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    The "Power of the Purse," which is given to the House of Representatives, is indeed the right to pick and choose which government programs get funded and which don't.
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    What a b#$t#rd. So it's ok if you can save just one child when it comes to stricter gun laws but when it comes to cancer not so much huh? I guess saving one child from cancer just didn't fit in Harry Reid's political agenda.
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    Honestly, if you are going go constantly transform that statements context to what you want which is clearly wrong, there really is no point in even bothering with ur bullshit.
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    @Starsplash Truth hurts don't it? The republicans didn't make Reid and Hillary say that....or did they??? Yes let's blame the republicans again!
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    @MadAmerican LOL. She said that because the dumbasses in that room asked her the question 5-7 times and each time she gave an answer, the republicans asked it again as well ass giving attitude. Hilary was asked that question 5-6 times before she decided to say fuck you and throw that famous phrase out. If it was me, I would of said it a lot sooner than 5-6 times and left the room. Clearly, no one in that room gave a shit what happened, but just wanted to smear Hilary. Which clearly didn't work.

    It doesn't matter. It happened and she said that each time. No one knew what happened and I am sure the Republicans in that room didn't know what happened. You think that by asking the question another 4 times she will magically change the answer?

    Heres one... What if Republicans signed that bill that would of given more money to foreign embassies?
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    She kept dodging the question as all politicians do. But she blew it. Hillary is a very evil woman and this isn't the first time she has shown her contempt for Americans. Remember White Water? The only people in that room who gave a shit were the people representing parents of the victims. And a s far as security they could have issued the order to pull them out ahead of time due to the massive number of threats. Remember after Bengazi we have done this on a regular basis. And if you want to look at priorities, look at the beefed up security at the WWII monument that was put on in 24 hours vs. any response prior to the Bengazi attacks. If the government has money to pay for extra security at a memorial to keep our own people out, surely they could have found the money to keep terrorist out of Bengazi. So where was Obama's priority on that one?
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    That's Democrats for you. Children with cancer won't be giving campaign contributions to the Democratic party or paying taxes, so they're expendable. Did you notice how the Democrats exempted themselves from Obamacare? Nice! What a pathetic bunch of cowards Democrats have become. Waging war on children with cancer. It doesn't get any lower than that.
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    For those of you that support this jerk and this administration stance are as cold as it gets.Then again its not your kid,brother or sister.WTF
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    Actually. It depends on the poll and how it's worded. 48% do not like, when the question is asked "Do you like Obamacare?". However, that number goes to mid 20's when the question is "Do you like the Affordable Care Act?".
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    Okay Harry don't support this bill and let's all watch this little innocent child die so you can make what ever point it is you think you are making...and at the same time watch your political career go down in flames.
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    I hope that The House Republicans stick to their Principles until, "Hang them high" Harry Reid caves in to defund Obama-don't-care.
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    Hey MRalph - they're going to pull your post down - not because they disagree with your viewpoint but because you posted the entire article. I'm just letting you know that before they pull it down because this is obviously from a kook website and I bet you're going to claim that your freedom of speech is being taken away. You buddy PNWest is here to tell you that if you just post a link and a synopsis of the article they'll leave it up. Of course it will still all be bulls!t but hey - at least you'll be able to express your opinion.
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    It is my understanding that befor Obama, it was common practice to pass individual budget bills that covered certain government agencies, the Senate would also pass the bill and the president would sign it, taking care of that agencies funding for the year. It was Reid and Obama who decided they wanted the "omnibus" budgets because it made it much easier to slip unpopular projects into the bills without their being seen and removed. It also makes this kind of thing easier. Yes, Reid could get the NIH funded tomorrow if he wanted too badly enough.
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    Thanks for letting him off by explaining his thinking - are you sure that's what he meant?
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    Question: Why would we want to help on child with cancer?

    Answer: Because we can. And must.
    The very reason I work in healthcare.
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    Would this be the same Republican Party that stonewalled expanded background checks after the Newtown massacre? Why, yes. Yes it is.
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    @Knightkore When you can find a republican congressional member who wants to ask David Petreaus some real questions about Benghazi then you can feign concern or outrage for Benghazi. They had their chance to ask the man who really knew why Stevens was there. They had a chance to ask the person who knew what the annex was really being used for. They had a chance to ask the man who's department gave Susan Rice the talking points for the attack that you cried about and probably still do. You know, the talking points they said they didn't write and then said they might have wrote then said they helped write and then said they didn't at all and then it turned out they wrote them all They had a chance to ask these questions and more but somehow they DIDN'T.
    Now here we are a year later and you're still not asking because you don't really care. Benghazi is just another chance for you to blame Obama.
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    At least the Republicans aren't waging war against children with cancer. It came right out of Harry Reid's mouth too. How can you defend such cowards?
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    WTF darsb this is the opinion and the comment from one you seem to think is on the right side.We are talking a kid not a scary black gun.It is becoming more clear that when the left can not defend they as obama divert the subject.You tried comrade but it wont fly .Watch the votes up you get on that one and watch who are those if any that agree.
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    Disgusting is a better word here than appalled. Reid should be put out to pasture already. Then, instead of his servicing the people, a bull should service him.
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    I don't know why anyone gives Harry Reid any credibility at all. Every time he opens his mouth he proves what an incompetent idiot he really is...but, he has a lot of Liberal like minded idiots to pal
    around with. I hope they're all out in 2016 or we are doomed! The inmates are running the asylum.
    Pretty Scary to anyone with a brain!
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    Seems like he is the one obsessed with Obamacare, and if he can't get it then he'll let children die.
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    They picked and chose who is "exempt" from ACA as well as letting big business off the hook for another year. They also let the big insurers off the hook with the unlimited maximum in patient portions. So please...
    Harry Reid is an ass, in my personal opinion.
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    What the hell is he babbling about??? Incomprehensible speech is a sign of lack of oxygen. Undo your girdle Harriet!
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    The constitution contemplates two parts to every law. Enacting the law and then paying the bills to enforce the law. If congress decides to enact a law in 2010 but then discovers in 2013 it's too expensive to enforce or we are not ready to enforce it, or the law is not what we thought it was, so we don't want to pay for it now congress has every right and every opportunity in the constitution to not pay for the law. So when the Republicans say they know it the law we just don't want to pay for it , they are on solid historical ground. When Obama mocks them for not wanting to pay for the bill already incurred, they haven't incurred any bills yet and they have every right to do so.
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    Harry Reid and Joe Biden are the same person I thought. lol Really there is NO excuse for that remark, and I applaud the reporter for asking tough questions and not sugar coating it since he is Obama's right hand man. I would expect this comment from Pilosi and Obama but Reid seems to have left the reservation too. Well, ever who runs against him will have billboards with that comment up all over his state-just sayin!
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    Another opportunity for phony OUTRAGE on the part of the righties.

    With at least 17 republicans ON RECORD as saying they'd vote for a clean bill all of this nonsense will eventually end. It's up to John Boehner to put a clean bill up for a vote. Now that the MAJORITY of the house has said that they will vote for it he can't even claim in any way shape or form that his not bringing a bill up is anything other than pure and simple obstructionism.

    @politicmary - remember the other day when you got slammed for posting only left wing stories? HAHAHAHAHAHA Bet you don't get complaints from the lefties accusing you of the opposite even though this is far more inflammatory than the left wing story.
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    There's 232 Republicans in the House of Representatives and 17 said they'd vote on a clean bill? That's a whopping 7% of Republicans. Don't make me laugh. The Republicans should hang tough with the 93% and deal with the 7% Quislings later. It's not obstruction, it's standing up for principles. Isn't that what you call it when you do the exact same thing?
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    Sure they do. You know this because you have observed just that whenever the Republicans have held all three branches of government. Old people died in droves and those still alive were forced to subsist on dog food. The population exploded because abortion was denied. Unwanted children filled the hospitals due to physical abuse. Gays were hunted down and hung. The vote was denied to every person of color......."What's that you say? Those things didn't happen?" Oh. That's right. There is no solid basis for making such a charge against the Republicans. There never was.
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    Really...well it seems Dems would rather children die than compromise on their "all or nothing" agenda. Dems are being hypocrites.
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    @Realthinker I have but one question. Reid says someone making these small decisions as to what stays open and what doesn't is essentially ludicrous. Well... Who does then? FAR from everything is being shut down this far. Who made there choices?
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    @Firestorm while this isn't really what republicans are deliberately doing, I think looking at programs individually and deciding what to spend on them, if anything, on their own merits is the way to go. It would be a great way to cut out a bunch of pork and stop our budgetfrom hemorrhaging.
    So that dems are throwing such a fit and labelling it as reckless has ke scratching my head.
    To me reckless would he using the merits of program a to get funding for programs b through q.
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    I think it's fuck up they will cut 30 kids off their treatment but help one .
    That's not fair ..........
    I say obama make enough money he should willing pay for there treatment since he such a kind yeah ok.
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    To be honest I think they are trying to weaken the American people by fucking up our health care , giving unnecessary vaccines to our youth.
    Poisoning our food with all sort or chemicals I know some are in the food to preserve the food but, if you know thing cause cancer or diabetes stop selling it to the general public .
    Slaving away for whatever you make a hour to show just about nothing or have the basic needs house, car , job and have no time for anything else...
    Whatever tho I not gonna sit here and ramble on ...
    I know everything is about money but change it for the better.
    Like we all enjoy potato chips,soda,ect but they are not healthy so why not take them off shelf's same with cigarettes they kill 400.000 people a year take them off the shelf people would get mad but pretty sure they will get over it.
    The one thing that get me to. is that they sell cigarettes, beer and it kills people every day.
    they don't sell weed?
    why because they can't Paten it ???
    That bullshit you smoke cigarettes you smell nasty they are unhealthy and they have hundred of chemicals put in to them and they KILL.
    alcohol if you drink to much you can get sick, hangover or not even know what your doing and it kills.
    weed it natural and it helps with many things you can smoke it all day and be fine may get tired or hungry that's about it and it never killed anyone.
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