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    Notice the false cries of dissent from those who would cheer military action if only a Republican were in the White House. They are named conservatives.
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    Are any of y'all listening to this two faced, lying, hypocritical, let me cover my ass because I f**cked up, POS of a president. Wow, our country really hit rock bottom after this speech. Thanks for making America look like a bunch of pansies...
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    I heard absolutely nothing that changed my mind. Barack Obama has been waffling on this matter for months now, and now we're supposed to suddenly support his current decision to use military force in the face of no U.S. threat? Nope. As I said before, I'd find Obama far more sincere if he hadn't savaged George W. Bush and Republicans in general, for YEARS, over U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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    This President, were he still a Senator, would be voting no or maybe even present if such a resolution was before him. He hypocrisy is only surpassed by that of Republicans.
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    @PauldenZangpo Incorrect, of course. More Republicans than Democrats have expressed strong conviction against Syrian intervention. But I understand your willingness to spin. You likely voted for our the current warmonger in the White House.
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    @CaryNickel Afghanistan harbored bin Laden. After he was rousted they were nothing. Iraq was a total folly based on phonied up evidence that Bush probably should have been impeached over.
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    "Laws of war". Ha. Anyone who has ever been to war can tell you, there arent any laws. Thats why there is war.
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    7 here myself.

    How many rules did you see the other side (or hell some of our local national partners for that matter) follow? Do you think for a second if they had access to sarin they wouldnt have used it on us? What do you think they did to the captured US soldiers? Agent Orange?

    War is hell. Civil wars are usually the most brutal. The longer it goes, the more both sides lose their humanity towards each other. 100k dead in Syria so far. How can you threaten a soldier or rebel with a law when he has resigned himself to the fact that he could die tomorrow?
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    @gumbii you are exactly right. Now those bastards are using chemical weapons and Obama has blown any chance of stopping them. His bluff was called and he wants to send cruise missiles ?
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    The sad part is neither side is good. They cant definitively prove who used the weapons yet. Assad, while heis most likely did use them is the only side that has shown willingness to protect minorities in the country (Christians, not that I want to turn this religious). However he is deep in the pockets of Russia and Iran. The rebels are receiving significant amounts of help from Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    No matter which side we take, we are supporting someone who is vehemently against our interests.
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    It is up to us - the people of this great country - to stop Obama from intervening militarily. Keep the pressure on congress to stop him.

    It is not in the United States best interest to attack a country that we are not at war with and who by the president's own admission is no threat to us nor could it become a threat to us.

    The United Nations, Great Britain, Russia, China and damn near every other country in the world says NO to intervention.

    I expect that diplomacy will solve this issue but it is still important that the senate and the congress stop Obama from acting unilaterally in Syria. When it comes to Syria let's all chant together to tell the President "NO YOU CAN'T"
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    PNWest: "It is up to us - the people of this great country - to stop Obama from intervening militarily."

    I did my part to prevent the obama from intervening in Syria militarily way back in November of last year when I proudly cast a vote against him. Too bad too many low information voters and others wanting freebies and handouts outnumbered true patriotic Americans and the obama was reelected anyway. So, I don't know what more I can do. America chose failure.

    So sad...
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix The first thing you should do is take the time tomorrow morning to call your senators and congressmen and tell them to vote against any military intervention in Syria. Then call the white house and do the same. None of this will cost you anything other than your time. This will let your elected officials know how you feel on the issue and let them know that you are keeping an eye on their votes and will hold them accountable.

    After that you should re-evaluate your political leanings. Had John McCain or Mitt Romney been President not only would we already be at war they would probably be measuring body bags for your sons. It is only through the actions of liberals like myself that we are going avoid another unnecessary war. The GOP would have jumped right in. When your sons grow up to be responsible adults you can thank PNWest and the liberals for keeping them out of another senseless war.
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    The American people are being heard - don't let up - post - email - make phone calls to Congress. Hold the feet to the fire - defund Obama care and stay out of Syria. The Prez has now punted again - stay vocal America ! Thanks!
    Let Congress vote now - vote "NO"
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    The fear mongering continues as the war drums beat! Sick of war and sick of this war pig of a govt we no one as one past fellow poster put it!
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    You, Sir! Gained my undivided attention. Your comment is direct and to the point. That is something unheard of in the United States anymore. Thank you!!
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    Reports coming out that US troops out of fort hood might be deploying to Syria to assist with the weapon transfer.....Boots on the ground? Liar Liar pants on fire....if its true.
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