right. Facebook along with most other media exist to help the progressive movement. That is their sole purpose. It is to give the illusion of free speech but it is also to help control the masses. If someone posts something that they cannot tolerate then they show you, by repeatedly consequenting you not to do it again. Whethet it is tv radio newspaper, they are becoming increasingly hostile towards people with a differing viewpoint. It is actually happening quite rapidly.
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    I have a favorite saying:
    It is what it is....
    Another one:
    If it quacks like a duck.....

    I believe all of us have an "inner" something. Some are "child". Some are "n-word". Some are progressive......others are regressive.
    The difference between being "inner" dependent and "Inner" acknowledgement that your "inner" is control!
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    Its an obvious observation that says Blacks never intend to dig their way out of the ghetto's
    until they realize that the democrats truly arent on their side, things wont change.
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    I'm missing what the problem is? Something about holder being an indoor n_____ and obama's race-baiting speech.
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