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    The monuments and national parks belong to us, not the government. If there's no staff for the visitor's centers and museums, then close the buildings. Static outdoor structures that require no staff, roads, backcountry areas of our western national parks that see little staff activity anyways will survive just as they do when the parks are operating as "normal". I'll get this discussion started in a big way: Perhaps now is the time for a discussion concerning turning over national parks to the states.
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    You are correct, 100%, but this vindictive administration wants it as ugly and nasty as it can get. All for political fodder, no other reason. It's always just politics with Obama.
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    Hussein's excuse for closing the Memorial is that Park rangers don't know CPR.


    The park rangers occupy the Memorial for a portion of every day, and the Memorial is designed for 24/7 visitation.
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    @RealAmerica They don't know CPR? Really? I would think that was standard knowledge to BE a park ranger.
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    Good for them. I have lots of respect for our military veterans. I stand behind them because they were willing to risk their lives so that I could enjoy all the freedoms that America has to offer.

    Stand strong, stand tall, and above all - BE PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!
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    Republicans put a proposal in front of Dems last night that would avoid issues like this and kept Fed Parks open.
    With barely a glance Dens shot it down.
    100% ObamaCare with them, or nothing.
    Makes you wonder what the pay off is for Obama?
    Some kind of back door monetary deal, or is it just just super ego and legacy, or his claim to fame?
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    And Boehner has a bill that is a clean CR in front of him since Sunday. Why not put that to a vote? There ate enough moderate repub and dems willing to vote for it.

    Are the tea pubs promising Boehner campaign funds? Or are they threatening to take away his Speaker's gavel?
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    It's a result of several things, his NPD is a huge part of it, that includes the super ego and the feeling that it's all about him, it's also for political advantage. He thinks if he can paint the Republican party as black as hell, once again, he'll get Nancy back as Speaker of the House in 2014 (his fondest desire!) and have a full 2 years to cram more socialist drama down out throats. As it is, it will take years to undo the damage he's done to America.
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    Just because the government shut down does not mean that it should establish barricades to places where people should be able to go on their own. This action by the government, putting up unnecessary barricades only shows the mean spiritless actions unnecessarily taken by Obumbler. Time for him to go. IMPEACH ASAP.
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    Exactly! I'm just surprised and relieved that SWAT teams were not sent out to murder all these poor old vets, with all the stories about our police state that is being created.
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    Stormed? Really? I watched the newscast. They set the barriers aside & filed in respectfully. It cost more $ for those idiots in DC to put up the barricades & police tape & niw w/ the police presence than just doing nothing.
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    From the generation of men who gave and sacrificed the most to keep the world free from one of the most evil and murderous tyrants history has ever seen!

    It seems most in this generation have forgotten and probably couldn't tell you what "The Battle of The Bulge" was and when in the war it happened, if they even know what war it was.
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    It's because of men like them we have memorials and the freedom we have today. How is it that 90 year olds are being supported for standing up to Obama but when normal citizens state their ire at Obama they are called terrorist? Because Obama doesn't want to call heroes terrorist! He will not allow his main stream media to victimize a veteran so he can look good. I applaud the two congressmen for helping and especially the police officer refusing to arrest anyone. This should send Obama a clear message that not everyone is in love with him or his agenda. As a retired veteran I wish I could have been there to participate. BTW I have been there, and everyone should visit the entire are to include the Smithsonians and Arlington National Cemetery. It is truly an eye opening experience.
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    Let's watch all 535 lawmakers scramble and trip over each other just to get some camera time on this issue.
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    They need to shoot them all and blame it on poor lighting or they were coming at them with their walkers at full steam in a threatening manner. I think it is great. It is their monument as well as the rest of America's, not the deadbeats that have put us on skid row and are still getting their paychecks and special health care from our taxes. I hope this wakes everyone up and we get rid of the disease that has us so far in debt. They are our servants and not an elite group they think they are.
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    Good. The monuments and national parks belong to WE THE PEOPLE.....if there are volunteers willing to keep it open, then that should be okay. The reasoning behind the closings are a hold over from after 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Which is past time to be ended. There was a time volunteers helped to run this places not paid individuals.....
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    It seems reasonable to me. I'm sure there is more than enough support and volunteers to help maintain our property. There is obviously a police presence already. So security is already covered.
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    @truthsayer I think it is just a common sense solution to a simple problem.....and one that addresses the human and grieving element.....
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    this is exactly what the country needs... I hope more and more people join the movement and take Washington and the government back run these cowards from both sides out of town on a rail... and not light rail either on an old fashioned freight train... and maybe even some tire and feathers I wonder if we can get away with that with the EPA and Peta?
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    What can you really do to scare an 80 year old WWII vet who fought in Europe or the Pacific? Not a Darn thing, "charging" the police tape was probably a great "reenactment" of the beaches of Normandy.
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    If you didn't know, the first sentence in my original post was SARCASM. I don't want to go to jail for months for sarcasm, but, that wouldn't happen in America.......
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    PRIDE amongst the Brave Men Who fought in ALIVE and The America they fought for..

    WHAT does this the Whimpering Men on the Hill???
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    It's about time we remind the professional politicians that it is we the people who are in charge! These monuments belong to the people.
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    I said it earlier, this administration will do all it can to make this shutdown - one they could have avoided and could avoid right now - as painful as possible for as many as it can. Remember the false stuff closed, shutdown and cut back during the first weeks of Sequester? This is a travesty. This is an open air park, with no attendants needed, BUT the administration wanted a really good Photo Op of the pain caused, they say and their minions the press parrot, by the Republicans.

    Imagine the egg on their faces when Republican congressmen opened the park, cut the tape and helped these elderly folk see their memorial. Imagine the egg on their faces, should the MSM actually report it [lol], when it's known that not one Democrat would vote for the resolution that all parks be open and funded while the Republicans wait, with empty chairs for Democrats, for them to come to the table and negotiate a resolution. Too bad the general public will not see this, hear this or read this in any MSM media.
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    Any chance we could get these guys to visit the Senate and Whitehouse while they are in town?
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    They should follow the rules? WHAT RULES? The memorial by design is ALWAYS OPEN. The barricades have been added by a petulant man child in a pouting snit. And those so called "furloughed workers" protesting the shutdown? Paid SEIU members getting $15 per hour from the Democrats!
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    Can someone explain how you can close a place that has no fences or other access control points. Has no staff, exhibits or displays other than blocks of stone and bronze. It seems to me that the president now believes he is a dictator and can tell anyone where they can and can't go.
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