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    HMMM......maybe even Walmart has come to realize that an America without a manufacturing backbone, can no longer go shopping in a Walmart any more. The #1 retailer selling out it's very own consumers that manufacture it's goods for cheaper, lower quality goods manufactured in a another country is just a short sighted business......
    But, don't expect a change from Wally.......he has become addicted to cheaply made, low cost, high profit C R A P..........and so has the American (entitled) consumer. And, the SOB doesn't even care about it's own employees.....(which used to be called "family" one time).
    I hate Walmart........
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    Everyone hates Wal-Mart, but everyone shops there. They wouldn't be the #1 retailer otherwise.

    I rarely ever shop at their grocery section. Their food prices aren't as good as those at the actual grocery store, their meat prices are way to high, and the quality of their produce is awful.
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    Your first sentence is spot on. I shop at WM some too however there is an entire subculture that exists within that often keeps me away.
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    I agree and I don't know what happened there. I was living in Orlando when the first Wal-Mart there opened. I thought it was the best thing ever.

    I don't know what happened over the years, but now Wal-marts seem to attract the lowest of the low and whenever I have to go there I can't wait to leave.
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    I love Walmart.. where else can you go at 3 o'clock in the morning to buy a canoe ..a set of tires.. anti fungal foot powder... and yogurt and all the while being surrounded by obese people of all shades wearing green camo sweatpants and gold trimmed heels? It's an amazing store
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    @culinary that is funny. and the best thing is when you going there around the first of the month you get to watch those people do the most work that they've done all month long... emptying out all that free food on to the counter( and usually complaining about how much work that is).
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    Yes now that fuel has become so expensive and asians are starting to ask for raises in their wages, why not bring back manufacturing in the u.s. at 1980 wages? Its only "economicaly" feasible now compared to transporting across the planet due to the rise in shipping costs. I will NEVER shop at walmart EVER.
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    50 billion dollars sounds like a lot but 80% of Walmart's products are still made in China and a large percentage of their other products are not made in America. Walmart is still China's largest customer if you don't count entire countries.

    Part of what Walmart considers American content is packaging made from recycled materials it buys from the USA.

    The made in USA drive is more marketing than a real effort to put american products on the shelves, perception is more important than reality in the the retail world.

    Remember to vote with your dollars, they may be the only votes you have that actually count. By from small business, buy American or if you can't find or afford an American product then buy North American, EU, or from any country that pays a fair wage and has civilized environmental and worker safety policies.
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    You can't bash Walmart for selling overseas products. Customers will pass over a $3 American made product and buy a $2 equivalent Chinese product, while complaining about the demise of American manufacturing. The American public are hypocrites. Walmart (and other companies) are selling foreign made products because the public demands cheap prices. end of story. I hope they are successful at bringing more American products to their shelves.
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    this is B.S., Sam Walton idea was to sell only U.S.A. made products unless the product couldnt be found to be made in the U.S.............. he died, then the Walton family got greedy started importing everything for a bigger profit margin dumping U.S. made products... now they are trying to say the same thing all over again because of bad image....the same thing for Campbell Soup, family inherited it and the $500,000,000.00 each got is not enough, they want more..
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    when sam walton was around 90 pecent of all walmart goods was made here in america now most of it is made in china or india i used to work there and i seen it everyday
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    I suspect that large increases in the cost of energy, especially liquid fuels for transportation are likely to accomplish more than any PR stunt by WalMart. We have two to three hundred years supply of coal--not liquid for transportation. We have twenty to fifty years of natural gas--needs to be compressed into special tanks retro-fitted to the vehicles but is starting to be used some. As for petroleum, we are starting to scrape the bottom of the tar sands barrel. Algae Systems expects to get algal bio-diesel cost-competitive with petroleum in 2016--at double or more the current price of petroleum. What can WalMart do about the high cost of shipping? Switch from fairly fast boats from China to much slower sail boats with solar back-up for both life support and propulsion if really becalmed? Air freight costs even more than current surface ships.
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    i voted no simply because made in America merely means made by alien immigrants in America. Latinos for low tech products, and Asians for high tech products.
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    Walmart lies! they don't care about sweat shops or buying Crest products made in Mexico which is higher than Colgate made in America. That's why I try not to shop there. Traitors using a mask!
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    Liberals do not care about American made...They sent jobs out of the USA all while driving their un tariffed Kia's and Honda's and Toyota's.
    They all got us into NAFTA...and Bankrupted Detroit.
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    Walmart cannot be entirely faulted for having foreign made goods in its store, but they can be dressed down for buying so much CRAP made in China. Let me tell you about something I know a little about. I deal with CCTV Cameras on a regular basis. I bought two (2) different types of cameras, both wearing the SONY label, but one type Made in China (PRC) and the other Made in Taiwan (Free China). The (Red-PRC) Chinese mainland Sony EFFIO-E CSP-700SE Cameras have been ABSOLUTE CRAP, though they look bigger, more powerful and on paper, more impressive than the Sony High Resolution Model EFFIO-DSP Cameras, which are made in Taiwan. The CSP-700SE Cameras have had to be returned due to: 1) Inability to focus/zoom (1 of them) 2) Menu display NOT as portrayed in literature (all of them) 3) Water/moisture penetration-both models are touted as ALL WEATHER, lol, but only the more expensive CSP-700SE has had this problem
    4) A strange gray 'arc' atop the image on the picture which is not apparent in the daytime, but very annoying at night- it is not a scratch or other debris on the lens-it remains a mystery. Top that off with the Taiwanese Sony being LESS EXPENSIVE than the Red Chinese model. I'm only talking about CCTV Cameras here, but you can say the same about A LOT of Red Chinese made goods: They're absolute CRAP. I know the Chinese are an industrious and diligent people, so I attribute it to CEO greed and more than likely the use of prison labor to build/assemble many things. Be that as it may, if you visit your local thrift shops, you will see an INCREDIBLE number of items being sold, which look brand new and never used, MADE IN CHINA. I think I am not alone in my assessment of Red Chinese goods. There are some things I will no longer buy unless they are made anywhere than China because I got tired of returning them. From exploding Chinese garden hoses, to water sprinklers, etc. They self-destruct in no time at all. You'd think with all the returns Wall of China Mart would get the message and quit offering stuff made in China, but they still do it en masse. It must be because most consumers write off the loss and don't bring stuff back.
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