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    This guy is delusional. Requiring an id to vote suppresses no one. Obama himself recommended other nations adopt strict voter id laws, so I guess he is racist too?
    Honestly, the whole race baiting, screaming "racist" every time they are opposed to something crap is beyond old.
    Did no one read these people 'the boy who cried wolf' when they were kids?
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    A couple of months ago I was called for jury duty and was REQUIRED to show a photo ID. I asked why and was told that "they need to know that I am who I say I am". If that logic applies to serving on a jury, it damn sure should apply to voting.
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    It does get in the way of the people who vote more than once, as in the D Councilwoman in Il, the illegals and such. 1% or less of the voting public lack this ID - why are they not just rounding their people up, getting to the DMV and making sure they get the ID? Oh, yeah, too many of them are not allowed to vote in America.
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    @LGRepublican You have to show ID to rent a car, stay in a hotel, get on a plane, cash a check, enter any government building, office building, apply for SS or any government assistance and so many other things, among them to get into the NAACP meeting that featured Mr. Holder saying that to require an ID to vote was reversion to "Jim Crow" laws. Catch the irony?
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    @Tralee that was my thought. If they are realky concerned about it, they could start a fund to help these people get ids.(Hell, obama had the money to illegally buy votes from ohio college students with free pizzas in 2012 with shuttles to bus them to the polls.) The issue is that they can't get a photo id for someone who is buried...
    These people actually can get ids. Most of them already have them (let's be realistic, if they can get to the voting booth, they can get to the license branch.) And the icing on the cake is most of these state are offering photo voter ids for free.
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    Does the author realize he contradicted himself?
    He swears the anti fraud laws will suppress the votes of minorities, and then claims that it will cause minorities to vote more. If the author honestly believes this is true, he must admit that the policies don't actually suppress minority votes in the first place (otherwise they'd be, you know, suppressed). At least the author must admit this if he is interested in being honest. I'm not going to hold my breath.
    So, according to the author, minorities actually are capable of obtaining the proper id, in spite of what dems are claiming.
    If the dems actual argument is that the minorities dont value their vote enough to get an id, then that is their problem. I think we all know they simply are afraid they won't be able to scam their way into office as easily anymore.
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    @harold_lloyd I think you are missing the point. If minorities are able to turn out in greater numbers so easily, the law obviously didn't suppress them to begin with.
    No, I don't see requiring everyone to present valid id to be a huge burden or injustice. Seems more like common sense to me.
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    @harold_lloyd As was proven in Fla this past election, Even if Repubs close polling places to create 9 hour lines....People will still wait to vote!
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    Or, how about this. Minorities that otherwise sit on their asses in major elections, much less a midterm, will now get off the couch and go vote.
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    Let's see, we've had 16 Democratic presidents and 18 Republican presidents... Yep, sure looks like a lot of voter suppression to me. LMAO Oh, and speaking of voter suppression, weren't
    there several cases of the Black Panthers carrying clubs, etc.( who knows ) blocking who they
    thought were Republican voters? I really think they're making stuff up now. Plan on seeing
    more thugs at the voting polls. Those Dems just HAVE to find a way to blame something on
    someone. How childish, it's amazing!!!
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    Gee - if one wants to see voter suppression on a grand scale all they have to do is check out the very real voter suppression practiced by the IRS after the Tea Party organized and got out to vote against Obamacare in 2010. One has to wonder just how many votes, R votes, were suppressed by that large action.
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    Exactly...and every other Republican they can target. They know what they're doing, it's a very
    strategic plan. Wasn't Obama was going to 'unite' the country ? I have never seen a country
    so divided. Voter suppression would be far less a problem, if ,and when they don't allow illegals
    and 'dead' people to vote. It's so Chicago Style. Wonder why? lol
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    ...Oh, and not to mention how they managed to suppress the votes from our military, using the lame excuse that they weren't in on time, when the truth was, the ballots were never sent on time. Hence many military votes were left uncounted...coincidence? Hardly.
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    I have to laugh, I guess he's admitting that the Democrat party has nothing else to run on but hysteria, melodrama and false fears.
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    Funny, the people they say are targeted have no problem signing up to:

    DVD rental
    Housing Vouchers
    Aid for heating in the winter
    Student Aid
    Drivers License
    Library Card
    and on and on and on.........

    But, Voting, something far more important, is a problem?

    The problem is, they know they cheat- they know they can't dop it anymore. And they whine like children.

    Why not EDUCATE the folks on the process on how to get it done? OH WAIT, the left looks down on these groups- Soft bigotry of low expectations. I forgot.
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    @Tralee Yes, the party of "all we have to fear is fear itself" has transformed into "all we have to offer is fear itself".
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    Pure garbage, every bit of it. The 90 something woman they are trying to make their poster victim in North Carolina already has a photo ID and has for years. Democrats object to voter ID laws for one reason only, it makes vote fraud much more difficult.
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    Well voter exit polls at the presidential election showed a signifgant percentage of people who perservered and voted did so because they perceived voter ID efforts as an effort to deprive them of their right to vote.
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    Unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of people who never question the Democrat propaganda and scare tactics. They are the low information voters, and tragically they plan to stay that way. SMH
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    What a load of BS this article is. Perhaps with the new voting requirements all the dead democrats, illegal aliens, and others will not get to vote. Plus all multiple voting that occurs coincidently in Democrat controlled voting areas. Hmmmm
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    Thing is, it's been proven OVER AND OVER that the incidents of "voter fraud" are almost 0 nationwide. In fact, what very FEW incidents of voter fraud there was in 2012 involved GOTP people, not Dems.

    So, the question is - why is the GOTP so afraid of all those valid people voting?
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    @BenFE It's hard to prove something when you don't allow a measuring stick to be used. It's like a teacher telling their students there will be no cheat sheets allowed then having the principal banning that teacher from the classroom during the test and proclaiming afterwards "see, no one cheated".
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    There are many counties in MO with more registered voters than residents. Our Secretary of State refused to address the situation. If there isn't actual fraud being committed, it sure would be easy to start.
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    Is this guy a racist? His whole aticle is filled with insults towards latinos & african americans. He sounds like he believes that people of color are incapable of acquiring an i.d. Does he hate minorities or does he believe they are like little children? Its unclear but he is making the claim that they need his help to figure out how where when to vote.
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    You have it in a nutshell Mia! That is exactly what they think of their voting base, too stupid to even get an ID. Why don't they just find the few without one and take them to get one? I think that shows that they don't want a close check on just who is voting.
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    @Tralee They cant win an HONEST debate. They must resort to their bag of tricks. We have to keep pointing out their hypocrisy, racism, & the facts that their policies dont work.
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    @jond414 Thanks for the vote up. I will try to be more specific next time. I understand your wishful thinking.
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    Thank you Mr. Hahn for admitting the democrats pretty much have no platform to aid in receiving votes other then what they will exploit such as voter suppression and racial issues. Kind of makes the democratic party look pretty ignorant.
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    I am so tired of hearing about the democrats and their complaining because the people are making them vote fairly.

    No one is saying don't vote. They are saying don't cheat. Show your valid ID and vote. This should be simple enough for most democrats to understand, with some special cases of course. I understand Holder, and Obama, Hillary, and Feinstein for example are way to ignorant to understand, but if you explain no one is putting the booths up on pole so they cannot be reached, maybe they can understand.

    All we want is fairness. We are sure had both the 2008 vote and the 2012 vote been fair, one citizen voting one time. The piece of useless shit Obama and all his cohorts like Holder would not be screwing the country up as they are today.

    As for a Democratic victory in 2016?? Only if they can cheat, because after Obama, his stupid appointments, his illegal doings, his allowing the murder of our troops and the rest of the party covering for him. I feel pretty sure we will never have another floppy eared democrat messing up the country.

    Anyone thinking an ID is not needed to vote, is a cheat. And it should be if caught at the polls trying to vote without an ID then they are instantly guilty and sent straight to jail for 1 year. No trial, hearing or otherwise.

    If you allow cheating to continue, you might start a war over it, and then what. No more democrats anywhere. But then, had they eliminated them completely during the Civil War we would not be faced with the ilk today.

    It is well known all across the planet that anyone supporting a democrat, is not an American.
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    What a hack writer. Only a hack would assume some folks incapable of following a standard everyone else is following.

    HACK!... oh "Democratic consultant and pundit" self explanatory.
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    @gjsmith_62 Not to my knowledge, but ive only been coming here for a couple of months. All of their stories seem to come from a leftist p.o.v.
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    Voter ID is not suppression. It is insuring there is not fraud. There was more fraud than just that one man who got caught. They just didn't get caught. In fact there was voter intimidation by the people who would only give rides to voter stations if they voted for Obama. A ride to vote should be just that. A ride to vote however the voter so chooses. ACORN was guilty of a lot of that. Voters who can't get there on their own should be given rides on those buses to vote how the please, not to take only democrats. They had people believing they would know how they voted. ID is very easy to get. Where I live if the people cannot afford the fee to get an ID, they waive the fee. That is so all people have access to photo ID. I have been told by family members in other states that people can get photo ID at no cost in their states too. There's no reason why blacks and Hispanics cannot get IDs. They have to have them for so many other things. They've become a necessity of life now. I am 1/2 black, 1/4 Hispanic and 1/4 white. I fall into that minority and I can tell you for sure that the democrats are wrong. I don't know another black or Hispanic person that feels that way. There were many angry voters that couldn't get rides on this buses sent since they were not voting for Obama. Those buses were empty a lot. Obama lost our state by a wide margin and that included blacks and Hispanics voting against him, like me. I didn't much like Romney either but I chose the lesser of the two evils. Those voters left took the city buses that took people to voting stations for free that day. They just had to start a little later because they had to make the morning runs to get people to work.
    This is in no way voter suppression. Democrats just want to twist it and make blacks and Hispanics think republicans are trying to suppress their votes. That is an outright lie! It's quite the opposite!
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    I know! OMG! There was probably dozens more. Let's see out of the millions that voted legally, that's like a huge .04%. OMG!
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    Sarcasm is always a way to discuss a topic. Not! Try again. Nobody knows how many votes were fraudulent in Obama's first election. No need to bother in his second. We all knew Romney was going to loose.
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    @BelinKS Romney only lost because of "anonymous". Furthermore sarcasm is the ONLY way to discus anything with republicans. If republicans can't even understand that they kick themselves in the nuts economically every time they vote for "R", then surely they can only understand how pimped they are getting by the 1% with a little sarcasm.
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    There is no voter suppression by republicans. This is just another attempt by democrats to try to trick voters by twisting the facts to make it seem as if republicans are trying to suppress blacks and Hispanics voters. People are smarter than democrats give them credit for. Democrats pulling this one must really think the general population is completely stupid!
    Romney was really a no win from the get go. I even get that. You don't seem to understand what a republican is. I am a moderate conservative. I by no means lean only to the right. If I feel a democrat will do a better job than the republican will do. I will vote for the democrat. I am conservative on some issues and am not on others. As for you bringing up the 1%. That is easily fixed. A flat tax with no loopholes and a certain threshold there for the poor, with no hidden welfare in the tax laws automatically causes the rich to pay far more than anyone else. They will pay far more than the middle class whose taxation starts at the threshold or line set to insure the poor pay no taxes. That line set is only a blip to the rich and the super rich. With no loopholes that allows them tax breaks, the rich will be the ones funding our country. The amount the middle class pays starts at that line set for the poor, so the middle class can afford the set percentage on all money made above the line set so the poor among us will pay no taxes, but the poor also will no longer be receiving those $6,000 checks when they go in to file for their "income tax return". They did not pay that in taxes and did not earn that money. That's our tax dollars walking out of the door with them. To them, it's free money. It's made me sick to hear them get all excited about all they are going to buy with their "income tax return", like large flat screen TV's or a pool. That's the hidden welfare that takes the rest of us' tax dollars instead of it going to the country. No wonder we keep falling further in debt. The IRS takes our tax money and sends it out of the door with people who did not pay in anywhere near that amount in taxes and did not earn that money. If they got a real income tax return, it would only be about a couple of hundred dollars, if that much. The poor can take solace in the fact that they will be paying no taxes if they fall on or under that line of income. Everyone else pays the same percentage which means the middle class will only be paying that percentage on their income that is above that line. That will not be very much. Then the rich and super rich will be paying the same percentage as the middle class, but on a much larger income.
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    As long as the Latino or Mexican community is forced to show their ID's when they vote, then no problemo, senor ....if not.. then we will "once again" have invalid votes , and thus an invalid count... and thus an "INVALID" so called presidenta senor ....:)
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    As long as its done honestly and through proper identification. Our founders warned us of protecting this right of its CITIZENS, and not have it invalidated by fraudulent means---

    In the 21st century, Photo I.D. is required in just about every venture we engage in today's world to suppress those that steal ones Identity and other illegal endeavors that is so prevalent in to-days rotten culture.

    The left is so used to dealing with low-information types, they think the rest of us don't know it's about illicit vote gathering, even prompted by opening the flood gates to illegal immigration. Who in the hell do they think their kidding, hmmm?

    A dose of reality -- The left, for the most part, are not nice people and are as crooked as a dog's hind leg, and that goes for their emperor Zero and the horse he rode up on! IMO, of course. <wink>
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    To bad this guy can't express himself without insults. As an independent I find the article repulsive to read. "angry-yet-scared little boys running most of the Republican states", really is this how professional's talk? If so we're doomed as a society.
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    So its ok to show your ID to get liquor but not to vote? It just the democrats really want the illegal aliens to vote for them.
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    Funny how these voters that are being "suppressed" all seem to have cell phones, cars, places to live. All things that you need a photo is to get. I haven't even mentioned food stamps, cash aid or student loans. This is another example of let's make up an issues because our policies have all been failures
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    If they can get out in record numbers to vote well they can get their lazy ass out and get an ID. Theres no problem with having to show identification prior to voting.
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