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    I do not trust them to truthfully inform all people as to the real costs to them, any negatives or drawbacks. I think of it as pure propaganda. It would not surprise me if the person in charge was a student of Josef Goebells.
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    so a healthcare informer/seller is actually just like a fascist minister of propaganda? What? "they wont inform them of any negative drawbacks" dude this is the free market, get used to that. the only people who tell you any negative drawback in their advertising is people selling medicine....thats it. Let me throw you some philosophy rooted in fact.....all actually pure propaganda. let the free market work. You know how companies actually do hold things back and dont tell the consumer any negatives? by not advertising the information, by not showing you places where you can get all the information, by letting it fall into the corner of a contract somewhere. Let them advertise, it may sway them against it.
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    God knows, you can't trust anyone working for a non-profit!
    Better to trust yourself to those hired by the insurance industry!
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    Sabotaging the exchanges will hurt Floridians. It seems a governor elected to care for his citizens would think twice about sacrificing their welfare for political points.

    Like it or not, Obamacare was passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court. It's the law. Get used to it.
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    Interesting concept. Bad enough that businesses are cutting work hours to avoid the ACA, now some states are avoiding helping those eligible for ACA as well.
    Granted ACA may not be ideal. But neither is screwing your own people out of it ethical either. Did anybody ever give thought that the more folks to know about ACA by using it, the easier it would possibly be to over-turn in the future if the populace approves it?
    So what is it - really that bad or is it good?
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    ObamaCare might be 'the law' but it's not a health program, it's an insurance plan. The costs are outrageous, even for someone like me - a single woman without children and no medical issues, will have to pay over 400 bucks a month! So, I'll push my luck and stay as healthy as I can on my own, and pay the penalty for not having any coverage. Nothing is any different for me and millions of others who will still be without.
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    I just heard about the Colorado flooding. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Stay safe!
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    Of course Florida will make it more complicated if they can. This is the state that intentionally creates long voting linesto discourage people from voting!

    Conservatism is founded i cowardice!
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    Honey, we already have govt. censorship. If I am not wrong they are listening to our phone calls, emails, watching us when we walk down the sidewalk, when we drive our car and everything else we do. The only place that the government is not involved is in our bathrooms...Oh sorry, they are even there telling us what type of commodes we have to buy!
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    "Navigators" - More like Indoctrinators. Good Job Rick Scott, you made the correct move here. If folks love 0bysmalcare so much, they can go online and enroll.
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    Ha! Its sooo funny. Like rats running off a sinking ship. Try as they (health insurance lobbyists) may, they wont be able to stop single payer health insurance. When medicare's overhead is 3% and united health care has 20% profit margins they just can't compete. Oh, what's that? You don't like capitalism now? Huh. That's funny too.
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    Good. Tens of thousands of floridians will need this information. Tjis is an opportunity for people to voluteer and help folks, get to know lots of em one on one, and then run for office in the district and replace tea baggers and conservatives.

    Opportunities like this to gain name recognition, trust and gratitude, and effectively gain advantage over incumbents by having one on one interactions with many thousands of voters in a district are very rare.
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    This is a repugnant attempt by Republican troglodytes in Florida to deny people access to affordable health care. It's basically blocking the front door of the hospital and doctor's office to people who can't afford health insurance. Sort of reminds me of George Wallace blocking the schoolhouse door. It's deplorable that an entire political party would turn itself into a hyper-partisan vehicle for taking away people's ability to live a full life -- and that a lot of people commenting here and elsewhere think this is morally defensible.
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    Educational outreach is frowned upon in Florida. Keeping people poorly informed is a rather despicable form of people control wouldn't you say? Keep those pawns ignorant and feed them BS on the new healthcare options available to them. Nice.
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    @drpeeper I like the President. We got him just like we have gotten every president. He stands for, as do most Democrats, the directions I would like to our country take into the future....although I wish he along with every other president of recent vintage would stop with the self righteous, superiority complex they exemplify on the world stage and the use of military force to solve every international/internal conflict and atrocity which occurs where they feel our interest is being ill served.
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    @Russell797 Correct. But, doesn't mean we are any brighter. Let alone other folks who are elected year after year.
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    Since we are doing away with Obamacare, and it will never be implemented. Why train or learn anything about something that will never be done?
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    But see, if you're willing to accept censorship when it applies to something you don't like, you give up the right to protest when it concerns something you do like.

    That's one reason the ACLU seems so crazy sometimes.
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    Obama community organizers paid by taxpayers. Will they also hand out Democrat party propaganda and voter registration forms as well?
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    Obamacare is more of the same middle class-killing status quo, and continues to enable a growing underclass.
    Gov't already subsidizes the wealthy medical industry $1.2 trillion per year! That's 300x oil industry subsidies!
    A new healthcare finance business model without any subsidies is desperately needed now. One based on post-care billing and payments on sliding scales related to an extended family network's wealth/poverty level. The poor would pay 1/100 the cost and the rich would pay 10x the cost. The homeless and needy families would get free care, and in return the tax rates would be cut to 0% on the entire med industry and workforce. Problem solved.
    See the nightmare today:
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    @jond414 yes and the wealthy medical industry is a tool for the 1% to get their taxes back in the form of subsidies. Subsidies to comfort the growing market of underclass illness and their offspring. So yes you're right, the 1% continue to benefit under Obanacare. That's why labor unions are seething in anger over that.
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    If I were the manager of a county health dept, I would defy this.

    Any time someone wants to withhold information, and that someone is in govt, that makes it censorship.

    So all you constitutionalists out there, let's hear the outrage.
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    At least I can turn the tv or radio off if I don't want to listen to obaminites trying to sell this garbage. Now I have to worry about them being on foot trying to peddle it
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    THeir whole platform is fear based. I have never seen such a cowardly bunch before!
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    @FFS- Yeah those GOPERS pushing the stimulus or else we would go down the tubes- man fear fear fear.

    Meanwhile in Syria........
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    @drpeeper The first stimulus was passed by Bush, with conservative support. Suddenly we get a Dem president and stimulus is bad. Simply more conservative cowardice!
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    I'm of the opinion that mixing 'outsiders' in the state health departments just ain't a brilliant idea. Two completely different purposes involved. Would be kinda like the 'advisors' setting up at the BMV. No correlation of goals.
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    Why is it right for the UK Cuba etc.. to have universal healthcare and not us? The lobbiest own the GOP that's why drug companies own so many people the NRA (I'm a demmie & dues paying member of the NRA) yet they own the GOP. Notice how John Boehner goes apeshit crazy and says one thing then does another??
    Question he was caught & charged with DUI child endangerment 3-5 grandchildren were in the car why is it others have to step down yet he didn't??
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    Many no doubt have obama phones and the feds have a number to call for info.Remember the California phone workers that were promised 40 hours and health care then suddenly being cut to part time an not able to receive health care.Give those fine folks a call.LOL
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