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    Another way is to deport all the illegal immigrants here too. This would open up jobs for high-schoolers, college kids, and low skilled Americans
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    Nice idea but with high school kid your lucky if they show 3 days out of 5 and low skill level equals drugs and drunks. I know I have hired both. So who is left to do the work
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    @Nautilus The citizens that can't find anything at the moment and have to feed their children! The kid just getting out of college that find find anything else at the moment! The legal immigrant that just got their papers and needs a stepping stone job!
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    thing about those jobs the employers will have to be trained on how to treat people after using illegal alien labor they have become accustom to being slave master thinking all should bow down.

    had to take one of those jobs myself not too long ago do to work slowed in my area and my trade.i can see why these folks cannot get citizens to work for them or folks leave very soon these employers get so used to belittling and disrespecting folks they do not know how to deal with a citizen with rights.
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    Which view?

    Trading environmental quality for money is like selling your water to buy food.
    It only seems smart for a little while.

    There is no rationale to tax fracking, but they should regulate the heck out of it.
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    I feel sorry for the GOP population who for one reason or another can not move out of Cali. and are stuck living in that mess. Even Disney opened a theme park in Florida.
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    Fracking is a long-term endangerment to the environment. You want to pay for that when it strips our resources and causes structural damage to important landmarks?
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    The other problem with the Democrats besides "taxation until it dies", is corruption too! Remember Detroit before it started going straight Democrat all the time?
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    I would prefer to see these companies move out of California to more capitalizing states. Arkansas is also a very business friendly state.
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    Absolute crap. With California's propensity for earthquakes fracking is the last thing they need. As for the robbing peter to pay paul attitude of Florida and Texas how many skilled workers would relocate?
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    well then let them frack their way, all along the san andrea's falt. so then they will know, it's all their fault.
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    Actually, that was disproven. Even water from glacial melt in the Alaskan wilderness is flammable to a point.
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    These fuckers are going to get so much subsidies from your tax payer dollars, and the construction is the part that gives the jobs. here in Canada Embridge sang the same song, but after finally being pressed on it they admitted that the whole process would end with only like 80 permanent jobs. So you guys who voted yes, enjoy your taxes being put into the pocket of an oil CEO, im sure he needs the premium gas in his Lamborghini while he laughs about how successful and important he is.
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    Because of the drop in natural gas prices by allowing fracking, chemical companies are moving from South America back to the Gulf coast. With the added business, a tax is not going to discourage these fracking companies in the slightest. But we still need to not give these fracking companies complete immunity for geological or environmental tragic problems caused by the fracking.
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    Fracking is VERY BAD!!! Fracking oils fault lines and causes earthquakes. I dont know about you, but I think Cali has had enough earthquakes for one life time. Anyone and EVERYONE who supports fracking is STUPID. Heres why...
    1.Fracking causes earthquakes
    2. Fracking permently posisons land&water.
    3. Fracking pumps billions of gallons of unregulated chemicals into YOUR DRINKING WATER... Fracking is just bad anyway you look at and if you aint mad about frackimg you must NOT be looking at the facts...
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    But it'd be much simpler to abolish Medicaid. Then cut taxes on the medical industry down to 0%, and increase support for college tuition costs to help the middle class again.
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    California is on the road to total chaos and economic collapse. It will not change in the near future, they will suffer it and raise taxes higher to keep up with the problems they have. The residents are not up in arms so it will stay as is.
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    The natural gas should be considered the property of the people of California, which means it should be taxed heavily. Regulations should also be increased to ensure that every precaution is taken to avoid leakage of natural gases into the water supply... and when water supplies are contaminated the fines on natural gas companies should be enormous.

    California government needs to prioritize people over corporate profits.
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    fracking could probably cure California's problems... but they would also have to get rid of Governor Moonbeam and idiots like him.
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