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    Drug users have aged - more aged people have not begun using drugs. The poor writing in this article is the result of either malicious intent, or simple innumerancy, on the part of the writer.

    The use (invention?) of the term "electronic cancer sticks" is particularly troubling. Is it true that malicious manufacturers are producing devices to dose people with carcinogens? Or did the writer/editor/publisher merely use this term to delude readers?
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    "... more aged people have not begun using drugs." Actually, they have. With medical cannabis available now in several states, some of us aging boomers are finding that use of this natural plant can dramatically reduce the amount of money we've been spending on drugs like anti-inflammatories, pain killers/controllers, antacids and acid controllers, anti-anxiety meds, and sleeping pills, just to name a few. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are either fighting this trend, or are gearing up for production should it be decriminalized on a national level.
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    Baby Boomers have all more than reached the age of arthritis, bad backs, bursitis and a host of other aches and pains that won't be going away. Marijuana is a much better way to soothe it than Vicodin.
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    I think I agree with you.

    Being a heart patient now I can't enjoy weed any more, but I sure have to put up with other 'legal' drugs that I sure wish I didn't have to.

    Pain is now a daily part of my life. I restrain from using my prescriptions most of the time because the side effects have proven more costly and devastating to my body, let alone just the costs involved in even having those prescriptions.

    I sometimes get tempted just to smoke a few joints and spend some glorious time without pain or side effects.
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    Baby Boomers are at the age where they have had pot, And the Viet Nam veterans pot was everywhere. And they remember how good it was and want to do it again.
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    @ErnestPayne You are the only person that could translate that Vietnam was good because there was pot accessible to our troops. REDICULOUS.
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    Stupid laws like the restriction on Marijuana eventually get ignored. Stupid laws like the restriction on Marijuana always result in black market operations with new criminal organizations running them. We had previous experience with such stupid laws when we prohibited the use of alcohol. We still have the criminal operations built because of prohibition but they are in other businesses now. Our legislators seem to be idiots when they do not or cannot learn from bitter experience.
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    I certainly plan on it when I retire and don't have to worry about an arrest causing me to lose my job, etc. Until then I can wait, but then I'm gonna spend my old age in a nice, peaceful high.
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    The baby boomers have always used. The fact that the numbers have risen show that the boomers have filled the demographic and therefor changed it.
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    It's called retirement. If they were sitting on their back porch sipping on scotch, it would be perfectly acceptable. Who cares if grandma wants to smoke a doobie before bedtime?
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    pot is becoming more acceptable because people are slowly realizing that 'reefer madness' was BS and the war on drugs a mistake.
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    Pot was here before the white man arrived.Federal Government WAKE UP AND SMELL THE $$$. Grow it like Tobacco & Sell in like Liquor... Can we say no more Mexican Drug Cartels?
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    Governments big and small could make so much money. It's crazy that it's not being legalized if for no other reason than to help our economy.
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    You are talking to a person that has never had there first joint, their first puff. Pot was a social drug until Prohibition, after Prohibition it was put down. Like I said Grow it under the same restrictions as tobacco, sell it under the same laws as liquor and all DUI & underage drinking laws apply to pot. Cut down on the "Down the Drain" $$$ spent on drug war especially in Mexico. Cut down on a lot of problems. Like violence. LMAO... People drinking tend to fight. Pot smokers? Get the munchies.@PayThatCEO
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    The fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol is becoming more widely known so yes, it IS becoming more acceptable.
    About e-Cigarettes: watch the govt step in and regulate their use based on the fact that the long term effects are unknown, while the FDA continues to advocate GMO's being unregulated and their presence in the food supply hidden from consumers.
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    Lets see ...

    Economy sucks!

    Dollars value decreased!

    Healthcare keeps skyrocketing!

    Insurnace covers less and rates keep raising!

    Can't retire till much later in life!

    Threat of losing job or forced retirement!

    Cost of living just keeps climbing!

    Working longer for less pay!

    etc..... You'd probably be smoke dope to if that's what you had deal with or look forward too!
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    Dear drug czar: Don't go using words like "disorder" and "treatment" while continuing to support punishing people who have disorders that need treatment. You just can't be any more duplicitous than that!

    As for the topic, many baby boomers have always smoked pot, but they are now at the age where they just don't care if anyone knows about it.
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    alot of boomers was pushing to legalize pot way back when,now being just about legal and ready to retire they want to smoke the bens of their hard work.
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    Tired of being stressed out by their idiotic government so they burn a fatty to cope with the stupidity.
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    It's possible that is true of some baby boomers, but those I know smoke pot purely as a leisure activity, not for its medicinal properties... although a few I know are using it to relieve the side effects of cancer treatment.
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    @DogLady_1 - I have always envisioned decriminalization with the cannabis "world" becoming akin to the wine industry. Small family farms, fine vintages, "tasting" rooms and so forth. Wouldn't that be nice?
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    Drugs and unemployment have always correlated, and there are so many people of all ages out of work now, I'm surprised the numbers are not higher.

    Next time I'm unemployed I think I'll try some of these new drugs that were not around when I was in college. What the hell are bath salts, anyhow?
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    Old hippies die hard? Peace , Love & Rock & Roll...Then there comes the time you grow up and start setting good examples. and become positive a role model for your kids, how about that?
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    @DogLady_1 ...but there are roles for your grandchildren, I wouldn't want the being Pot heads. If anyone wants a good career they won't get one. All employers do random drug screens, and in health care, smoking cigarettes will
    keep you from getting hired. That must be why GM. had so many recalls on their
    cars. The auto makers were out in the parking lot smoking dope, and they were
    protected by the unions...It would be a shame if one of their own were hurt or
    killed due to 'working' impaired. just sayin'
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    @harold_lloyd Then 'smoke up, Johnny'. Just remember, driving 'high' is just the
    same as driving drunk... Stay home and eat. lol
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    The boomers seem to love getting attention. The schmucks got their education from the state, played hippies for a while and then, as yuppies, made sure that they took the good jobs before their kids (who had to take our loans for their education) good take them. Now they seem to feel so unfulfilled that they smoke pot and drink themselves to an early grave. All in all the worst generation in western history. There are plenty of good boomers that were not so lucky (like my own hard-working folks) but collectively speaking the boomers were the worst generation and as a generation I despise them (a hatred shared by many Dutch and other Western Europeans of the slightly younger generation).
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    This is so funny because everything you've said is how I feel about MY parents' generation and I'm a baby boomer.

    Guess you can expect your kids to feel the same way about you when they grow up.
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    @PayThatCEO Maybe - but my generation didn't have all the blessings the generation of my parents had. In fact: we are the generation that grows up with study debts and no job certainty.
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    @Dutchman1982 - I agree with @PayThatCEO. I felt the same way about my parents, and I am a baby boomer! LOL Very few baby boomers had access to study grants when they were college aged... and the hippies had well-off parents because they benefitted from WWII veteran reintegration grants and subsidized housing loans, etc. Those "blessings" you mention are still being paid off by baby boomers and this generation... And young people today have a tough time finding jobs right now, but they are more likely to start at a much higher rate of pay than the baby boomers did at the same age... And unlike this generation, young people in the 60's either had rich parents or they had to work, and it was usually manual labor jobs for young people... it's near impossible to get a young person to do hard work these days... but like the baby boomers, many of the highest paid professions of today require no college education at all.
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    @DogLady_1 Not in this country. The baby boomers are the single richest generation and Generations X,Y,Z and still paying off their debts and their pensions (as younger people pay in for the state pensions of the elderly with their former employer handing them their private pensions on top of that).
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