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    Bigotry? Surely you jest. MSNBC has at least 3 racists on their payroll. Sharpton, Perry, and Toure. So save your bigotry lectures for your friends on the left.
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    @RollinPapers Wrong again--sherlock----You might not like them---but none of those personalities on msnbc are in anyway racist....Just plain wrong.
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    @RollinPapers If you're using MSNBC as justification for biased journalism, then you're kind of admitting that FN is biased journalism. Clearly they're both positioned to advance the political leanings of certain parties. The sooner people admit this about FN, the sooner they will see things clearer. Until then...keep following and defending.
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    @Sonny2 Are you friggin kidding me? Look I am not a fan of any TV news. I think they are all full of crap. But to try and claim that the three people that RP mentioned aren't racist is like trying to say Obama isn't a Democrat. Especially the likes of Al Sharpton, They don't come any more racist then him except for maybe Farrakhan.
    By the way, the issue between the reporter and the author had absolutely nothing to do with race. I hate to break the bad news to you but Muslim/Islam is a religion not a race. Muslims come in all colors and races. I am white. If I become a Muslim did my race change? Nope, I'm still white. Think about it and quit being a useful idiot of the left wing media that worship.
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    But someone should be an ethical, impartial journalist before attempting to conduct an interview, something that Fox News hasn't had since its inception.
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    THe worst ever was watching Bill O'reilly interview George W. Oreliiy could see that Bush wasnt bright enough to respond intelligently and started feeding w the answers. I actually felt bad for Bush while watching that!
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    @drpeeper This is an interview. You have brought them here to hear their side of the story, not to berate them about their views.

    This has nothing to do with bias. Its professionalism.
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    @drpeeper The definition of "journalist" differs greatly between Fox News and all other news organizations. When you compare true field journalists like Steve Croft, Lara Logan, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, and Richard Engel with the crazy-eyed couch potatoes on Fox who never venture outside their studio, they aren't even in the same universe.
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    @NormalFlora You are right. The hacks you listed are the gutter of journalistic integrity - as evidenced below- with plenty more available if you could read. Do you just swallow everything they say and parrot it out? Enjoy reading.

    Steve Croft,

    Lara Logan, << Only reputable one- of course getting raped by Obama backed radical muslims didn't help.

    Scott Pelley,

    Lesley Stahl,

    Anderson Cooper, CNN leftist hack Anderson Cooper tweets then deletes debunked lie that Sandy Hook victim's father shouted down during a public hearing

    Erin Burnett,

    Richard Engel -Rachel Maddow, Richard Engel lies and says Taliban carried out 9/11
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    If your a Muslim you do. If the roles had been reversed and a Christian wrote an accurate account on Mohammed's life they would atleast be getting death threats if not actual attempts made against her life. So please quit whining about Fox News and put something relevant up for us to argue about. And what is that bullshit about her being a mud blood? I get the Harry Potter reference, it was f'n arrogant to say the least. Does one need to be emotionally compromised to simply fail to acknowledge that writing about Muslims warrants the killing of an Ambassador and three others? It does according to our dear leader and his wench Hillary. Killing an ambassador after he was raped and had his testicles cattle prodded for several hours before hand to render him impure and incapable of getting into heaven, per Muslim instruction. Or maybe the POTUS and his side kick were lying through their teeth to begin with.
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    @Zazziness bah! If it had been a Christian writing about Mohammed, that was being interviewed aggressively the people crying foul now would be touting a supposed victory. That ars has no business writing about a religion he is not a part of, not when anyone writing about Mohammed would be taken to task for the unforgivable act of speaking of the prophet.
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    You might wanna look up just how many books there are about the Muslim faith, written by people of other faiths.
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    @Calfkiller he does have a part of Christianity. Both Islam and Christianity originate from the same area and worship the same god. He is also a former Christian himself.
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    Typical Fox News and I'd bet that 100% of the people that watched it thought she tore him apart. We need to have a national database of Fox News watchers so we can keep weapons and sharp sticks away from them for their own good. It'd create a lot of jobs as we child-proof all the Fox News viewers homes so they don't lick the Electrical Outlets.
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    @Concerned_Cit No, she didn't say anyone should exterminate Fox News fans. Only that we should not try to protect them from their own foolishness and nature will take its course. You can't tell me that many of these folks weren't Fox News fans:
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    Yes, demonize that black conservative woman over 'garbage'. Like this was a really big deal.
    The Left is getting nuttier by the day. I love FOX NEWS!!! They've been # 1 for 14 yrs. straight!
    Oh, the jealous Left. LOL
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    Fox news is much like pro wrestling. It's fake, and millions of people are entertained by it, but neither one makes its viewers any smarter!
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    @FFS-, one has to go to MSNBC to get 'smarter'! Nothing like a good dose of 'Tingles' and Rachel Mancow and Co., to strengthen those neurons.
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    American idol, big brother, survivor and amazing race are very popular as well. It seems the more vacuous and inane a show is the more popular it is. Being number one does not mean it is accurate. It's just mindless entertainment not news.
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    That is exactly what pisses them of the most. They can not compete in the real news world. Lack of ethics is their biggest hurdle.
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    @marine1 There are NO journalists in the mainstream media. Fox is the only
    conservative News on TV., and they have more black commentators than any
    main stream News channel. Libs, gotta love the ignorance...not really. LOL
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    BS. Quit playing the race card. The criticism is because she obviously had no clue about this author or his book, meaning she failed to do her homework prior to this interview. It was shoddy work and deserves criticism.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how a 3rd rate "news" agency has the audacity to criticize anything the #1 news channel for over 10 years says or does. Everyone has an off day, an off interview and should not be judged by one interview alone. As far as her being an airhead beauty queen I think a degree in piano performance from The University of Minnesota and a degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism are more than enough to qualify her as something other than a "script reader".
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    @Hillofbeans My late husband would say who wants 72 virgins? I'd rather have a few women who know what the hell their doing!
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    @ST_Louie_Sue Ooops did I say THEIR? It should be THEY'RE as in they are. So get off my case grammar nazis.
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    @ST_Louie_Sue Well, there is something to be said for a woman who knows things, and France don't have the reputation they do for nothing. It's like going from black and white to have that woman that is......
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    It never ceases to amaze me that an individual would think ratings are the most important thing about a news organization. One would think the most important thing would be the credibility of the news they report. As for her degree? The proof is in the pudding; she demonstrated how NOT to conduct an interview.
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    "americans are practicing christians "
    Actually, they're practicing christians, jews, moslems, wiccans, etc.

    Since WHEN are americans ONLY christians? Doesn't that make YOU just as ignorant as the Fox commentator?
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    And the ones who get the headlines give the real ones a bad name and reputation.
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    [- "]RahvinDragand 2438 points 4 hours ago
    "I wrote a historical book using my 20 years of academic research." "But you're a Muslim." "Yes, but I wrote the book because I'm interested in Jesus." "But you're a Muslim." "The book has nothing to do with Islam." "But you're a Muslim."


    That pretty much summed up the entire interview.
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    That's what happens when you hire airhead beauty queens to read from a script and not get actual intelligent women to do the interview.
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    I thought Alsan was a ham fisted metaphor for jesus anyway? Wait, this isn't a new chapter about Narnia? Here I Thought that somehow CS Lewis had returned from beyond the grave after 50 years to give us his psuedo christianity drivel disguised as fantasy.
    Spoilers - They all die except the oldest daughter.
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    @Denizen_Kate It's truly amazing how ignorant people can be, with their own assumptions and bias so strong that they truly can not see beyond the nose on their face or actually listen to someone speaking directly to them.

    And many of us wonder how we have arrived at the state in which we are in this country.
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    Managing Editor
    That's a rhetorical device commonly used in headlines in non-traditional news outlets. It's intended to be lighthearted rather than misleading, but I can see how you could make the latter claim.
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    Yes! Read somewhere today that after that interview his book sales doubled.
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    I remember Roger Ailes explaining he hired Sarah Palin (the first time) because she "was hot". Apparently, looks and the ability to read a teleprompter are sufficient qualifications to be a "journalist" on Fox News.
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    Few things in this world give me as much joy as hearing self proclaimed christians wretching on their own bile. That being said, I worked with a man who was muslim and married to a catholic woman. They are both hard working adults, parents to three comical kids, and have never let their respective religions interfere with their lives. Yeah, it DOES happen. The horror!!!!
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    who cares? it is pretty suspicious a muslem taking that much interest to write a book just to get back at his wife when he could simply say I divorce you 3 times and be done with her.... or bring her up on charges of ( just about anything) down at the mosque and have her stoned
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    If you want it right I would think so.

    I saw the interview and could not get beyond was the guy a terrorist? Why would he not answer the question?
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    To a point. You can have an academic knowledge of christianity and judeo-christian history and practices but never really experience any of it and never really KNOW God.....
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    If you are writing an academic book about a religion, you probably should NOT be in that religion, so that you can look at it objectively.
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    This is the profession lefts was of picking on a nice conservative African American female "Lauren Green" because actually the majority of democrats are true racists.
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    Here's the really funny part though. Jesus is an incredibly important figure in Islam. They don't see Him as the Son of God but they do see Him as an important prophet who was specifically chosen by God/Allah.
    My professor of Ancient Religious Studies didn't follow or identify with any particular religion, so I guess that should have precluded him from teaching that course.
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    One of the "dangers" for the churches today is that the christians would actually takes the time to educate themselves about jesus in islam. They'd come to the conclusion that muslims are actually better christians than them. But that's exactly the point of preventing any kind of dialogue with scolars.(Even if the topic was differnt in this case)
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    @007Sword What I find ironic is, despite Christians and Muslims being much closer together insofar as who Christ was and what he taught, the Christians have teemed up with the Jews to fight the Muslims.

    I mean how stupid are the three groups. They all believe in the same God, with variances on who Christ was, so we kill each other because "the other guy doesn't believe quite the same way we do".
    I mean c'mon, if anything you'd think we'd gang up on those godless Chinese.

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    @Brychan Well, in my research there's one similarity that draws them together. If you take back a step, you'll notice that it's all about authenticity. The jewish and biblical scriptures have been modified over the years to monetize on religion. You see where e.g. the church changes the relation between man and god in order for them to act as an intermediary so that the gold ends up in their hand in order for them to pave the way for you to go to heaven. While in the pure form, these scriptures kept the relation man-god strictly personal, with no intermediary and no financial buying-off. But that doesn't work for people in power who tend to get corrupted.
    One should ask himself why the 'word of god'-as many of these scriptures claim- had to be rewritten? why is there a 'king james version' of the bible while I would think the author should be 'God'?

    In Islam they did preserve that relationship with god, by acknowledging every prophet from Adam to Abraham, Jesus and Mohamed. The only problem with that, is that you can't monetize it as asking for forgiveness is free and unlimited, giving to the poor is a responsibility between you and the poor directly.. so very difficult for someone in power to get any kind of $$$ out of that system. That's where the cookie crumbles between these faiths. Money ! Best example of this is 'debt'- prohibited, but afterwards changed by man to be allowed again in judaism and christianity - except for islam. So those 2 religions sticking together makes a lot more sense then you think.(ps I did my university thesis on religion)
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