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    Weiner is Weiner. NY, like other high percentage minority population states, isn't interested in positive outcomes. The voters usually just goose step to the polling place and vote for anything with a d beside it's name on a Ballot. What else could explain "Pension Spiking'.
    Democrat on Democrat extortion at it's costliest.
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    What kind of sociopathic narcicist is this guy and what voters in NYC can defend this behavior. Just crawl under a rock and go away
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    Is Bloomburg running again? If so, it seems to me that the NYCers are stuck between a rock and a hard Weiner.(Don't think about that too much)
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    They're from New Yoyk, New Yoyka's usually vote for the worst candidate,
    the last good Mayor they had was Guliani. Bloomberg is devastating New York. He's no Republican, he's a RINO all the way. I hope 'Tingles' will have enough decency to leave the Weiners alone!( ; ( that poor woman )
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    It just goes to show you, how upside down we are in this country. The complicit liberal press loves to lash out against republicans for their supposed war on women, which is laughable when you consider, of late, liberal women gushing all over Huma Weiner standing by her 'Weiner Waiver,' who continues to rub his wife's nose in his lack of moral turpitude which translates into a door mat. it sounds like Hilary revisited.

    I hearken back to Doctor Laura, who once hosted a talk show & once stated: "When it comes to men, women are stupid!" Especially liberal women, no? Not to mention the dumbed down electorate in NYC, considering putting this miscreant in Orifice again, after he resigned from the U.S. Congress after Tweeting his Twinkie on the Internet -- his reward in NYC, is becoming their next Mayor?
    Stultus est sicut stultus facit!!!
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    I could not imagine Weiner the wieney doing anything that could lower my opinion of him, but he managed. This is a man with no shame whatsoever that will do or say anything to get what he wants. His giant ego will prove a disaster for NY if he is elected Mayor. A man that thinks he can do anything and get away with it.
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    The NY Post reports new quotes from Weiner where he blames "problems in his marriage", i.e., Huma, for his latest public sexting binge. He should stay in a hotel until after the election, and wear a cup.
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    his wife is a hillary clinton copy, stadn by the creep no matter what cause there is money and power in forgivness
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    The time has come for Mr. Weiner to show some respect for the voters of NYC and respect for the office of Mayor. My view is that he should check out of the race and then check out of the city.
    If his wife forgives him now even though his weiner got in the way of his brains again after
    the first time..........I give up. and he should take Franken with him.
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    This is a typical politician, doesn't really think he's done anything wrong. Believes if I just apologize everything alright and I can do it again.

    This a man who needs to get an actual job and stop trying to be a politician. He's a lazy egotistical useless self-aggrandizing worm and doesn't know any better.
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    @sevenSecrets Some issues provide all the substance you need on their own, only requirement there is the common sense to know it and see it.
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    This man is consumed by sex, power, and self-gratification....he cannot be cured and is a liability for New Yorkers.
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    But he had Al Sharpton behind him so he must be sincere. Ever noticed that all these women hang on to their feed bag no matter how disgusting they are? That means you too Hillary.
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    A scandal like this is not going to go away. I'll bet Hillary is not happy about Huma's choice of a husband. At least Bill was very likable where Weiner is anything but likable.
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    This Huma will do anything, and put up with anything to get the power, perks, and prestige of Office. Anything!! What a scary woman. Very Hillary Clinton!!
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    Huma has had a tragic life. She was an intern in the White House during the Clinton Lewinsky affair. She learned from Hillary that even if your husband is having sex with a young female employee right downstairs from your sleeping Child you must sacrifice all of the your dignity and self respect and cower at his side. We can all only hope that Huma does end up a bitter shell of a woman like Hillary.
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