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    Well, this article is all about executive orders and Presidental powers, then this voting option. Here is an option, "Would you follow Obama into war, Would you follow Obama around the block, Should Obama sign an executive order to order you to follow him over a cliff, fiscal, war, immoral?"
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    Hmmm.....well, to be fair if we could spy on him like he does us through the NSA, that is the ONLY way I'd "follow" him, dice.....
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    @Knightkore The public should be able to spy on all elected representatives, they are public, not private, and it is the public interests they serve, not their own. The Oval office should be a live feed, phones should be a live feed for all elected, and nothing private but home. Cut out the backdoor deals and discussions, under the table envelopes stuffed with cash, and the temptation to
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    When this is over, I expect Putin to look like a statesman and Russia to look like a superpower. And Obama make the U. S. and himself to look like chumps.
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    The President got into the office on the chants of "Yes We Can". He'll leave office early if he doesn't heed the chants of "No You Can't".

    We the People don't want a war in Syria.
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    no I think the president has shown strong leadership skills , and an intelligent and comprehensive understanding of what a world leader should do in a situation on clear as this one was, and that is to step back control the situation through diplomacy and look for an alternative to military action.. and to come out looking like a statesman and you set an example for less experienced politicians to learn from and I think that's what he did.... wait , we are talking about Putin..right?
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    And that is why you are the BS King. You should be Obama's Press Officer with that kind of spin. He got stopped in his tracks when he tried to be the lone ranger. He was forced to go to Congress for permission and he blamed them for not acting. He never should have stepped forward, he should have told Putin, on a world wide forum, that it was a Russian problem in the Russian sphere of influence. The whole world knows the Russians armed Syria, including the chemical weapons. The Russians played Obama for a fool, pretty much called him an idiot, called Kerry a liar publicly and then stepped up and said they would take control of Syria's chemical weapons (their weapons) to cool off the situation. Russians 2 points, Obama -2. That to me is not strong leadership or an intelligent comprehensive understanding or a world leader. It was Obama being forced to step back and spin his way out of an idiotic stance in front of the entire world. We have a buffoon for a president when it comes to foreign affairs. Not a one of the summit attendees would shake his hand. The man has lowered the US in the eyes of the entire world. Putin is laughing it up at the Kremlin.
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    @cayjr1 I agree. as if that wasn't bad enough Putin told Obama there will be no vote on use of force... and poof there's no vote Obama ask that it not be voted on. Obama has turned Putin into a relevant leader once again. and putin , already being a world-class bully, knows a punk when he sees one... so he slapped Obama again by saying he will also help Iran with their nuclear problems..

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    That is pretty much the way I see it. If Putin had cut their strings, Kerry and Obama would have fallen to the ground. He played then for the puppets they are. I still say 2 points Putin, 0 Kerry and Obama.
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    @cayjr1 I don't know about points but he definitely made both look like jerks.

    I'm not sure you understood my first post.. I don't think Obama would hire me for a press secretary
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    He has shown that we need to restore the powers of the Presidency back to the constitutional limitations. I guess he has done something good in that respect.
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    You said that very well and I agree, back to the constitutional limitations. Still need to curb the damage already done and stop over three more years of embarrassment still to come if not impeached.
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    This man has lost all credibility when it comes to leadership. I only hope that there is a channel that does not cover his selfrightous hypocrisy.
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    I would like it a lot if the journalists and headline makers knew and understood US History a bit better. From the beginning back in the 1780s, the Presidency has been gaining more and more power. If Obama, a constitutional lawer, is sticking more to the Constitution and if that diminishes the power of the presidency, I say "Bravo." We are not striving for a King.
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    Thank you for being the first on here to post what I'm thinking. Most on here want to bash him for weakness. As one who'd like to see compliance with the constitution I see this as a win. The u.s. should need a declaration of war or be responding to an attack on the u.s. before military force is used. Anything that "weakens" the ability to use military force barring such circumstances is something I approve of...
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    That's exactly what I was thinking. His decision to seek approval is the freakin law. They act like he had the authority to make this decision without seeking approval from anyone and that he's simply forfeiting that power. #presedentialoverreach
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    What is wrong with Obama? We the people do not want to do anything with Syria.

    Therefore Obama can say anything he wants too, but it changes nothing. We will not become involved in the Syrian Civil War.

    So he could save time by not bothering to speak. I purposely recorded some TV last night to watch as he speaks his lies. In fact, I don't know anyone that says they will listen to him. He is beyond listening to, since his lies have determined he cannot be trusted.

    Nothing Obama can say will make the people agree with him.

    He may as well face it, this is like all things Obama, a f*ing mess. But we knew that the Presidency was above the educational values of a Community Organizer when you Sheep elected him.

    Are you happy now??
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    Although it seems to be a mute point now it was always wrong for the US to commit an act of war against Syria. It would have been a clear violation of International Law in any case. The only legal approaches were through the UN.
    If Obama attacked Syria then Syria and its allies would have the legal right to attack the US in any way they could. So Obama's intended actions were not only illegal but would have put everyone living in America at risk. Once he started the war, he could not end it. He probably would not understand that he actually started an illegal war. He ain't that smart.
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    This is so last week's news......the Pres will be taking a victory lap tonight....get used to it.
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    True. If the Syria successfully turns over chemical weapons to Russia the Obama goes down in the history books. Huge Win in that context. Absolutely best case scenerio for the world. The important thing is getting rid of the dangerous weapons.
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    1, 2, 3
    Blow it up

    Big wheels keep on turning
    Carry me home to see my kin
    Singing songs about the Kenyanland
    I miss Africa once again
    And I think it's a sin, yes

    Well, I heard Mr. Kerry sing about her
    Well, I heard ol' John put her down
    Well, I hope John Kerry will remember
    A Kenyan man don't need him around anyhow

    Sweet home Obama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet home Obama
    Satan, I'm coming home to you
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    I wonder if it's possible that Syria's decision to give up their chemical weapons was due to the possibility that Obama would strike them? Nah.... that couldn't possibly be the reason.
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    President Obama is showing consummate skills in achieving his objective. Like Roosevelt he is speaking softly and carry a big stick. Unlike the racist ignorant drooling mouth breathers in here who speak loudly and have a small dick.
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    Uh.....sure.....but what everyone wants to know is it Anthony Weiner's? In which case it is soft and not very big.

    Basically President Hussein Obama speaks loudly and carries a limp stick.....

    And if people who are racist drooling over his skin color would start thinking and see past his skin we'd all be better off.....
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    Ugh! A prime-time television address. Now I KNOW it all a pile of cr@p!
    I guess I'll get some work done on the basement this evening.
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    Bombing Syria is just a diversionary tactic to the lingering other unresolved issues of Benghazi ,Justice department, NSA,etc,.etc
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    President Obama didn't decide to go after Assad in Syria. He gave rebels/terrorists/Al Quiada over $12Million American tax dollars to destabilized Syria. He decided to many Americans saw the true folly of his interventions. Now he and Kerry will try to drag in international support and then make it look necessary. Don't be fooled - its about oil - will you trade America lives for Oil ?
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