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    On a side note, gun control people in California have also been trying to ban "non lead" bullets, claiming they are "cop killers" and other ridiculous nonsense. Lead is illegal, anything else is illegal, no ammo anymore.

    Most laws like this are just ignored for the most part, though certain high profile places might be inspected and harassed occasionally.

    Most police will not bother enforcing this law if it passes. Not enough EPA jerks to watch everyone. People will find ways around it, but it will cause prices to rise, and crime to increase, as a new illegal market is created.
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    ROTFL! Now THAT'S funny.....not very good environmentalists if they don't know about where stuff comes from in the environment.....
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    In a way it is an over-reaction for the people who don't know anything about lead in the environment, but mainly this is just part of their gun ban agenda, and has nothing to do with the environment.

    Lead oxidizes and forms a protective barrier to leaching out in the soil, so it is really no concern. The biggest source of lead was Leaded Gasoline, which was mostly banned from widespread use as we learned to make better lasting engines and valves. It is the airborne lead that is harmful.
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    Anyone really's just more stupidity raining down out of California. That great state that gave us the likes of Waters, Piglosi, and Fiendstine...shit that comes natural in that state.
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    I don't like Pelosi, but she proves that women can lead and govern. I can't wait until Obama leaves and a woman takes over. Whether it's Hillary or some younger version of Olympia Snow on Republican side. I wish there were women in the Republican party that had power that I could make. Bachmann may be in jail by then. Women leaders are so much better than men. I am a tall white male near middle age and I know women are better at this. I hope the fed goes to the woman candidate. I would like a Senate leader be a woman too. Women are terrible to each other, but they are competent. Feinstein isn't terrible, though you probably associate her with gun reform. You should read her history about gun violence in front of her. It is true that lead is linked to mental problems and I don't think this is about gun control. We removed lead out of gas and that may have helped. People keep mentioning shotgun pellets and I do not think this would apply to them since its not a bullet. Money rules everything and I wouldn't be surprised that this was lobbied for copper replacement. I have to read the bill to see if it only applies to hunting rifles since handguns do not kill animals for food. I think it is sadistic to kill water fowl unless for food. I think hunting is also sadistic when not for food. There are shooting ranges if you are compensating for lack of manhood. I also agree that most food doesn't come from shooting animals. I don't like supermajority in either party. They go too far like NC is doing the same awful legislation for Republicans. Then there are states like Louisiana who gives guns to rapists, child molesters, blind, felons and mentally ill. Divided government is preferred or at least not super majority
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    Uh.....this is a problem? How about all that Monsanto GMO foods? You know the stuff the FDA continues to approve because Monsanto ex-employees pretty much all work in the key positions of the FDA. The same GMO foods that much of the world has rejected because of its cause of cancer and other various birth defects. Not to mention all the other chemically treated meat and wheat and corn......

    Lead bullets is hardly a problem.
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    Didn't CA just vote to NOT label foods which contain GMO products? Yet lead bullets need to be banned for heath reasons???
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    @harold_lloyd How? Please explain. Last I checked, MickeyD's didn't have shotgun pellets in their burgers. And if one goes to WallyChinaWorld you can buy beef and meat pretty much untainted by lead of any kind.....
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    @Classified Ah.....yes they did.....when the majority of countries either reject GMO products or label them.....{so much for choice huh? kind of ironic since most of these people would decry and chide those for championing prolife and wanting choice to murder unborn children in the womb.....maybe that is the key philosophy.....the goal is population control by death in anyway possible, whether by pseudo choice or no choice at all.....under the guise of altruistic humane politically correct lies}
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    Migratory waterfowl eat pellets.

    As far as I know, beef cattle are killed with a captive bolt pistol.
    Stainless steel.
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    they don,t care the slightest about the effect of lead on humans,now if they start using some kind of full metal jacket metal core bullet,that bullet will ricochet like crazy,and will penetrate much deeper than a lead nose bullet which expands and loses power quickly!!my 40 cal with fmj will go through an extra 2 or three inches of wood more than a lead nose,they will travel a lot further thereby endangering objects beyond the normal range
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    @MongoAPillager when we were kids we used to go to the local shooting range(At the High school no less)and dig out the bullets,they where usually less than a foot down,a good day with sifters and shovels would have got the majority of out easily if need be
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    California had passed a law in 2007 that banned lead bullets for hunting in 14 counties that lie within the historic habitat range of California condors, an endangered bird whose population decline has been linked to lead bullets. Approximately two dozen states also have partial bans on lead bullets for hunting, with the majority of them covering sensitive wildlife refuges.

    {Er.....I'm still trying to figure out the concept of lead getting into the food supply.....last I checked.....cattle are butchered in specific areas.....that PETA don't like.....and what are the environmentalists doing about all those windmill farms murdering bald eagles?}
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    "I'm still trying to figure out the concept of lead getting into the food supply"

    Not everyone gets all their meat wrapped in plastic on a white tray.

    If a duck eats lead pellets, you wouldn't want your child to eat the duck.
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    This is the progressive liberal way of not addressing the real issues of food and going after their obsession of gun control in a backdoor deplorably insane.....
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    No, this is the California liberal way to start banning guns.

    But unless they plan to search every vehicle entering the state, they are not likely to get the success they hope for.
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    If lead is getting into the food supply, then it should be banned. If not, CA is going crazy again which is not unusual.
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    @harold_lloyd not a real problem in wetlands. I've done the research. And the steel shot has done more damage Thant the lead problem ever claimed and those claims were highly exaggerated.
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    @harold_lloyd I'm working with a group that has been compiling data since 1974. And is completing a comprehensive study in 2014. A forty year study. I have the raw data but I will table this argument until its published. When it is published, it will completely debunk the lead/waterfowl myth. Until then I won't argue with you.
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    This will cause 99% of all ammunition in California to be banned. Democrats, if they can't take your rights away, they'll slowly strip it away little by little.
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    @Vance1 ow about we send all liberals to Ca. and we can see how long their philosophy lasts when they no longer have conservatives to support them.
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    You know ... if your that hell bent on using lead bullets or shot ... you can reload your own or make your own bullets ... not that hard =)
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    Other proposed legislation:
    - 1st Amendment - ban all church buildings - ban vocalized words - ban ink used for newspapers
    - 3rd Amendment - ban soldiers
    - 4th Amendment - ban secure houses, papers and effects
    - 5th Amendment - ban private property
    - 6th Amendment - ban criminal prosecutions
    - 7th Amendment - ban controversies
    - etc...
    - Coup d'etat - ban stupid
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    Okay fine but I have a couple of questions;

    Aren't you really just doing an end around on legal gun ownership?

    You aren't supposed to eat the lead shot you killed the animal with, There is a reason you clean and dress the animal first, or have we gone really primitive?

    If not lead then what is an approved substitute?

    If you ban lead bullets does that mean all the military's bullets must leave? Are we going to disarm the military in California, What about the police?
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