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    Haven't heard of him.
    BUT, I gotta ask this question:
    Did America forget him because he's gay OR did MLK's Civil Rights Movement keep him out of the limelight because he's gay.......... that allowed him to be forgotten?
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    His was one of the names crazy racists like Strom Thurmond, J Edgar Hoover and George Wallace frequently used as an example of how dangerous these "nigroes" could be to the nice white majority of the times. Communist! Oh, no. Registering blacks to vote! Oh, NO! Homosexual! HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!
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    I'd heard of him, but as a Communist in the 1930s. Didn't know he was a Quaker, Black, Gay, Musician, or a Civil Rights organizer until just now. Quite a life.
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    Yeah, some of the Heroes, we never heard of them. I never heard of him but I am glad I do today and I'll learn more about him and I'll never forget.
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    Perhaps he didn't want to be identified solely by the gender that he prefers to have sex with? Perhaps he thought that this particular Civil Rights event was bigger than a single person's preference for sexual relationships?

    Of course, I am quite certain that most African Americans didn't know about the man's sexual preferences (he was bisexual -- enjoying the sexual company of men and women) at the time either.
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    Yes I have known about him for years, and the horrible treatment he received from those he tried to help. They are many examples like his. It's sad.
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    He sound like a great person. I had never heard of him until tonight through this little op-ed piece on Politix. He was not included in my high school's American history book. Worse still is that he was was not mentioned in my university's American History books either; nor Government, Civics or African American studies. It sounds like these books need additions!
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    You mean the kind of morality that embraced prejudice against people who aren't white? What kind of morality is that? Not one to brag about, it seems to me.
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    Or the kind of mortality that condoned beating your wife and covering up child molestation? The "good ol' days, " Al!?
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    MLK was adamently against homosexuality. He preached several sermons on the subject (Biblical sexual propriety) at churches in Atlanta, Memphis and Detroit (and probably others).
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss his right hand man was openly gay and if he was adamently against homosexuality he would have never had hired an openly gay man. He also wrote a letter to a boy, here's an article about it

    "At the time, 1958, King penned an advice column for Ebony magazine. The boy asked him,“I am a boy, but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don't want my parents to know about me. What can I do?”
    King didn’t call the boy a sinner or otherwise disparage him. Instead, he told the youth that his feelings weren’t unusual. He did seem to regard the boy’s feelings as a problem, though. King remarked,“The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired. You are already on the right road toward a solution, since you honestly recognize the problem and have a desire to solve it.”

    Of course, during King’s lifetime the medical community did regard homosexuality as a problem. Homosexuals received treatment for their “problem,” so it’s not surprising that King viewed the issue through this lens. What stands out is that King didn’t condemn the boy nor did he view homosexuality to be such a problem that he excluded gay people from his circle of confidants."
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss if he was adamantly against gays he would not have had an openly gay man be his right hand man. if he was adamantly against gays he would not have allowed gays to march with them. adamantly means you are so stubborn on an issue you refuse to see it any other way.
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    @kenzie514 I believe King was a true Christian in that you hate the sin, not the sinner. As Christians we should not judge others but instead try and plant a seed. None of us are perfect or without sin so who are we to tell others how to live.
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    @ccchhhrrriiiss against the sin not the sinner. King was a moral man but he didn't beat other people down that is what made him such a great man.
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    Why didn't BO offer his old boyfriend - Larry Sinclair - some type of award ?? Larry offered to take lie-detector tests or even face BO on his accusations about their times in the back of a limo . But now , Larry is dead - end of story ! What is BO's infatuation with gays ?? Was poor , old dead Larry onto something . MLK history is disgraced by these Poverty Pimps .
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