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    This is a witch hunt, nothing more. They want to hound this guy as long as they can. They want to keep this thing alive as long as this.
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    I agree, seedtick. Al Sharpton and company want nothing more than to keep this thing going even though there is no way to prove George Zimmerman killed Trayvon because of his race. Just think, if racism did not exist, they would be out of business. Of course they want to make this about race and keep it in the media for as long as they can. In the mean time, they keep exploiting two grieving parents to push their own selfish agenda.
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    They are grasping at straws! They want so bad for this man to be found guilty they will go to any links to see to it he is. I just hate seeing our country going to hell in hand basket like it has these last 13 years. You don't want to play by the rules of law or the Constitution you just make up shit as you go along. All the while we the people just sit here and watching it happening doing nothing about it.
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    We the people are not idle. Loud and charismatic "leaders" on both sides, but especially on the right (sorry to say), have us all well and truly at each others' throats.
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    @Denizen_Kate I cant help but laugh at such statements.
    Nearly every media outlet unilaterally (and falsely) blames republicans for all ills in our society.
    Democrats are incessantlu, falsely, blaming republicans for all the ills in our societu.
    Obama is constantly doing the same, including blaming bush for some of his administrations policieswhich were started after obama took office, as well as trying to make every group of people, Iin any way that can be grouped, feel like a victim of the other groups.
    And you claim that the divisiveness is coming "especially" from the right.
    Your statement in a nutshell "...they have us at each others throats, and it is mostly the fault of the group that disagrees with me..."
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    I really don't give a damn about political parties! We could point the finger at each party all damn day they are not problem WE ARE for allowing this shit to go on! Everyone needs to put blame where its due go look in the nearest mirror there is our problem.
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    George Zimmerman cannot be tried again for the death of Trayvon Martin. I'm sure the DOJ could find something else to try him for. I don't believe he will be prosecuted for a civil rights issue.
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    He can be charged with violating Martin's civil rights, but the case would depend on Zimmerman testifying that he had race on his mind when he went after Martin.
    Somehow I can't see that happening.
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    It would be quite difficult for the DOJ. The state of Florida couldn't prove Zimmerman committed a crime. The DOJ would have to prove Zimmerman committed a crime based on the color of Trayvon Martins skin.
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    @joyshusband No, the state of Floriday couldn't prove murder 2 and 3, not that Zimmierman didn't commit a crime.
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    @AceLuby The prosecutors couldn't prove the charges they levied. I think they really made themselves look stupid when they asked for the lesser child abuse count.
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    Of course. But the government is not well known towards obeying the law. I mean look at all the other laws the fools have ignored.

    To my fellow Military friends an all others I ask.

    Do you remember raising your right hand and swearing before God,

    I,(NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    Remember the feeling everyone had at the unity in that room. There were no black or white issues. We were there because our country needed us. We were proud to be there.

    Were you lying when you took that oath?

    Guys.... She needs us now... She needs us now. Something must be done....
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    @harold_lloyd - I don't see how that could be, this trial will stay in the forefront of the public's mind for... Oh cool! Something shiny!... what was I talking about again?
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    My personal feelings about the Zimmerman/Martin case aside, the DOJ needs to let this go, as do the rest of us. The jury, right or wrong, ruled in accordance with Florida law as they were instructed. The laws that allowed Zimmerman to be acquitted need review, and any new similar laws should be made crystal clear regarding what you can and cannot legally do with a gun vs an unarmed person.
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    Slippery slope. What if you are being attacked by an unarmed but bigger assailant who has knocked you down and smashing your head on pavement? Is that a time you should be able to protect your life even though your attacker has no firearm? What about a woman against a male?
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    @jeepstermike A bloody nose and an abrasion on the back of the head is a far cry from being beaten to death. Protecting your life is not the same as protecting yourself from all bodily harm.
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    @jeepstermike - there is nothing in my comment advocating against any Stand Your Ground type of law. I merely asked for clarity: "... any new similar laws should be made crystal clear regarding what you can and cannot legally do with a gun vs an unarmed person." Is it asking too much for laws to be clear?
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    only complete morons at the federal level would even attempt to bring charges against him... considering who we have in those departments I could see that happening.... maybe when they seat a jury... they will pick some of the people with George Zimmerman saved July 17th of this year from a car wreck in Sanford I bet that just infuriates Eric Holder and Obama... I wonder if either one of those race hustlers will comment on George Zimmermans recent heroics.....
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    Last week the ACLU reversed course and asked the DOJ to ignore its previous calls for federal investigation and/or prosecution precisely because of double jeopardy fears.
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    IMO this means they have investigated and decided they can't win, so they are quietly going to drop it. Hence Obama's newly announced series of speeches about the economy. Again. Well, that and the increasing revelations about the IRS scandal and Benghazi, which are not over.
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    @Realthinker "they can't win."

    Win what? The ACLU wasn't bringing any action on its own. It merely reconsidered, and reversed, its previous call for DOJ action. I don't know of any announcements from the DOJ suggesting it will not finish its review of the case and, for what it's worth, I'll point out the FBI still Mr Zimmerman's gun.
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    While Double Jeopardy was a decent popcorn movie (who doesn't like Tommy Lee Jones?), I'd have to say Fracture kicks it's ass up and down Hollywood. Hopkins nailed that one.
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    I really can not believe that pathetic state of mind a large portion of our populous is in. Has everyone thrown common sense right out the window? It surely appears that way. Leave the guy alone. He had every right to protect himself against an attacker. Does not make one damn bit of difference if the attacker was Black, yellow, green, orange, white,..what the hell ever. When a person gets a concealed carry permit , what in the hell do you think the reason for that is? Its so that you can feel safe walking down the streets (that are no longer safe). Come on...I mean really I have to spell this out for you people? And some of the arguments on here about how Zimmermans injuries were not bad enough for him to use his weapon against the thug that was attacking him? What the ?? So , we are suppose to take inventory during an attack , and analyze the attack as its happen , and then wait right up to the minute we are ready to pass out or , feel that our injuries are bad enough to constitute using your protection against your attacker? People have completely lost their minds. All I can say is this.... all you liberal idiots out there... best not come to my town, and try your idiotic bull... and you can keep your stupidity among your selves. This was not the OJ trial ,.. so once again I say... no dancing in the streets againt because you got one over one whitey. Get over it... I would love to say somethings that are a hell of alot worse, but Im sure I would get booted off Politix.
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    He should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter rather than second degree murder in the first place to secure a conviction but a loophole may yet be found in the criminal justice system to bring about an indictment for manslaughter at the federal level.
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    Judge Nelson barred prosecutors from referring to racial profiling to ensure that charge would be available to the Feds at a later date if necessary.
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    Zimmerman should sue the Martin family for their son violating HIS civil rights and for attemped murder. While their little boy's clood was still warm, the Martins were cashing in on the phrase "Justice for Trayvon" by getting it copyrighted so that only they would make money off of it, as well as an immediately filed $million dollar "wrongful death" lawsuit against the Homeowners Association within a day after the shooting of their "poor little boy." about homophobic, dope head and drug head on weed and Lean, gangsta thug, "Knockout King" Kracka-hater, who was stalking Zimmerman after casing out a house to rob and then sucker punched him to the pavement where he proceeded to bash his brains in.

    More people are killed by arms and hands than rifles. so, cut out the Bolshevik about the reprobate being "unarmed." If George was unarmed, he would have been "unLIVING."

    He should also sue the DOJ for fomenting racial hatred and violence. Sending their clowns down to Sanford to stir up the neighborhood.

    Meanwhile, Alexis, the Black Microwaved Monster, kills 12 white people because he thought they were out to get him. That also could have been Obama or his son.

    I really wish that the ACLJ would bring a lawsuit against the DOJ for racial discrimination against whites by letting Black thugs and Mexican gang bangers walk free. 500 murders in Chicago last year, 6% conviction rate. Do the math. The revolving door of justice, not the revolver, is the cause of mass death.

    That, and those buttwipe, kneejerking libtards with their gun-free zones. Starbucks ought to put a sign outside their doors: "Please leave your CCW in your cars and come in for some real double shots. Wake up and smell the coffee...and cordite."
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    With the poor blacks pushing I am sure they can cry and get him tried for anything we need to stand are ground and put an end to this. OK Martins mother got her 15 min now go and find something else to wine about.
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    LMAO, If the United States starts trying people in court 2 or 3 times until the verdict is passed down that will placate any racial issues in this country, you may as well start selling Tanks instead of Volvos, it's going to get ugly PDQ...and putting that cork back in the bottle, is going to take more then Words, and the Government knows it, that's why Holder and Obama keep stirring it up.
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