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    Good and totally accurate article. All the rational and knowledgeable people understand how it works. The presidents one main job is to govern ALL of America and to be president to ALL Americans. His duty is to be the leader, the one who makes things happen by negotiating not by stubbornly standing on the sideline watching the mess happen, all for some nebulous political gain. Without a strong leader for President, this is what you get. Disfunction. Nothing gets done because there is not presidential leader to be found.

    His petty and mean closures of thing that shouldn't even be considered shows us exactly how low he will go to make things as bad as possible. No priests allowed or they will be arrested, the Normandy Cemetery in France closed. A hotel on federal land ordered to close. A children's playground, about the size of a small back yard with a few swings and a slide and NO attendants ever closed. Why? Because this man is so petty and vengeful that he will do anything to make things worse for everyone to make his point. We saw it with Sequester - doom, gloom and dire warnings that the world would come to a halt and then nothing happened. It's time for the little boy to grow up, BE president (He wanted it bad enough to cheat, lie and misinform in the last election) and do his duty.
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    But you aren't dealing with rational, informed people. Most people listen to a 2 min news blurp and form an opinion .
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    It was the same with the sequester. He wants to punish America for voting in Republicans.
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    The article is indeed a bit of fresh air. The author, who obviously was exposed to civics, constitutional studies and American history in school -- and not dumbed down liberal PubEd swathed in socialist indoctrination.

    Some may wonder how a closet Marxist with the intellect of a gnat got elected in this once great Constitutional Republic -- Jumping headlong from the frying pan into the fire for the sake of change by a bunch of 'Porkers,' and the low-information electorate.

    No need to wonder why. Take a peek--

    &fe ature=related
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    @FordPrefect ...WOW, how did I miss this? Busy I guess. Yes, it is wordy, but, you are so right. Every word is spot on! This is what 'leading from behind' because you're too cowardly and immature to lead as a true leader, and that is to be mature enough to make attempts to work with the
    other side. He will not do this...he is a narcissistic, far left Ideologue [ ; a zealous exponent or advocate of a specified ideology ]...for those unaware
    of the meaning of the word. He is only concerned with his OWN far left agenda. He cares little, to nothing for this country, he's obsessed with his own agenda, and will not allow anything or anyone to stand in his way.
    His skewed agenda, if left unchecked, will destroy this country...and to think people voted for this man & this TWICE. What does that say about us?!
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    Lengthy but precise. The consensus of the general public is in agreement regardless of party affiliation. People of this nation are not blind or unaware of the direction of the liberal destruction machine imposing its will through unconstitutional blackmail.
    Failure to negotiate reeks of elitism or worse yet dictator tactics.
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    A needed dose of reality to counter the media distortion and the liberal deception.

    During the Obama administration, the federal government has accumulated more new debt than it did from the time that George Washington became president to the time that Bill Clinton became president.

    Since President Obama entered the White House, the national debt has increased by an average of more than $64,000 per taxpayer. In fact, Obama will become the first president to run deficits of more than a trillion dollars during each of his first four years in office.

    If you were alive when Jesus Christ was born and spent one million dollars every day since that point, you still would not have spent one trillion dollars yet.

    $5.8 trillion dollars in four years and now Obama is demanding that we raise the debt limit. It's non-negotiable. When Obama leaves the White House he will leave behind a national debt of over $20 trillion dollars and he will have kept his promise to change America.

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    Federal spending needs to be cut in half and personal problems handled by the judicial branch (state family courts with IRS enforcement across borders). This is the ONLY way to reverse America's 50-year decline due to futile "progressive" political vanity. Obamacare will make things much worse.
    Drag out the shutdown two more weeks and default too.
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    There is no need to default:
    p:// servative/thomas-sowell/who-sh ut-down-the-government.html
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    There's considerable evidence that radical right Congressmen have been looking forward to a shutdown, believing Mr Obama would make concessions as he had before.

    There's also considerable evidence that the radical right has, once again, underestimated this "community organizer".
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    Well there certainly were a few misguided R's - I agree. BUT - since then they have sent bill after bill to the Senate and as the article said, got a solid NO. Really, it's time for the President to lead - he's not done it for almost 5 years, but if there ever was a time to start, now would be it. Thankfully he doesn't have to stand for reelection - he's ruining his legacy and reputation with this childishly stubborn, arms crossed over his chest with pout in place, refusal to negotiate. Something EVERY other president has had do to since the beginning. He is the only one to always insist on MY WAY or the highway. It's unattractive and incredibly juvenile of him. History will mark him down and immature, irrelevant and incapable of doing the job.

    At the end of the day, any political boost he thinks this will give Democrats in the 2014 election, will be squandered since ANY DOWNGRADE or failure of the economy will land squarely on his desk. But, he's just to stubborn to do his job. Too bad. He could have been a better president than this.
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    @Tralee " since then they have sent bill after bill to the Senate and as the article said, got a solid NO. " - that is just not true. They got an amended bill back from the senate without the extraneous BS. John Boehner could put this bill up for a vote today and the entire shutdown would be over. When the President, The Senate and a majority of the house are all on record as supporting a clean CR then it is quite obvious where the obstruction is coming from - John Boehner.
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    Yes, we figured since he said he would negotiate with Iran and others- he might negotiate with Americans.
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    You should be removed forever as should this post.
    Calling someone with whom you disagree with an idiot is a not acceptable.
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    Notice how liberals respond to this.

    School yard name calling, unfounded speculation, attack the source, silence the opposition.

    They act like a bunch of little Obamas.

    What's missing?

    Open discussion by mature adults who don't feel threatened by the views of others.
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    Lol PN started accusing politix of being paid to post it or something I'm not sure. I am still surprised they put such a good article up.
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    @FordPrefect On the chris matthews o'reily article yesterday, alexpinca said that Politix may as well admit to being a blog version of Fox because they "only post articles like this when someone from the left puts their foot in their mouth" ignoring the fact that other top stories included in the last 24-48 hours were the Republican yelling at the park ranger, the governor walking back his wife's comment, etc. For every Matthews story there has been one about Beck or Limbaugh, typical partisan delusion. Oh, and also the way Politix chooses "less than Presidential" photos of Obama, as if some of their photos of choice for Boehner et al. are any better.@cwi530 the childish behavior happens on BOTH sides. For every teabagger/RepubliCON remark there's a libtard/democrap fired back.
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    WTH~an article not filled with Obam-me bull crap. Well, that makes my day, and will have PN drowning in sorrow.........he thought he had it like that with Politix..........
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    It is actually costing the federal government more for all the security and blockades than it would to leave them open. And do you all really think Obama is a smart man? Well at least he's still got his golf.
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    Obama unwilling to compromise, no surprise there.
    Take politics out of the picture and look at Obama. He is the first US president in my lifetime who is not a leader. I have seen Boy Scouts show more leadership qualities and traits than Obama has.
    He is so lacking but has advisors but does he listen, no. Add to that his stubbornness and you have a recipe for
    Failure and destruction, that's what we are living now.
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    This madman that is supposed to do the will of We the People doesn't give a rats ass about anyone or anything that doesn't fit his agenda!!!! He and the Democrats only care that they and the rest of this administration do not have to have this evil Obamacare!!!!!! It isn't about Healthcare in the first place, it's all about CONTROL.
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    Perhaps you could enlighten us as to why government workers who are already covered by a vast government insurance pool would want to enroll in the same type of healthcare plan the uninsured of America are able to purchase now? As a retired federal employee I know this as fact, and further more, the rates for federal retirees have been coming down since the ACA was passed in 2010. The days of heading to the emergency room to treat the common cold are over!
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    Obama has never been honest so to expect honesty from him is crazy. He lied big time to get Obamacare passed when everyone on both sides of the aisle knew about its shortcomings. The main stream media acted like they didn't have a clue and believed every word he said without challenge. Now its here and it can't be defended. People will soon see the truth and what this law will cost them and it can't be hidden. We are talked about deductibles that would be enough alone to prevent most people from wanting any part of the plan. Republicans are doing exactly what was demanded of them by the voters , to stop Obamacare. Well with just one house they can't but they should be commended for trying.
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    This Section of the article tells me all I need to know; "Breaking the Law and Violating American's Rights Just to Make the Shutdown Worse"

    They can't pay furloughed workers, but they can pay some to go erect barricades on parks and stand guard over areas that no one is ever managing during normal government operations...and then to treat WWII veterans the way they were?

    I have to agree, these are the actions of tyrants throwing temper tantrums because they have not gotten their way precisely as they demand it.

    Obama is so hell bent on getting his way and in his refusal to negotiate that he doesn't care if he hurts you and will even make sure if he can, that it does hurt you even more than it who's the one taking hostages and acting like a terrorists now?

    Who in their right mind wants to support a leader who acts like such a petulant ass???
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    “One of the most mindlessly stupid things said during this debate is that Obamacare "is the law of the land." What does that mean? Those who say it seem to think it means that the GOP is compelled to support Obamacare, fund it, and move on. Anyone who says this is entirely ignorant of our constitutional system.”

    Yet I see it repeated by certain people on these forums again and again and again and again.

    You know who you are.
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    You are correct. Congress has no obligation to fund this crap:

    p:// servative/thomas-sowell/who-sh ut-down-the-government.html
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    @Realthinker I hate seat belt laws no smoking law a bunch of bs laws but just because you me whoever dont like it does not mean it is anyless a LAW its like playing cards with my brothers kids
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