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    Rand is NOT his father.

    The media is basically trying to trap him hoping he will make a mistake that they can persecute him on.

    They (the left) see him as one of their major road blocks and they are definetly trying to remove him from the scene before he has the chance to run for President.
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    Exactly right. And, when he doesn't step into the attack, they attack him for "dodging". Like vicious animals.
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    Typical politician, skirts the issue. I'm a lot less impressed with rand the ron. Rand lacks both the guts and the integrity of his father.
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    @JustTheFacts Rand also endorsed romney and has yet to do anything in the senate other then seek publicity for himself. No push for anything major, such as repeal of patriot act, which his dad opposed, and which enough dems oppose tgat he might actually be able to do something about. That to me is the key. He doesn't want to do anything other then get good pr so he can become president.
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    plus every picture he takes he looks like he's puckering up to kiss someone..

    .... seriously though as soon as I hear any politician answer a question with " well what I would say....."
    that's it for me goes right in the dumper... don't tell me what you would say.. tell me what you say. and for those of you who believe there's no difference.. wake up.
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    @bsking he's doing what Ron DIDNT do. There's a reason Ron Paul never got into the White House. He SHOULD'VE been able to get there..but didnt. It's all about presentation. He didnt say Ron was wrong. He just didnt say it in the same way. But, @politicalspice is sure right about the fights Rand chooses. With the attention the government has gotten over surveillance programs, he would have a REAL chance at getting something done about the Patriot Act and he damn well should be trying.
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    @PoliticalSpice your absolutely right about the patriot act. He should be doing something in that area and the current atmosphere suggests he could make progress. I completely agree. People should email his office and demand he stand up for replacing government limitations against citizens.
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    Rand Paul made the key point - we should use overwhelming force on anyone who attacks us. Too bad the current administration does not get that.

    I also thought Rand Paul did a great job of dodging criticizing his father. The best I ever came up with (my father said all kinds of stupid things) was "you have to ask him that when he's sober".
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    The current admin doesn't get that we are pissed that they have partnered up with a declared enemy, still fighting us,(attack in Afghan last night) and our President and McCain sending them money and guns that we pay for to use against us.

    In other news the black teen was sentenced to live for the murder of the infant in Georgia.
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    Obummer is the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. TR spoke softly and carried a big stick. Obummer screams through a megaphone and carries a twig!
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    I cant stand it when politicians, even ones I like, say stupid things like " I hadn't heard what my dad said until you just told me". I'm supposed to believe that I guess. It's just a SMALL lie I suppose, maybe he'll never do it again on other subjects.
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    You're surprised that Rand Paul doesn't watch Face the Nation and doesn't keep up with the latest trending blogs???
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    I have lived by a rule where I do not care for motivation or reasons only actions. I oppose the concept of 'hate' crimes that do not involve some physical harm against another person. Hate speech is free speech, never a crime unless yelling fire in a crowded theater where there is no fire. As for Rand's position it makes thousands of time more sense than Ron's. We have been sticking our noses into places we had do right to be. Just like the situation now in Syria. That kind of action usually results in some form of retaliation. The US has been the worlds volunteer busybody cop for about 30+ years. As long as we keep that going we are going to face consequences.
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    "As for Rand's position it makes thousands of time more sense than Ron's. We have been sticking our noses into places we had do right to be. Just like the situation now in Syria."
    Which is what Ron said. So why does his position not make sense?
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    Another common sense answer from Rand. What cracks me up is the remark, rand "claims"not to know what his father said. How many times have i wished a real journalist would write that about obama, hillary, jay carney etc..
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    Rand paul didnt come out and respond in his own words face to face so some unnamed approved staffer came out and said it for him.So if its not taken well then I guess some unnamed staffer will b fired.I would respond to this if Rand Paul wasnt hiding behind somebodys skirt.
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    He's apparently a hypocrite. On the one hand he says "The most important thing is that we defend ourselves from attack." On the other hand he stands against the very techniques we use to defend ourselves at home.
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    The government can do its job without running over citizen's rights. Nice try playing with words, though.
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    @Slowmo You had better suggest how the gov. can intercept terrorist communications differently than what they are doing if you think they should do it another way.
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    @Russell797 by good police work. By good investigative work. By having reason to collect and keep the communications they get. This mass sweeping and storing of everyone's information, even when it's not related to the "terrorism" they claim to be preventing, is NOT the way. They should be destroying information that they find isn't related to anything. Not storing it in gigantic facilities that we've paid for. "Protecting" our freedoms and rights by violating them themselves is ..well...stupid logic.
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    Ron was right. Terrorists didn't knock down the towers because they were jealous of our jeans, shitty music or reality television. It was blowback exactly like the CIA said it would be. Anyone thinking otherwise is a moron. Period.
    Rand should have stood behind his father, instead he's seeking approval from the idiot faction in the GOP. I guess the campaign has begun.
    Sad, so sad.
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    “In fact, that crime was blowback for decades of US intervention in the Middle East. And the last thing we needed was the government’s response: more wars, a stepped-up police and surveillance state, and drones.”- Ron Paul

    Well I never thought a politican would use a tragedy to pursue an agenda...

    "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel
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    Well Ron basically gave it like it was. That statement is rooted in fact and the way we responded defied pure logic. "a politician using a tragedy to pursue an agenda" ya i bet he got all sorts of sympathizers on his side. smh.
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    @sevenSecrets - I agree that we need to return to our pre-world war 2 isolationist policies. However, Ron Paul's attempt to justify 9/11 as blowback for our policies is just wrong. As with committing a premeditated murder, terrorism is fueled by inexcusable hate. Certainly we can point to reasons for that hate, but in the end it is still inexcusable and we should be careful not to insinuate an excuse.

    Further thoughts:
    - What did the Spanish do to deserve having their trains blown up?
    - How about the British honor guard cut down at his station?
    - Will there ever be a point where we will no longer be a target (maybe if we say we're sorry a lot)?
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    @DerivePI "However, Ron Paul's attempt to justify 9/11 as blowback for our policies is just wrong."
    False. Every single situation the CIA theorized about when warning administrations about blowback has happened or is.
    Continuing to insist that people attacked us out of jealousy of a lifestyle is narrow minded, naive and just plain wrong.
    Surprise surprise, when a tyrannical government supported by the US treats its people like animals, they react with anger towards techs culprits! Who knew?
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    @Fishbone345 -
    "Every single situation the CIA theorized about ..." - you are well connected (lol)!
    "Continuing to insist that people attacked us out of jealousy of a lifestyle is narrow minded, naive and just plain wrong. " - again, there is no excuse for terrorism. Whether it be lifestyle, policy or US intervention.
    "Surprise surprise, when a tyrannical government supported by the US treats its people like animals, they react with anger towards techs culprits!" - Although I support an isolationist policy, I disagree with your desire to have no contact with disagreeable regimes. For instance, China treats some of their people like animals. But, for the victims, the correct target would be China not us.
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    Well, with the attack on our consulate in Afghan, I can see how this takes the stage. I imagine there many things my family have said I have not and will not ever hear. But, our lifestyle is hadted, but so much as our interference in foreign countries, like smuggling guns to al Queda, which Obama managed to leave out of his support my war speech.
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    He can't help what his dad says and should not be held accountable for it. How many of you married people got your ass in a sling over something your son, daughter, or wife said? Get my drift?
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    I have to say I agree with his father more than him--if you don't understand the motivation for an attack, you don't know how to respond to it. If we were attacked because of force we were already exerting on the region, responding with more force is a ridiculous solution. Obviously terrorists must be dealt with, but that should have been coupled with a decrease in our intervention in the internal affairs of Middle Eastern nations, not an increase.
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    Rand Paul may very well be our next President. And Oh boy the work is going to be a lot, removing the very name Obama from the history of the Presidency.
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    Actually I'm more concerned with the present and the motivation that is causing President "Radical Muslin In Chief" Hussein Obama to aid our enemies Al Qaeda, a day after 9/ that wouldn't insult and dishonor those who died on 9/11 and have been fighting numerous wars because of that day.....
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    Islamists and anti-globalization leftists both don't have anything positive to offer, just gripes and protests.
    America and our trade partners and allies need to remind the rest of the world what globalization of free markets means: human development and tolerance of diverse cultures without bloody conflict. It's an arm's length partnership between political and private sectors. Not the use of brute force to convert and dominate other people.
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    He's wrong .... typical D.C. rhetoric!

    If we defend ourselves against anyone who attacks us ... then why is it we pass laws that exempted those responsible in D.C. from prosecution?

    When it come right down to it ... the war mongers in D.C. who are behind the false flag attacks are untouchable!