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    The republicans are doing what the people that elected them want. The people don't want obamacare. No matter how many times you claim different that's exactly why the republicans are doing this.
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    IMO - Obamacare causes major health organizations to lose clients, in which, Repbulicans will no longer get their financial kickbacks from their investments.

    Greed plays a silent role in this law, and Republicans, when it comes to money, they just can't have that.
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    @ZosoRocks Oh, most likely all the Dems have held stock in these forced for-profit insuarance companies since before Pelosi said let's vote for it now and read it later.
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    "The people don't want obamacare." True, but think about why that would be the case. On the one hand, Obama has not done nearly enough to explain it to the people, and on the other hand, the insurance lobby has many lawmakers in their pockets, and those pockets are deep enough to fund hundreds of smear campaigns, spreading disinformation and creating division. They've convinced you, right?

    Follow the money, and ask these questions:
    1. Who loses the most when Obamacare takes effect?
    2. Why have health insurance companies and HMOs been raising premiums 15-25% per year over the last couple of years?
    3. Why do pharmaceutical companies contribute to anti-Obamacare campaigns?

    And apparently it isn't just the federal legislatures who are getting the big push from the insurance/health/big pharma industries -- these corporations probably own GOP lawmakers in the states listed in this article. Spreading propaganda and disinformation is expensive.
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    They should support the ACA to the same extent they voted to enact it. Oh, forgot. The ACA was a pure partisan law. Only democrats voted for it. Guess that is a good reason for democrats to continue to support it and an understandable reasons for Republicans not to. They are making a tactical mistake, but, that is another story.
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    I agree with you. There are reasons some states have not went with the medicare expansion, that's a different story, but if these things are true it as you described it, a tactical mistake.
    I think its a bad law, but I wouldn't at all support the activities alleged in this article.
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    It's going to take years for today's socialist to realize what a mistake they are making, if any of them can ever bring themselves to admit it publically. Ever notice how the Democrats keep having to find new sources of voters? That's because most people eventually wise up to the Democrats tactics and switch to voting independent or conservative, so the Dems. have to go looking for new supporters.These days it's the illegal aliens who haven't been here long enough to learn how the Dems. buy their votes.
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    I agree that it is a tactical mistake. If the Republicans are successful in derailing it through their actions, they have handed the Democrats a pretty big baseball bat to be them over the head with. The Democrats will be able to say to wit, "Look what we could have had".

    The ACA is too expensive and unworkable. Let it fall of its own weight.
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    The second sentence should read "...a pretty big baseball bat to beat them over the head with".

    (There should be a way to edit for a typo.)
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    I knew the author was a socialist agitator before I ever read his bio. The majority of Americans do not want this law. Why doesn't their opinion matter?
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    The elitists rule without regard to the wishes of the population, and care not about your rights. That is why they are called elitists, as they perceived themselves to be above everyone else. Ego-maniacs describes most politicians well.
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    The MAJORITY of Americans voted President Obama into office for a second term. This very issue was part of his platform.
    The MAJORITY of Americans voted against Romney -- because he was going to trash Obamacare.
    My point? Your definition of MAJORITY is skewed.
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    @Rogue Romney lost because of far more than opposition to Obamacare. I know that's a niggling detail, but there it is.
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    @Concerned_Cit the majority of the people want insurance, the majority of the people want freedom from pre extinguisher conditions and being dropped from insurance for becoming ill. It happens every day. Your republican party had ample opportunity to deal with this as the have controlled both houses for the majority of the past 20 years yet they did nothing but take money from big business and insurance companies.
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    @Speedieg You assume too much so allow me to correct your errors.

    I am not Republican nor a sheeple Democrat. Following parties is for sheep and those who cannot think for themselves.

    The pre-existing condition part is universally accepted by people of all political backgrounds. Nobody but the insurance companies is contesting that part.

    People only want insurance because we have been FORCED into needing it, since in the last decade prices have quadrupled for the average person, and unless you are wealthy, it is prohibitively expensive to go to the doctor anymore. It is all a scam to make the medical community richer.

    And lastly, the Republicans, again I'm not a Rep, have not controlled both houses of congress for the last 20 years, and that is laughably false and ruins any credibility you may still have had.
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    I'm looking at the source here...I also know the information that these navigators ask for and none of them are back ground checked either. Go ahead, give them all your personal information.
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    How dare they suggest that these navigators under go some sort of background check before accessing our most personal records.

    Navigators are hired from among an estimated 3,600 community organizations ranging from Native American tribes and chambers of commerce to labor unions and faith-based organizations that will be authorized to help people buy insurance. In some cases, they will have access to personal and financial information, from ID cards to medical histories.

    The exchange does not have a plan for investigating any complaints that might arise once the counselors start work. That means consumers who might fall prey to bogus health care products, identity theft and other abuses will have a hard time seeking justice if unscrupulous counselors get ahold of their Social Security number, bank accounts, health records or other private information.

    ... The exchange will pay an organization $58 for each successful enrollment and $25 for a renewal, but the amount the counselors receive will vary.
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    @rickv2 Are conservatives the only ones who see the potential for major ID theft on this one??? When it does happen do you think CBS, MS-N-BS, and all the others will put it on the front page?
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    huh, "navigators"....
    we're gonna remember this like the ol' freedmen's bureau
    they can sell their stinkin' snake oil elsewhere
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    Trying to prevent decent Americans from getting access to cheaper healthcare? That's what you get when you vote (R).
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    Its the level of conservative childishness and cowardice we have all come to expect
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    @PNWest cheaper healthcare? Where? Not the USA. That's what you get when you vote (D). Healthcare prices are going up not down.
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    Why? Sounds like something the GOP would do. You really think something like this is that far-fetched for a party that tried and failed to repeal Obamacare 40+ times.

    Give me a break.
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    I dint even read it
    do they honestly expect me to read a 15,000 word rant from some nerd from 'health care for America now!'?
    i'll tell em right where to kiss it, I already know what he's gonna say before he says it...
    like a caveman
    "right.... bad, left... good" "liberty.... bad...socialism...good"
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    I had a very negative opinion of Obamacare and it got even more negative when I heard about how high the deductible and copays will be for the various plans. The deductible alone was listed at $5,500 to $6,000. Tell me who will pay for a plan that doesn't even kick in until you have spent that much.
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    I know I'll get no support from either Democrats or Republicans on this, but if a law is duly enacted by members of Congress, and there are no valid challenges to its Constitutionality, I do not believe it would be in ANYONE'S interest to try to obstruct it. LET THE MARKETPLACE DECIDE.
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    When the Obamacare fails, there will be another taxpayer funded Government Bail Out, and the Democrats and RINOS will cry the Too Big To Fail line again. More of the same.
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    This law was forced on our nation without one GOP vote. It was a travesty of a corrupt controlling Government forcing Socialism & taxes on us all. How arrogant for this article to suggest the GOP is stopping the rights of people to get Obamacare, when Obama & the Democrats are stripping our healthcare plans from us as one company after the next, ending their less expensive plans & forcing us onto Obamacare that we can not afford! That is taking away our right to affordable healthcare you total hypocrite liars. It is the Democrats stripping our rights to have affordable healthcare & force us all on to their socialist healthcare which we can not afford, all so we have to pay for those who refuse to work.
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    voting without knowing what was in it says all about those who voted for it and those who support it. they only followed their party like the pied piper.
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    Oh, they knew about it, they just like Socialism & having Government control the nation instead of the people. Pelosi, Reid & Obama knew what they were doing & they forced the Democrat congressmen to vote for it. I'm glad so many of them that did lost their Congressional seats in the last election. I'm hoping America will voice their opposition to this hideous plan & vote the Democrats out of the Senate also.
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    well there is quite a few folks about to turn into conserves.the kids at pizza places in my area are all losing hours all do to obamacare. hopefully the loss of money will wise up those who lose out do to this. then min wage is going to cause more job loss and loss of hours. what a great way to show who is out for the working class citizens
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    Where does the constitution say there have to be votes from both parties? It's a majority of votes that count. It was no more forced on us tan any other law ever adopted by majority vote. The ACA is law and the teabaggers are doing everything they can to stop people who want obamacare from getting it.
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    @tomincali And when that kid comes down with leukemia or breaks his leg, will a minimum wage job with no bennies pay his medical bills? Who pays for that?
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    @justapirate Yes, but that's part of politics. Bad people will do bad things, and it will be up to the good guys to correct things and rebuild. That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
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    He has been a community and labor organizer for more than 25 years.
    Ethan Rome?

    Interesting, isn't that what President Hussein Obama was? As well as Jimmy Hoffa?
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    So what are you, Knightkore? Should I discount everything you say because of your occupation? What is your occupation? What have you been doing for the past 25 years? Hmm, interesting, isn't it, that Knightkore is a XXXX? And so was XXX? Aha, guilt by innuendo and association. How Stalinesque! Now I can dismiss your every utterance without even having to think. Hey, I like that! It makes discussion and debate a whole lot simpler--right, Knightkore?
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    So since you have never had a political occupation or hold any political status, does that mean your opinions means less than this Ethan Rome? At least he held something. You... doubt it.
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    there's honest work and there's dishonest "work"
    'community organizer' just aint work, that's not a job, just a pastime for permanent activists
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    @Newsdoctor I was just pointing out some interesting facts.....that lead to the generalized conclusion that they seem to all have similar mindsets.....never said whether that was good or bad.....the fascinating thing is that your assumption basically not only insults me but also insults Ethan Rome, President Hussein Obama and Jimmy Hoffa, based on a pretty big leap of unsubstantiated logic.....concluding that you not me hold what they did to be unsavory.....very fascinating indeed.....
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    seeing the cute pandas, hearing the president lie- all this to push a program that will be funded by those that pay taxes for those that don't pay taxes- is very frustrating.
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    I simply cant wait until all these younger folks get screwed over by the democrats
    then ask....why didnt the republicans do anything to stop it.

    Then I will laugh and laugh and continue to laugh
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    The author lost me when he started with Health Care is a Right.

    I can't be more clear about this: Health Care is NOT a Right. If it was then they can't deny you the surgery of your choice, the medication of your choice, the doctor of your choice. But they can and they will.
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    You just wait until all these folks try to visit a Doctors office, and the office says "We do not except that insurance" Many already do not take Medicare or Medicaid.
    Where my wife work, They only except Good Private Insurance.
    You will now start to see more and more of this.
    These people will be shocked into reality quickly.
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    This is funny--in a pathetic way! Not too long ago liberals supported ACORN which supposedly aided people in registering to vote and to get out and vote. Well, we all know now--at least those of us who aren't Democrat liars--that ACORN engaged in widespread voter fraud. Now we have liberals once again upset that their navigator front groups are being impeded by Republican politicians. Just wait a little longer and we will likely once again hear how "navigators" (which are supposedly community organizations) are engaged in fraud and are simply front groups for purposes of electing Democrats--corrupt Democrats.

    And what is really pathetic is that Democrats, particularly the Lib media, couldn't care less about how the IRS targeted conservative Tea Party organizations--yet want Americans to now listen to more petulant allegations directed towards Republicans. Suffice it to say, I doubt navigators will be run by conservatives and most Republicans will not support these organizations. So, excuse me if I'm cynical when it comes liberal so-called "community" based organizations. Let's not fall for this one again.

    And Americans! Stop falling for the hypocritical tactics of the 'drive-by media'.

    And should ObamaCare crash and burn in the mother of all train wrecks we all know who the Libs will blame--President Bush. Don't expect them to own this one either!
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    Cant wait for the 2014 mid terms...Going to be great.
    Democrats anti gun, Obamacare forced by democrats, Killing baby's at will, Obama's Huge tax increases,$4.00 a gallon gasoline, Part time jobs economy, Benghazi, IRS, People will know more about the actual price tag of This Corrupted healthcare scam, Dems wanting to attack Syria, and on and on and on.
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    @Starsplash Considering the amount of government meddling in health care, the private sector actually IS doing a great job. Health care never was the great economic burden the left said it was, and the overwhelming majority of Americans were happy with their health care prior to ObamaCare. If the left really wanted better health care, they would have worked on getting the economy going so that people could pay their own bills, instead of creating a bureaucratic monstrosity guaranteed to cost the taxpayer billions, while forcing people into part time jobs.
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    rotflmao .... what a crock of shit!

    No one needs to try to impede enrollment in Obamacare ... it's a steaming pile of shit that the majority of Americans don't want any part of and was illegally forced upon them through a corrupt system!

    Why does Obama need 700 million to promote this train wreck? You don't need to waste almost 3/4 of a billion dollars promoting something that people really want ... think about it people ... does any of this liberal bullshit make sense?

    Why rename Obamacare and try to fool the public in an attempt to get people to enroll?

    Why would you bother naming something and risk confusing the people who want your product?

    If the majority of Americans really want Obamacare ... nothing is going to stop them from enrolling but could this be just more lies and damn lies from the liberals .... I think so!

    That's like me needing to waste millions on promoting free sex & beer! How freaking stupid is that?
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