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    If there's anyone to blame for this charade it's Boehner. How anyone with any grey matter blames this on Obama, who literally can't do anything since nothing has crossed his desk, is mind boggling. Guy passed a bill defunding Obamacare, Senate amended it to not defund Obamacare and passed it, Boehner refused to vote on the amended bill and instead added back the amendment. Boehner is refusing the vote, not Obama, and this is why it will be blamed on the Republicans, who will probably lose the house and more seats in the senate.
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    Boehner is at heart a coward. He is afraid that the tea baggers will topple him from the speakership and is willing to serve their interests instead of doing what is best for the country.

    He has the senate version of the house bill in his hand and could put it to an up or down vote.

    The way it stands now is that the house would vote for the senate version of the CR, the senate already has and the President would sign it. Pretty straight forward.

    John Boehner would rather cost America $200 million per day to placate the hard right of today's GOP.

    Party before country - always.
    John Boehner is what you get when you vote (R).
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    I don't think Boehner is a coward, just hopelessly confused.

    Just when he got to be speaker, the teabaggers threw all the rules and traditional ways out with the trash.
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    @harold_lloyd Boehner is allowing the tea bag types to destroy the republican brand. He's afraid to do what is right for fear that they will target him. The entire party suffers because of this.
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    "Boehner is allowing the tea bag types to destroy the republican brand"

    I can't hold him solely responsible for that, the entire Republican leadership is culpable.

    "He's afraid to do what is right for fear that they will target him."

    And I think he's realizing that is a bluff.

    The game isn't over yet.
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    @harold_lloyd I fully expect the GOP to fold like a cheap lawn chair. I just don't know how long they'll hold out.

    The democrats have no need at all to do anything other than ask the GOP to vote on the Senate version of the bill. That's all they should do. If that is brought up for a vote and fails - then negotiations need to happen. Until the GOP allows an open vote on the Senate version of the bill the democrats should and I believe will stand pat.

    Let the GOP debate as many empty chairs as they want. We all know how well that worked out for them last time.
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    @harold_lloyd " the craziest ones always scream the longest and loudest."

    Actual advice given to my wife when she did her rotation in a pysch hospital.
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    Too bad she couldn't have done her NP rotation in congress, she might have done some good, and she surely would have learned a lot.
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    @harold_lloyd are you kidding? There's not enough Haldol in the world to treat those wackjobs. Lol
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    Now, now, now... Do not say such nasty things. If you want to get mad, get mad at them Catholics for refusing to accept mandatory abortion. Don't blame us poor old conservatives.
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    @PolitixDavid - This was an excellent analysis. You wrote a good article. Nice original work rather than a link to something else.
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    @PolitixDavid did you consider that the Republican VOTERS are telling him to do this? Look at your own polls.
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    @MongoAPillager I'm not sure if you meant that as a compliment but my massive ego demands that I do. Hey @PolitixDavid - if you do get that tingle I hate to break it to you but PNWest don't swing that way!
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    @PolitixDavid ex pet you can't trust them either because for the last two days they have not let me pick a choice. They just vote on their own.
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    Obama's "red line" speech comes to mind also, eh David?

    "Never issue a threat you can't carry out.

    Never make a promise on which you can't deliver."
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    Boehner is a pawn in the game. He will be speaker when all is over and government is up and running again. This is all a big game to obtain power and control. Shame they don't care much about us.
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    This is all well and good, except for the fact that boehner doent have the balls to do it. He is truly the most spineless leader in US history, and afraid of his own caucus. What a buttercup!
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    Obama is twice as spineless because he won't even come to the table and how many times has he refused to work with congress on other issues?
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    both sides are just following the script written by their puppet masters,the only crisis is whatever the reason for this giant skit is,this is just another phony shell game manufactured crisis
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    It is a useless exercise in futility, but you're too paranoid.

    Stupidity explains the current situation better then any conspiracy.

    Not that there aren't conspiracies,
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    I've lost track of all the back-room maneuvering going on over the last week, but I know how it is going to play out: we'll be back to the status quo in a week or so, and nobody will remember any of this apocalypse in a couple months.
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    Leadership comes from The People, it is what we want that counts. A vast majority of Republicans informed the House thy did not want Obama Care and wanted to fight funding. Boehner listened and followed orders. That said, it is time for the Democrats, who shut down the government to sit down and compromise. The Dems are so locked onto Socialist medical care that they have steadfastly refuse to negotiate at all. What are the Republicans suppose to do, roll over for a minority? I think NOT, and I am an Independent, but see both sides and the Democrats pushed for shutdown just to try a political maneuver to hurt the Republicans. Shame on them, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama!
    I will not forget to vote against my Democratic senator when he comes up for reelection and I hope the American public both remembers this political affront by the so called Progressives (Socialists) and that the Great Silent Majority continues to awaken until they take back control of the nation from the less than 20% of radical democrats and progressives that keep holding us hostage!
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    I would have thought with his experience as Conference Leader during the Gingrich shutdown Mr Boehner would have found a way to prevent the shutdown. If past is prologue next talk may not be all that fun for Republicans.
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    Keep the hardline. Do not blink. They are on the verge of blinking. You can see the sweat beading on President Hussein Obama's brow, you can hear the fear that WE THE PEOPLE will realize that government is nigh useless and we do not need them to govern our lives.....that WE THE PEOPLE can and should be the ones to govern our lives.....

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    Right On! It is time for the silent majority to stand up and take this nation back. I hope this shutdown is another shot heard around the world.
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    @ErnestPayne I do not care about the opinion of the world. The buffoon in the White House has given the international community plenty to laugh about. He has made himself and the nation a laughingstock.

    What I do care about, the shot, is that the GSM, the Great Silent Majority gets up off the couch or gets tired of being ignored and TAKES back their nation, that is the only shot I care about.
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    He let a minority caucus spook him.

    If he ever catches on to the bluffing directed his way, the teabaggers will be on the way out.
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    @ MolonLabe : I thought he delivered, Obama's threats convinced Putin into talking Assad to give up his WMD's ... wasn't that the entire point of the red line? Bush's threats convinced Saddam into allowing inspectors back in and giving an accounting of his WMD ... think where the world would be today had Bush been happy in just accepting that?
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    But the GOP shouldn't follow the Dem labor union-inspired seniority rule when appointing leaders. Instead they should follow the best ideas and put those representatives in leadership, like the free enterprise system does.
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    Serious thinking what I think of him! But he stood his ground like a real person on the obamacare/government funding BS! I say he is right! Shut down the government and show what wasted tax dollars we are spending! Time to limit the government size and their options! It is still "We the People of the United States!"
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    Here is my truth from the Ohio State that this ignorant bastard represents (thanks the Gods I never voted for his self important ass)! Here is what I want!!!
    hear people saying I want, I want all the time so here is what I want.
    I want cancer, A.I.D.S., hunger, and homelessness not to exists anymore!
    I want to send my children to school and not worry about their safety!
    I want to see EVERY man and woman oversea's come home NOW! Let those in the countries we are at war with kill each other without OUR government funding one side or the other!!!
    I want OUR government to act like grown adults and stop fighting like 5 year old's on a play ground!
    I want OUR town to start dealing with drug addicts and sexual offenders in an appropriate manner, which means treatment for the addicts or life imprisonment and death for those offenders that trespass and kill OUR children!
    I want MY tax dollars to represent hope, faith, and equality in all walks of life, not those deemed in need. NOT those sitting on their asses not wanting or willing to help themselves.
    These are the things I want am I asking to much? Everyone of us today should be hanging our heads in shame. Those fat cats sitting in those cushy seats on Capital Hill are there, because we cast OUR ballot in their favor. We are ALL guilty of what America has become today NO matter what your party affiliation might be!!!!
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