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    Yep, my gold value started climbing today. I don't think it is the "fear index", though - the State just printed another seven billion dollars. Dang, if it is so easy, I should print me a billion dollars myself.
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    It will, but that's the wrong way to look at it.

    A better question might be, will it go up more than anything else?

    Over the long haul, the stock market has been a better investment.
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    @harold_lloyd I might pick up more gold when ( not if) it gets to about $900.00. I own a small amount I bought when it was 300 an once, but for me stocks and MLP's have prove a far better investments, several rising over 100% in value. Overall today, a down day, has it 30% ahead. The stock market has been a great investment for me in the ladt few years...
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    @Ryuo Well for heavens sake, if you're thinking of printing of printing money, don't go posting messages about it on the internet!
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    @PoliticalSpice Perhaps not, but I had to register my email address when I downloaded the instructions on how to do it from this great website I found called . They were most helpful, and said they could visit my house to help me get started.
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    It looks like the market isn't worried too much about the government defaulting. Because we won't default anyway
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    cArry on - just business as usual. tHis has all been thought up by the networks to boost ratings. oUr national debt is imaginary too.
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    It means that the world isn't too worried about it, not that it won't happen.

    They could just as easily think it will happen but won't affect them much.

    As a more accurate indicator, the Dollar is falling with respect to the Euro and the Yuan
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    I want to start aquiring Iridium. The supply is unstable and is used in high-end applications. Seems good for a long-term investment.
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    I'd rather see people invest in firearms, ammunition, generators, treated water & barrels, treated gasoline and barrels, and cctv cameras/systems, lol.
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    @Classified LOL. We'd be facing the Albuquerque Police here in case of a National Emergency. If you think the police in New Orleans acted badly during Katrina, you ain't seen nothin' yet. These guys act badly even during normal times, lol. Most of the people on Politix are soooooo lucky to have normal police departments to depend on wherever they live!
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    Buy low, sell high. If you're young, gold is the way to go. If you're old, gold may take a bit too long to regain it's luster. But I have no doubt that gold will rise in the future. The only question is should you hold out a bit longer before buying it, because it may drop even more in the short run. Of course, there's always that nasty little fact that the increase in gold prices in the past couple of years was do in great part to the Indian gold-buying frenzy that apparently no longer exists. I think a mistake that American investors make is their belief that the American economy has more leverage than it does. A lot of people in the world who aren't American have more influence on particular markets than we do now.
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    Gold is only as valuable as market conditions allow it to be, in whatever scrip a government issues. it's pretty difficult to buy groceries with gold bars, or even gold coins, for that matter. If you can make some money off it, great. But don't count on it to survive off of if times actually got tough enough that you needed food.
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    Gold is a terrible investment right now. Prices are inflated by central banks that must keep gold reserves as they print more money. The gold bubble will pop soon and go down to $800 per ounce.
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    Not sure that's correct. The price of gold is being supported by consumer demand in South Asia and other developing economies.
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    my gold went up 10+- dollars today
    ve Spot Gold
    closes in 3 hrs. 29 mins.
    Oct 08, 2013 13:45 NY Time
    Bid/Ask 1323.80 - 1324.80
    Low/High 1315.20 - 1330.90
    Change +1.40 +0.11%
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    @harold_lloyd no i bought it during the black helicopter years at less than 300 dollars an ounce and silver at about 5.00 an ounce
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    @MongoAPillager - That's awesome. Most of my silver was around $20/oz, but I'm not planning to offload it for another 20 years or so. I think when I do, I may drive to Utah where its still considered legal tender, I won't give it up for less than spot like EVERY place here in Chicago is willing to buy it for. Jerks.
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    Buy low, sell high. This article make one mistake; failing to approve a new debt ceiling will not result in a default - we are not entering new debt to pay interest on the debt.
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    The reason Gold is not a good investment is that people don't want to hold it when the US goes under in 2 weeks time. No one will be around to buy. Money is already starting to leave the country.
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    As I'm writing, gold's down another four ($4.00) bucks an ounce. Contrarians must be seeing more value in shorting stocks!

    Volatility makes gold quite the hairy metal. DEFINITELY buy the high-liquidity ETFs if you're gonna do it.
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    " During Paul's House tenure he regularly held more than $1 million in physical gold"

    No wonder he doesn't care what he does to the country, he's pretty well set.
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    It is quite strange to see gold falling in these economic conditions. I'm not sure what is causing it. I SUSPECT the Federal Reserve is selling gold, but nobody seems to know. Considering that nobody knows how much gold in in the repository at Fort Knox, they could sell the entire supply many times over before anybody caught on.

    Another reason for its falling is the high unemployment rate. That is damping down inflation.
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