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    Hey, come on now. Our elected officials have to do their private prison for-profit routine. You can't just off-hand this one, it hurts people. Befeore it gets popular a law must be passed, as in all other cases. No drilling, refining, or importing oil. No by-products such as diesel, kerosine, or gas. First offense is a class D felony. Then the media blitz telling everyone where and how and what to use.
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    @Hillofbeans Coedine is a schedule 2 narcotic. There are already laws regulating it's use. You want to make more stringent laws for it than are already on the books? Kind of like how a crack dealer gets less time than a coke dealer? What's the point? Enforce the laws on the books now.
    Hell, decriminalizing marijuana so these guys can get high some other way might be a good idea as well.
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    @frigginhell I never said anything about coedine, I was talking about "gasoline". We must pass a law. That's what these stupid SOB's do. This hurts people and it must be stopped, it must be dealt with swiftly. Before it gets popular. Possession of gasoline must be a crime as it has now been used as a nervous system stimulant.
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    Don't worry lazy drug abusing idiots can just fall back on Obamacare.
    Oh wait...How many doctors will actually take ObamaCare?
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    You must be running for poster boy "Eliminate Morons euthanize a Tea Bagger.
    Every MD who currently accepts insurance will accept Obamacare or be out of business. Concierge Medicine was a big flop on Palm Beach where the thought was you could buy access to a private MD.. Well you could, until you needed a hospital and he either didn't have privileges at a good hospital or none at all. And when you needed a specialist... you were at the back of the line... You tell me why when reimbursements aren't any different than what Medicare pays now any MD will not accept your insurance? YOu guys will resort to any lie
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    You're obsessed. And Obamacare kinda screws those users because it forces them to pay 4 treatment or pay a tax, lifting the burden on taxpayers.
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    Surprised? besides black friends I also have asian friends from Vietnam ,Laos and China that have warned me of counterfeit cigarettes sold mostly on the west coast now with toxic levels of pesticides and other banned additives.They obtain their info from friends in their home countries and asian newspapers.This new treat from Russia is of little surprise.I would expect obama to speak out against this as his wife has spoken out against french fries in a way to protect the America Michelle now is proud of for the first time and one they both love.LOL sure.
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    And the first incident of this is in Arizona, well, we will know them by their green skin or loss of same. Not hard to investigate drug usage for law enforcement.
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    Most people who use any recreational drugs already have sunk low enough that they don't care about themselves, and are trying to escape from their own reality.

    A person not being happy with their existence and life is the main thing that fuels drug use, and other addictive activities such as porn use, video games, television, mobile phone and texting, internet use, and the list goes on. Dependency on a substance or activity for their high makes them feel even less in control of their lives, even if it is subconscious, which is a spiraling downward trend, leading to worse drugs or activities for a better escape.
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    Let it spread. If a person is stupid enough to induce gas, paint thinner and acid plus the tip of the match in their system, then have at it. Oh damn, now we will have to show an ID when we get gas for our care. Guess they will be putting that into the data base that we bought "X" amount of gas this month. Knock on the door, "what are you doing buying that much gas?"
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    Let's air drop it into the inner-cities for drug-dealing gang bangers. This might be the Great Hope in eliminating gun homicides by 80%!
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    It's unfathomable for anyone to be this stupid to inject this shit into their bodies.
    But, then again, we do have meth........
    And we don't have many smart people........
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    Some use Red Phosphorous is used to make Meth, what ever they can get their hands on to make the crap, idiot drug addicts will run it up.
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    It's pretty popular in Russia as a heroin substitute. You'd be surprised what people will do to get a fix. If you haven't already, you should Google images of what it does. The ones from a few years ago were insanely graphic, so be warned.
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    @Polusalo : I remember few years back in Michigan police answered a disturbance call, arrived to find women having sex with dogs to get crack.
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    Natural selection at work. Someone has to be not just a little stupid, but monumentally stupid to do this. These users need to die quickly before some thrill-seeking dumbass teens decide to try it.
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    No - I couldn't care less - I was always a fan of the 'send out the warnings' & then poison the dope . They had their warnings - had the opportunity to seek drug rehab , naturally at the tax-payer's expense . If they continue to do drugs - screw them - let them die & rot in the alleys - the stray dogs & cats need to eat too. Means nothing to me .
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    @wayne2453 Anytime you want less of something, tell everyone they must have it or do it, by forcing them. Reverse psychology still works.
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    Survival of the fittest. It is somebody's choice to do them they reap what they sow. Decisions always have consequences always use caution and common sense.
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