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    Harvard University recently published an exhaustive study on worldwide gun control effects. The result was so absolute that there should be no debate in this country anymore. The Congress should be passing laws giving every normal citizen the clear right to have and carry any weapon he wants virtually anyplace in the country. More people are killed because of our gun laws that restrict guns to criminals in most of the country. I am waiting for the various idiots in various state government to outlaw all gun possession, even from the police. Then wail when someone gets killed. As far as the slaughter in CT, it is the fault of the legislature and Governor of CT. They put up a clear "Free Kill Zone" in Newtown. Surprise, Surprise. There was a killer that chose to take advantage of it.
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    We already have the right. Local thugs/legislators have stolen the rights and modified them for our 'safety and protection". It was a great article. I was unaware of the fact that a non P.C. report was possible from Harvard or any of the "Ivies" for that matter.
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    @Medicinebow Thanks for the message! You know, I read this study and was excited to write on it, but then I realized it was from 2006. That doesn't negate the study, of course, but it felt weird to make it the main focus of a news article. So I shelved it to add as context to some other article with a more newsy context. But now seeing this Blaze article makes me think I will just write an article focused on the study, "news" or not.
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    @PolitixMary is it possible to stop letting phrases like teabagger, libtard, and gun nut be allowed here? They are all offensive.
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    the way i see it that simple sentence the second says it all straight forward without room for error. changing and twisting the definition of words by those who do so does not change their meanings.

    look up this simple word " infringed" the same kind of folks who try and say illegal is not illegal are trying to twist the meaning. it is not complicated it is just those trying to take down our rights who try and mess with the meanings.

    look up the word illegal and then watch how many try and say that it doesn't mean against the law. even worst there are some who believe them.
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    The article is right on the mark. The only hurdle I can see, is to accomplish the goals identified, requires personl and professional responsibility and WHERE do we find that in todays goernment?
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    I've always aside we have a crime problem. Not a gun problem. But as long as there are those that call me a gun nut and don't understand I have a right to own a gun without explaining to anyone why I want one, its impossible to have any useful discussion.
    A lot of people simply don't like guns. They see the gun as a bad thing. The gun is neutral. It , like anything, can be used for good or bad. Every day 80 million people don't commit crimes with their guns. What's different is those people are not criminals. Lets focus on the PEOPLE that commit the crimes.
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    Won't happen. Sheep simply believe the foolsh elected officials when they are told magazine limits save lives.

    Tens of millions of law abiding citizens won't commit any crimes and our elected officials plead for more laws against them.
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    Agreed. No further gun legislation is needed or necessary. Gun control is hitting what you are aiming at.
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    @Vance1 So people, 200 years ago, knew what was best for us? and only them. They made the constitution for a society that is changing because they didnt know what would be best 200 years down the line. your statement undermines the very meaning of the constitution my friend, and factually illogical.
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    And BTW, I define 'winning on guns' as letting every citizen have free access to firearms, excepting only those who would do harm to others.

    Of course, that's easy to say, but damned hard to actually do.

    Anybody got any constructive ideas?
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    I've continually stated we need to examine mental health laws. And we need to look at this narrowly.

    I'd like to see increased reporting responsibilities to the NICS. I'd like to see that those deemed unfit have the chance to address any grievances. One's right should not be taken unjustly. We need good reporting, good action and checks and balances.
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    I like your definition of winning on guns.

    Mass shootings are difficult to stop because its so hard to predict who will do it. Tying mental health into NICS would be ideal, but it would take some serious changes to HIPA and some serious legal review.
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    It looks good, and would probably find a good home in a Civics book, but the reality is that the lobbyists control gun legislation, and that's won't change util the whole shadow govt of lobbyists is under control of the voters.
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    Lobbyists run most of your legislators.

    We need for Grover Norquist to give up his anti-tax campaign and start getting politicians to sign a pledge to not become lobbyists after they leave office, and to not allow their staffs to become lobbyists either.
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    @harold_lloyd Not a pledge - a Law that makes it illegal. On top of that..

    No office holder personally or their campaign should legally be able to take cash. Individuals can donate - with a valid SS number. And say not over $5000.00.

    Impeachment if any of the above is violated.
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    "Not a pledge - a Law that makes it illegal. "

    And who do you suppose would have to pass those laws?

    Want to try for something realistic?
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    Says the guy wanting more laws, in hope they will stop law breakers. If Gun control worked, Mexico would have zero crime.
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    This is a very insightful opinion. It is also an attempt to offer thoughtful suggestions about the violence issue in our nation. He hit the nail on the head with the following statements:
    (1)"Our national debate should focus on drugs, Mexican cartels, and urban gangs. Any discussion of gun violence that ignores the "war on drugs" is doomed to failure."
    (2)"The gun is never the problem. Focus on "in whose hand is the gun."
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    The one thing the article does not acknowledge is that people who own firearms legally are not the problem. There are 130,000,000 firearms that are legally owned by 80,000,000 law-abiding citizens in 170,000,000 households in the US. Statistically, virtually none of these firearms, firearm owners, or member of firearm-owning households will commit a crime with the weapons. The vast majority of the problem is with the criminals in inner cities who do not and will not obey the law.

    There are two solutions:(1) get rid of every single firearm in the US (irrational), or (2) address the real source of the violence in the American culture. It's not the gun owners, it's the gangbangers (and wannabe gangbangers).
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    Its not the gun. Its not the gun owner. Its the illegal gun. Its the criminal. GUN VIOLENCE. Stricter Gun Violence Laws. Also, the founding fathers new that any government can get out of control. We have the second amendment to protect ourselves against such government. To protect ourselves.
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    Errr.. when they made "assault" weapons illegal, if a person had one for home defense and never needed it, It was still illegal. as I understand if you were in a population like that of the kellerman studies where those included were double checked as having a high proportion having an active "acquaintance" sub-category "enemy gang member". Criminal or not independent check of the studies data showed the main factor in persons killed by a gun in the house was no ownership of guns there. The original results being massively skewed due to households lying on the questionair about the gun that was own by the household. Criminality is important but less important then a predisposition to acting out violently.
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    The gang and drug trade cultures are a byproduct of "progressive" policies including the arbitrary minimum wage law, which should be scrapped. It created a market for an underground economy and illegal immigrants, human trafficking, the sex trade, etc. And the small time drug possession laws, which ruins too many lives over nothing. And the white flight from inner cities to "progress" in suburbs (aggravated by racial integration, although a good thing it also allowed non-white upward mobility away from traditional minority neighborhoods, leaving them to fall).
    On mental health funding, that should ONLY come out of the current $1.2 trillion we already subsidize the med industry overall with. Which should ultimately be scrapped and replaced with a new sliding scale system of post-care billing and payments spread among extended family networks. That way people will help their kin stay healthy better.
    And revamp justice system so the family and relatives of criminals will be billed for trial and prison costs, with surtaxes and fines.
    And schools should reward and penalize parents of kids based on performance and behavior.
    Doing the above is the ONLY way to reverse growing stupidity in America. Not more handouts and grants to NGOs.
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    The writer SERIOUSLY MISUNDERESTIMATES the percentage of intentional gun violence committed by drug dealers/gangs. If there are 11,101 gun homicides in the US yearly (and keep in mind MANY of those are justifiable homicides by police and citizens defending themselves and their homes) and 8,900 of them, ACCORDING TO THE CDC&P, are committed by inner city gangs, that makes AT LEAST 80% OF INTENTIONAL HOMICIDES COMMITTED BY DRUG-DEALING, INNER-CITY THUGS. Of the remaining 20%, don't forget to subtract people killed by Police and Citizens while they were committing or attempting to commit felonies.
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    Good article. He should have ended with MOLON LABE, and how criminals only fear armed citizens, not laws or the police.
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    You hit the nail on the head, @richardfeldman - great article. Although I'm against gun regulation, I would love to see a discussion about keeping guns away from crooks and maniacs. Because we never have that discussion, the problem is never addressed.
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    Kill the crooks and criminals when they commit the crimes. That is the most effective way to keep violence in check, as future wannabe criminals will decide to take a different career path. Most crime occurs in areas where citizens are not able to defend themselves, and punishment for crime is lax or dependent upon the law.
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    Why is it that our neighbors to the north have 9 million+ guns 'known' to be owned in a population of 35 million people yet have very low gun crime?

    Obviously the gun itself is not the problem but the many other factors that influence gun crime and crime in general.
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    I agree this country has a problem, but I have a difficult time getting beyond the problem being that of the governments. The law abiding gun owners are trying to mind their own business. The government is allowing bad things to happen to decent people in the name of whatever and patting each other on the back while alienating themselves from the people.

    Gun do not kill people. Ignorant police officers with guns kill people in the guise of being afraid. Their cry of we were in fear for our lives should immediately sign their dismissal papers as we don't need chicken shit people protecting us.

    Look at the countries that have eliminated guns completely. England, Australia, etc. where the crime rate went up 49 percent with their gun confiscation measures.

    Look at the really low crime rate countries, Switzerland, Holland, Greenland, etc. and the list goes on and on. Look at our own cities that require their citizens to own and know how to use guns. In every instance the crime rate is nil.

    The difference is in the countries where the gun banners took all the guns, they drove the crime rate off the charts. People dying every day from criminals with guns. The countries with virtually no crime issue their peoples guns and ammo as soon as they turn 18 and they have to maintain and practice with them.

    Everyone owning guns reduces crime.
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    or we could simply stop coddling gangsters and young black thugs in excusing their violent savage behavior on each other as a cultural dilemma somehow related to a history of slavery in this country.

    here's an idea take all the people in prison for smoking dope out and put all the little gangsters 15 years old who murder people with the 9 millimeter in.

    lower the age of the death penalty.

    make it a mandatory 20 years sentence first offense for gun crime.. with no good behavior .

    of course then we'd have to lock up the Attorney General and a slew of DEA agents for their gun crimes.
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