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    Oh Politix, you sly creature you, just when I thought I was wrong about you. You almost had me with the story tag line. I thought finally someone ranked Obama with at least two of his idealogical peers, but no ...Nicely done! Unfortunately, your still as left of center as always...

    "It seems unlikely that anyone in the Obama camp had Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Hitler in mind when they chose the slogan - in fact, they probably thought they were playing it safe by choosing a harmless adverb that's in everyday use by everyone, in every language. So much for that."

    As for that nonsense, I'm sure it's just COINCIDENCE that a cabinet, staff, and/or White House visitors list full of progressive, Pro Marxist advisors like Van Jones, Cas Sunsteen,etc...... not to mention our Harvard educated President (whose college papers we can't see), have never heard of the connotations which the slogan FORWARD might have, why one need look no farther than the Wikipedia definition( which is what I'm guessing you did) to see the connection. So at best his entire campaign team of political strategists is completely incompetent for not doing their due dilligence or they know exactly what they are doing and hope that most of the voters are too ignorant to notice while they grin at the signals they send their leftists constituents. Either way, our President should be known by the company he keeps.... so let the voters choose: Obama is either completely incompetent or deliberately touting his progressive( and by that I mean Communist) vision for a New America, one that is not inherently special nor the global leader of the free world!
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    So you're saying that Obama's pro-Marxist advisers deliberately chose to cite Mao, Stalin AND Hitler? Talk about a being a terrible Marxist.(Besides, Stalin has long been in out of vogue among actual Marxists, unless Obama's advisers are like 90 year old hardline pro-Soviet commies.)

    The better explanation is that the word "Forward" really is just so generic as to be popular with everyone, from the far right to the far left and those with no ideology whatsoever.

    Btw Cass Sunstein is a self-described "libertarian paternalist," wants government out of marriage, supports school vouchers, and has been very critical of the idea of environmentalists' "precautionary principle." He also supports the death penalty. To call him a Marxist is just sloppy.

    You're right about Van Jones though :)
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    AS, you are right but unfortunately if I explain all ideological differences between Lenin, Stalin( whom Lenin never wanted in power, etc.), Mao we would lose some of the readers and digress from my point just due to the length of the post. As for Susteen, I consider him one of the most dangerous men in America, what with NUDGE and all... libertarian my @$$... I do not however believe this a coincidence as the progressive agenda seems to be a playbook from which this Administration reads...
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    Sorry cant type on my cell for the life of me. Keen spelling Cas name wrong. Also , I meant THE playbook not a playbook.
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    Take a deep breath and deep breath in. Seriously though, you can't seriously believe that a communist agenda is getting pushed onto America because of a magazine title from before world war II. Forward is such a generic word that you could attach it to any political movement in the history of time. I'm guessing that Obama's campaign staff DID do their homework on this and came to the same conclusion that I one cares about periodicals from two generations ago.
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    K, I would agree with you completely if Obama wasn't an idealogue who has surrounded himself on all sides with progressives, Marxists, and radicals from Rev. Wright to Van Jones to Sunstein to Al Sharpton. Obama clearly has an agenda that is all about class warfare and the socialism of govt. His economic policies are anti capitalist. He's practically the poster child for everything our enemies want to see changed in America. What I want to know is why Politic changed the story pic from a pic of Hitler, Obama, and Lenin to the Forward slogan? Unless the imagery offended some leftist editor or backer. And before you rant, I'm not comparing Obama to a monster like Hitler. Hitler was a delusional Aryan fascist. Obama is merely delusional.
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    Look at Pres. Obama's actions, his past & what says.. That is who he is - A radical. Give the Pres. Credit cause he doesn't hide it
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    we need to get him out of office and into prison for selling us down the river and putting us in the shape we're in now..he's worthless.We have let tooooo many presidents(clinton,nixon,etc), get away without punishment for their actions..time we stood up and made the president and congress accountable for ruining us..FYI=every congressperson is a multi-millionaire/millionaires s, while we suffer their bad decisions and their pay raises and perks, and go without jobs cause they suck butt with the chinese and refuse embargo, and let our manufacturers continue to operate in other countries..when will it all stop and our politicians be on our side for a change??? nuff said..
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    Obama knows what he is doing, and he knows how to win, it's going to be a close election but even if he wins by a small margin he will win i just know it and the republicans know it. Let democracy continue its path we are following..........justice in society..
    And a lot more stay tune folks ....
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    I knew it. We in Michigan need to protect our border....from Wisconsin. They are Socialist Marxist Communist. We need to repeal Wisconsin status at the state. All this for talk we don't want to go forward we want to go backwards.
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    Noticed that Politix changed the story pic from Obama, Hitler, and Lenin to the Forward slogan, kill me.....
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