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    Republicans need to stand tall, and pull up their big boy pants and take " President Barack Hussein Obama" The Socialist Zealot to task.
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    @Vance1 Take the President To Task ??? For what??? For calling your bet to crash the economy... you guys are lousy poker players and even worse politicians. Did you really think the American People would want to see a bunch of partisan whacko's wreck the country. You can thank Ted Cruz for putting the frosting on the cake with that asinine performance the other night. Bravo
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    @martydotcom you have it backwards. It's us trying to stop the democrat whacko's from destroying the country. The sky isn't going to fall if the democrats go along with this offer. It might if they don't.
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    When you're holding all the cards you don't fold... Either way who gets the blame??? And the answer is !!!!!!!! The Tea Party Crazies and an out of control House of Reps. Remind me to invite you to my next poker game, you're "easy money"
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    Good. Time to play hardball. If President Hussein Obama is willing to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist states but unwilling to negotiate with Americans that have differing views and is unwilling to compromise, we can play that game......apparently President Hussein Obama respects muslim terrorists more than the American people.....for obvious reasons.....
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    Why would Obama negotiate himself out of a win win position?

    If the Republicans capitulate and passed a fiscally irresponsible bill, they will lose elections at home.(Why vote for an R if he just does the same thing as an Ass?)

    If the Rs hold the line, almost everyone is willing to give the Ds a pass with their part in getting us into this dire situation and place the blame on the Rs.

    Until the people recognize both parties, Obama has nothing to lose by sending this country into the grave of forgotten empires.
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    @Knightkore You have a really perverse sense of political reality... In case you didn't notice, your bluff was called and you folded like a beach chair
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    @Knightkore Obama in no lose.
    Boehner can't really be sure anything he negotiates will pass
    If Obama plays total hardball, it is basically agreed upon by all, the TeaPubs will be blamed and pay a price at the polls I'd we shut down/ default
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    Another credit downgrade? Starting to become commonplace in Obama's reign. Not Obama's fault since apparently no one ever taught him how to live within his means. The only thing that seems to make Obama happy is when he can, through the threat of force -- business end of a gun, take from one citizen only to give it to another as payment for his/her vote.
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    The credit down grades were due to Republicans trying to get their way when they didn't have the votes to get their way in the constituionally prescribed manner.....and thus Repblicans are to blame not Obama.
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    @slayer98_l This is important the Republicans are hurting the country that I love and maybe destroying themselves in the process....a true 'suicide mission'......perhaps you should take it seriously.
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    @NolanVoyd No. Obama and the Democrats are fully to blame. All public debt is created by overspending.
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    @CaryNickel What are you talking about? The debt is declining rapidly under Obama but don't let facts get in your way.....and it is the Republicans, not Obama that are saying, hey we know we don't have the votes for any of this but if you don't give it to us we will wreck the US economy and the full faith and credit of the US Government.

    If the Republicans want their way they should go about it in the Constitutional way and get enough people who agree with them elected to both houses so that they have the votes to do it and even over ride a veto if the president vetoes it.

    That is the constitutional way to do it.....this holding America hostage bull shit has got to stop and if the Republicans don't fix it right quick they will pay dearly.
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    By the way President Hussein Obama and his admins policies still have the economy in intensive care.....can't be damaged too much more.....all the Republicans are doing is asking him to do what progressive liberals choose to do daily......perform an medical "procedure" called an abortion.....rather than on actual living human unborn children.....on an economy that is all but dead already.....

    Progressive liberals have been trying to prop up this zombie economy for years now as it eats up all of our brains.....time for a Zombieland doubletap.....
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    In case you didn't notice, you left out the president's first name. His name is Barak Huessen Obama, if you want to call him by is full name you should start with his first name, or you can just call him Mr. President.

    But we all know that was your childish way of insulting him huh? BY starting with his middle name to emphasise it?

    You hurt your cuase with such childishness and immaturity.
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    @NolanVoyd The childishness is on your part. I don't have a problem with his name. Why do you? Is there some kind of latent racism and/or hatred of muslims based on that name that you pick on it? Heck you didn't even spell Hussein right. Freudian slip right there. I'm starting to think it is progressive liberal guilt for voting President Hussein Obama in twice that gets you all rile up with his name.
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    Oh don't lie to yourself and me.....why in the world would you leave out his first name and start with his middle?

    You are not fooling anyone except perhaps yourself. Grow up already.
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    VI. Avoid using logic. Stick to appeals to emotion. Logic won’t convince liberals or others who are considering becoming liberals. And our positions aren’t based on logic. Avoid logic like the plague.

    VII.“Meghan’s Law”(added in response to Matt’s comment). When your opponent is winning the argument, pick up on some little point that they made and whine about it being a personal attack (or anything else that can distract from the conversation and instead twist the conversation around to some topic where you might stand a chance). Examples? You called me “fat”(even if they didn’t really) or “that sounds like a racist/homophobic/mysogenist/[ insert some big word here]” and attack the person instead. You know that is where liberals excel, attacking the messenger. Named in honor of Meghan McCain. True, some might argue that this is merely a variation of Commandment X, but really, it is a clever way to actually misconstrue what your opponent says, make it sound like they said something, and then you can launch into personal attack mode yourself while claiming to be the victim. It is a less ham-handed approach to get to Commandment X than to just launch directly into name-calling.
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    Exactly. If our economy cannot survive without government pouring billions of debt-dollars into it, we don't HAVE an economy.
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    Remember back when most deals and laws for that matter were a compromise between both sides. That view of government has disappeared under Obama which is why democrats have not been able to pass a budget in the last FIVE YEARS. They don't want you to know what they are spending because there will be nothing left for future generations.
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    You are correct but you are blaming the wrong side....the Republicans are the ones saying 'my way or we wreck the economy' just because they do not have the votes to acheive their agenda in the Constituional way.

    This will hurt the Republican party.....could destroy them.
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    @NolanVoyd How many executive orders has President Obama used because he didn't have the votes to achieve his agenda the constitutional way?
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    @joyshusband I am all for reforming that process.....I agree that it is a bit undemocratic, but it is something that Presidents in both parties have been doing for generations.....It has become standard practice for presidents and this president is no different in fact I think he has used it less than Bush did. But that is a different conversation.....what about this situation?
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    @NolanVoyd you can't see what's really happening. The republicans could come out winners big time.
    You seem to think people want obamcare. They don't.
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    They are confused about it, but either way, holding the economy of the United States hostage in order to achieve something you do not have the votes to achieve in the constitutional way is not only unprecedented in all of American History, it is also dangerous and I think extremely unpatriotic.

    If the people want Obama care repealed they can elect more people who run on that arguement and get the votes in both houses to do it the right way.

    This is a bunch of BS......and I would be willing to bet that the Republican party pays for it dearly.
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    Give us everything we want or else we'll destroy the country? Hence "ObamaCare"
    You will find out whats in the bill after we pass this bill.
    Benghazi was such a long time ago
    What difference does it make
    The white police man acted stupidly
    I have visited all 57 states
    This is what happens when you vote "D"
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    It's all they have left to do.

    Anything else will look like capitulation, and the teabaggers won't stand for that.

    But it's just another useless gesture.
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    @Pappaslack Polls are subjective to who is conducting them and what they want to say with the results. They are hardly ever unbiased.
    During the election there were several major polls done. Some predicted Romney, others Obama. So statistically, some were not fact at all.
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    The result of a properly done poll is factual data.

    Go look up 'statistics'."

    Just using harold's logic against him.
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    @Pappaslack Finding a "properly done" poll is like finding El Dorado no?
    I'm just putting forth that often polls are done with an agenda in mind. Those running them will pick and choose whom to poll, etc...
    A hospital I worked at once sent out a poll for employees, asking about installing a daycare facility on campus. Everyone who received the poll was single, and without child. Needless to say, the employees got what they wanted according to the hospital management.
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    I like those goals so far: Grow the economy, shrink the government. What could be better than that? The louder leftists holler, the better the plan is for the nation as a whole.
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    Delaying 0bysmalcurse for a year: YES
    Keystone Pipeline: YES
    De-fanging the CFPB: YES
    Everything else seems to be a bit much.
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    The GOP continues to self destruct. Nothing but a bunch of economic terrorists threatening to push the country into recession.

    This is what you get when you vote (R).

    Excellent post @politixmary!
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    Actually we all voted in the same exact cast members.....this is what happens when you don't:

    REELECT NOBODY 2014 & 2016!!!!!

    Keep voting all the same people, you get the same program.....
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    I'm still holding out for Gov. Ventura's "None of the above" option to be included on ballots. I think that would shake up the arena something fierce.
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    "Excellent post @politixmary!" - Nah, too one-sided without any protection or suspension of liberal belief. She's done better.
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    Managing Editor
    @DerivePI @pnwest - thanks for the kind words (in DerivePI's case a mixed compliment). I did just present the liberal side, it's true. Their reaction has understandably been much much stronger.
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    @Knightkore ...wouldn't that be lovely, however, it seems as though too many are still too blind to anytime soon see the light and have real change take place!
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    Oh my god.....we may well be witnessing the end of the Republican party.....I honselty don't see how they survive this.
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    @Vance1 Agreed. Now what will solidify my support for Republicans will be if they STICK to their demands. Our Federal Government is s house of cards that has been ready to topple for a long time. Pelosi said there is nothing left to cut. Bull. I'd say a 50% immediate cut would be a good start, but only a start.
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    Our two party system is only slightly better than a one party system. We need both the Republican party and the Democratic party to become history.
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    The obviously slanted article above is just more dem hogwash. The country cannot continue they way Obama wants it to go; changes must be made. Changes which improve the economy, the energy situation, cancellation of Obamacare, and a balanced budget are needed and Boehner is telling it like it is with out the PC jargon. If the govt is shut down it is because the libs can't wake up and face reality. Obama and the libs have disgraced this country long enough. It's time to take the country back to what our forefathers fought and died for.
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    "They are asking Republicans to join them in not destroying the U.S. economy." Too late--they set that in motion a long time ago, and the Democrats are just as much to blame.
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    I think the Pres should offer his firstborn daughter.

    It would serve them right, having custody of a teen-age girl.

    I'm still not sure I survived it.
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    Hilarious. Apparently you too had a daughter. My daughter skipped teenager and went straight from 8 to 20.
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