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    Zimmerman I think is a good man,as do all the people he associates with.
    The problem is Black thugs and illiterate white left wingers that have no clue of the real facts of the trial will never let this go. If something does happen to Zimmerman or his family Whites should go on a savage revenge spree. We have allowed these idiots freedom for to long. If they can't play by our rules they should leave or disappear.
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    Trayvon was a young thug who along with taking drugs, probably sold it. He was suspended from school three times in one year, the second time he was caught with a bag full of jewelry he stole from lockers.

    Word is out that Martin punched out a bus driver. It was only in do time he would windup in jail or dead, he just got there a little earlier than some of his fellow thugs.
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    @TheLoneRanger OK, it happened.
    His "thug" life caught up to him, he's DEAD.
    Do we now dance on his grave???
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    It wasn't just 'A' man Zimmerman saved but 2 parents and 2 children in a over turned SUV. Another man (unnamed) helped Zimmerman save the family from the over turned Ford Explorer at the intersection of I-4 and route Route 46 about a mile from where the Zimmerman/Martin incident happened. Zimmerman stayed just long enough to help and talk to the police before he left.~ ABC News story by Matt Gutman & Alexis Shaw.
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    @ctc HMMM......I drove a truck OTR for years. Drove over 125,000 miles a year......9+ hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 weeks at a time b4 coming home. You know how many traffic accidents I came up to where I would be 1st responder on the scene? ONE!
    This isn't something you drive around in circles looking would be looking for awhile.
    You're dismissed!
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    proper edicate now is to include Obama into the story also only 35 years ago... so you have to re- frame the story into if this happened 35 years ago and Obama was like his fake son.... he would go on to beat and rob them...
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    @Real4WheelDrv Wonder if the media can be held responsible for any attempts on his life? Sounds like they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit.
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    Yeah that whole black panther party bounty thing did nothing to endanger his life or anything....

    Why again have no charges been brought against them for basically contracting murder for hire?
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    That is simple to answer. The Justice Department does not prosecute blacks because it feels that everything a black does is justified.
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    For the same reason they let them stand in front of voting places and intimidate others.

    Wonder why Sharpton, Holder, and Obama never got involved over that?
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    Well we can be certain was the guy he saved black or white? If he was white he only saved him because he was white right?/sarc
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    @cnw95 You'll hear somebody at MSNBC say something stupid like..."The only reason Zimmerman helped was because the family was 'light skinned'. If it had been a family of African Americans he would have never stopped!" <~~or something similar.
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    @HeresSomeTruth ..."The only reason Zimmerman helped was because the family was 'light skinned"....well I gotta admit....that is stupid.
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    the only way I can see them twisting this to their advantage is if by some remote chance all four people in the vehicle or white Hispanics..... then they can say oh sure but he wouldn't have stopped to help if they were black people
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    I absoloutly love it!!!!
    GO MR. Z!!!!
    A man stands up, single handedly confronts a self proclaimed cracker hating, no limit thug, protects his neighborhood, saves an entire family from a crushed vehicle,(while having to wear armor against the pro - druggie, thug, cracker hating supporters)
    And still they pretend to believe hes a bad man. LOLOLOL
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    @TheLoneRanger i wish you happy dreams. Let me know if you find away out of this nightmare we are in.
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    Now just think if he had been convicted, that man would be dead.
    Fate is a funny bitch!

    People tried to convict and innocent man, and God was watching.
    For defending his own life, self preservation being the greatest desire of a human, he did exactly what any of us would do, given the same situation.
    And no it doesn't matter that Zimmerman followed him, and kept an eye on him. Hence the name neighborhood watch.
    Treyvon at the very least was loitering. You can charged with loitering or prowling, if you are in a place and at a time where normal, law-abiding citizens are not commonly found and which could be construed as posing a threat to property or to others.
    He then attacked Zimmerman. Some say he was a scared kid, but he wasn't, because if he was then Treyvon had a duty to retreat once he knocked Zimmerman down to the ground, but he did not retreat, he advanced, mounted Zimmerman and again attacked Zimmerman.
    Consequently Treyvon Martin was shot. A cosequence of Martins own actions that night.
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    nobody knows where is... then suddenly emerges at the scene of a wreck.... with the help of an ordinary citizen they pull four people out of the the overturned Ford Explorer... then he stays on the scene until the police arrive... and then he's vanishes once again...

    ..... George Zimmerman....

    ... IS BATMAN
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    More I think about it, the more it makes sense. This guy has a history of putting himself in situations, and this latest one (if true) is getting beyond coincidence.
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    Yea we need more good people like him. To stand up for what is right, and do the right thing.
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    Gee, I wonder where those racist bastards are now. 0bama, Holder, Al Sharlatan, Jesse Jackass, The Black Pansies? Oh I guess being a hero doesn't count. I wonder if the victims here were black? Oh what a story that would be.
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    Wouldn't it be something if they were black. Racist white Hispanic saves African American family. I love to see those headlines. By the way what the.... is a white Hispanic.
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    @truthsayer it would be something. The first thing I was looking for in this headline was the race of the family he saved. I noticed how the media "conveniently" left that little factoid out. As for the term "white Hispanic," that title must be a new tool for the media to capitalize on the whole BS race wars thingy...
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    Doesn't change my thinking. We already knew he had that public service spirit from his Neighborhood Watch volunteerism. It was his judgment in one particular night that is questionable.
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    Excellent post and link.

    So it was jewelry from a home nearby Martin's school and not school lockers...interesting. This kid, should have been in jail and would have avoided being killed by Zimmerman had justice been served before. I blame the School Resource Officers for Martin's death.
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