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    That's because the President and the democrats have had the same stance, no negotiating. But the republicans were going bat sh*t crazy before the shutdown like trying to repeal the same law 40 times. That's not persistence, that's stupidity.
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    Now the Republicans are “offering” a debt limit increase. Like it’s a pet project or a policy goal of Obama’s!! Please, GOP Proposal in a nutshell:

    We will give you back one of the two hostages, but only with a chain strapped around his neck so that we can yank it back in six weeks if we don't like what you give us.

    Really!? What are Republicans going to give Democrats in negotiations?? No one can answer this question.

    Congress needs to get their act together and stop acting like children. The debt ceiling is not something you want to hold as a card against winning concessions out of the other Party. Our country is in this terrible pattern of legislating from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. It has got to end.

    Negotiations require compromise, which is not something the Republicans are considering. Republicans want to get what they want and that be the end of it. So they are not really negotiating they are dictating and using the debt ceiling and our economy as the bargaining chip.

    Republicans are going to have to compromise on something if they want to negotiate. Maybe closing corporate tax loopholes? Or raise new revenue with higher taxes on rich people? How about cutting defense spending? How about ending oil industry subsidies? This has to be a give and take.
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    Oh, haven't you heard? Paying the bills that THEY created and increasing the debt limit because of the debt added because of those bills ARE concessions. Most people consider paying the bills as a part of life, Republicans see it as an opportunity to push their extreme agenda.
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    "Republicans are going to have to compromise on something if they want to negotiate. Maybe closing corporate tax loopholes? Or raise new revenue with higher taxes on rich people?"

    How does one compromise with someone who will NOT OFFER ANY COMPROMISE? NO NEGOTIATION?

    Close tax loopholes, they've been trying for years, recall the Boles/Simpson Comm. appointed by Obama? The result of which he disregarded?

    MORE TAX HIKES on the rich? He just got BILLIONS OF TAX HIKES ON THE RICH. Coming back to the troth again? So soon? He already is taking in more taxes than any other president ever did. How about the other 70% PAYING SOME?

    GREED - that's all we ever see from the left, you always have your hands out, looking for a hand out and always shy away from paying YOUR fair share. Bah!
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    Who is not negotiating?

    "We could ask the better off to pay higher premiums for Medicare. We could reform Medigap plans to encourage efficiency and reduce costs. And we could ask federal employees to contribute more to their own retirement.
    The president has embraced these ideas in budget proposals he has submitted to Congress. And in earlier talks with congressional Republicans, he has discussed combining Medicare's Part A and Part B, so the program will be less confusing for seniors. These ideas have the support of nonpartisan groups like the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and they would strengthen these critical programs. And all of them would help pay down the debt.
    As Ryan notes, these are President Obama's ideas. Most of them are in his budget. Right now. The budget he wants to pass. Which raises the obvious question: If Obama supports these ideas and these ideas are what the Republican Party needs to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling then what's the problem?
    The problem is taxes. The deal Obama proposes in his budget is he'll agree to those entitlement reforms and more (Ryan doesn't even mention chained-CPI) if Republicans agree to raise tax revenues by cutting various tax breaks. "

    It's clear to me the GOP will be unable to compromise on anything, but time will tell.

    So, what are Republican offering again? Don't worry, I won't hold my breath while you look for answers on your GOP talking point script.
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    Also, could you please spare us all the lies about the Boles/Simpson Comm.

    "The commission first met on April 27, 2010.[2] A report was released on December 1, 2010,[3] and although the Commission was supported by over 60% of the members (11 out of 18),[1] and an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, the report did not reach the 14-vote threshold required to formally endorse the blueprint and have it sent to Congress for approval.[4]

    Proponents of the plan praised it for hitting all parts of the federal budget and for putting the national debt on a stable and then downward path. Prominent supporters include JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon,[2] Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Republican Senator Tom Coburn,[4] Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen[5] has called for a deal based on the Simpson-Bowles framework.

    Critics say that it would cut entitlement and safety net programs, including Social Security and Medicare.

    Prominent opponents include Paul Krugman,[6] Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan,[7] President of the Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist[8] and Democratic Representative Jan Schakowsky[9]

    You can't put all that on Obama, but......I know you will. ;)
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    @ApostasyUSA - Great parroting of the DNC talking points, I really expected nothing less. I gleefully await your insulting reply denigrating me, my family, my antecedents, my choice of clothing, home and type of car I drive. That's the progressive way.

    Just for fun though, I will give you a glimpse of what the Republicans offered:

    A 6 week debt ceiling raise in return for negotiations on Obama budget requests, which consisted of a trillion dollars more borrowing power (yes Virginia, this actually WILL raise the debt - ask any accountant or business major in college) AND a huge tax increase (the second this year greedy guts) on the "Rich". He turned it down, seems his way of "negotiating or compromise" is give me everything I ask for and I will "talk" about future cuts, sometime, somewhere in some little place. Sorry Charlie, we've been snookered with that little lie too many times to fall for it again. Yeah, I know, in the Peanuts comic strip, poor Charley Brown fell for Lucy and the football time after time, well, this ain't a comic strip NOR is it a GAME to be won. It's real life, with real consequences and a REAL leader would not look at it as me against them but ME as leader and I have to find a consensus. THAT'S what being president means. No games.
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    What? Some 40 million Americans will have healthcare, who didn't have access before. It means a healthier nation. It means lower healthcare costs for everyone. What's not to love?
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    @RobHon If any of them could get on line, then they would find a huge increase. I am sure most of them own computers too. Most of the small businesses will have to cut their insurance because the President lied (you can keep your plan and insurance). We received our notice that our plan did not conform (over 20 years no complaints) so we will be offered another plan code for your about to get a huge increase.
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    @saneman In fact, reports are coming out that even in KY over 1000 people a day are signing up. In CA over 25,000 have signed up. In NY, 40,000 have signed up.

    The President did not lie about anything. There are business, like Trader Joe's, who are saying they are dropping their part time employees from their healthcare plan. Why? Because those part time employees will be able to get better, cheaper coverage through the ACA.

    What you folks are really afraid of is that Obamacare is going to be wildly popular. All the lies the right wing has been telling about this are about to be exposed.
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    @RobHon first your numbers don't add up there is only 51000 that have signed up. I am against the aca but there are certain prices of this legislation I do agree with. Trader joes did what is in the best interest of their own company not the employees. If and when it is totally enforced it will fail and businesses will go under. If you are enforcing the individual mandate but you delay the employer mandate you must know it will be harmful to businesses. I will be amazed if by the next election you have 1 million people in the exchanges. If will fail on its own Republican party is stupid for getting in the way. Both party's do not care about the middle class and are putting us on the verge of extinction. Democrats care about the very poor( for their votes) and the very rich( donors) Republican party cares about the rich because they believe it will trickle down but could care less about the middle class. Both party's are not believers in capitalism they believe in crony capitalism they have to pick the companies who will survive. This aca is crony capitalism and hopefully it will awaken the majority of Americans when it fails and give your party that USED to care about the middle class and Republicans the boot!
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    Not really. Thirty Republicans are not holding this situation hostage. Tens of thousands of Americans are asking that ACA be revisited as a whole, not one part goes on, one is reviewed. The losers here are tens of thousand jamming the Senate And House offices calling for review of the entire law. The question is is it a win for Obama to ignore the wishes of these people? Before the screaming and invective begin, ask yourself, "if it is suspected from within that half the law is written poorly, could not the other half be too?"
    A complete review is not the end of the world and could actually show Obama as a non divisive leader he wants history to show him to be.
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    Obama hasn't won a thing! He has merely misconstrued the truth by passing blame to the Republicans with his usual devious tactics that he and Harry Reid, along with his private media croanies have so masterfully choreographed together.
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    Own up to what your has done. You must think everyone is stupid. The republicans said they would shut down the govt before they did it and many are still saying they will default before they stand down. Talk about ruthless and devious tactics. What an I missing here? Do you read or listen to as much sources as possible before coming up with typical repug rhetoric? I'm sick of these whackos blaming Obama for something they created. What has the republicans won? Zip, zelch, nada. At the rate they are going they won't win a general election any time soon either. Obstuctionist pansies!
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    No one is winning anything, government is dysfunctional and will continue the same way until these idiots get over themselves and start thinking about the nation. Who gives a tinkers-damn about the parties, when the nation is suffering so badly. Cut the antics and start working together
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    This is not a competition and it shouldn't be a political issue.
    The writer of this article is a political hack only worried about political wins instead of the good of the country.
    If America is that against the Republicans and what they stand for we will see next election as they lose the house, right?
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    Sad that we have a president that chooses to not negotiate and a congress that is willing to postpone the inevitable collapse of America.It was not possible with math to solve the 10 trillion dollar debt with revenue coming in.Today it is near 17 trillion yet many want to pass that on to other generations.The collapse will happen at this rate the government has even said it would.Sad those today do not or will not accept the failure of our government and their own selfish concern for them selves.
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    I strongly disagree. A very small percentage of very wealthy citizens are extracting 90% of all new wealth into offshore tax dodging accounts and have been doing so for over 30 years. They are not investing in new business or job creation, just making money off of moving money around. The top corporations not only do not pay taxes but get tens of billions in tax payer paid rebates. In fact, the corporate welfare is three times what we spend on the needy, but Republicans blame those entitlements for the problem. If we don't allow Obama's proposals to close those loopholes, end deferring taxes forever, tax deductions only the rich have, and to make the wealthy pay the same percentage as every hard working average American, we will most certainly collapse.
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    Mike... Well, the GOP shouldn't have put our government and the world economy at risk in the first place. They started this whole thing, they should be the ones to end it.
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    Mike... You also clearly do NOT understand the debt problem.

    Do you realize that we still have never paid back our debt from WW2? That's right.

    After WW2 our debt-to-GDP ratio was ~120%. But that slowly fell over the following 40 years, why? Because we grew the economy relative to the debt.

    In macro-economics you don't pay back the debt (which is, btw, owned mostly by US citizens). You grow the economy. You can't grow the economy in a recession if you're trying to gut government spending, which accounts for nearly 40% of total US GDP.
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    @JamesRL Sadly it looks like you drink too much cool aid. Most of the wealth is in small business the one Obama wants to kill off.
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    This is the same President who is making it tougher on Americans during these times and he comes out the winner? Wake up you people! So this man for what he really is.
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    Obama has a 37% approval rating and Congress has always had a lower one...sounds like both got beat up here in my opinion. Wonder what it will be like for Obama when Obama Kill goes into effect and everyone realizes the costly piece of shit it is...when they can say; "I got coverage, got no doctor though"!
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    Where have you been? Havn't you seen the new poll numbers? They were posted right here on Politix and have been discussed all over the news (though perhaps not on FOX because they tend to tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth).

    Here are the numbers from the WSJ poll as posted on Politix:

    GOP Approval Rating at Record Low
    That's according to a WSJ Poll. Meanwhile Obama's approval ticks up to 47%
    The Republican party's approval numbers have reached a nadir in the wake of the shutdown and debt ceiling crisis, according to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal that everyone's talking about.

    Only 24% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the GOP, according to the WSJ poll. That's the party's lowest approval ever in the history of WSJ polls, which began in 1989. 53% disapprove of the GOP. Democrats are at 49% disapproval, 48% approval.

    That means that in the wake of the shutdown, the Republican party is 28 points behind the Democrats in this poll - something almost unheard of in a two-party system. See the graph above.

    "More than twice as many hold a negative view of the GOP as a positive one," reports the WSJ. By contrast, Obama: is doing much better: his approval rating stands at 47%, while 48% disapprove.

    Obamacare didn't come out of the poll too badly either. Approval for the healthcare law has risen from 31 to 38% in the month of its launch.

    The GOP's approval numbers are also at their lowest point in any Gallup poll ever, it emerged yesterday.

    Via the Wall Street Journal. H/T martydotcom.

    See.....not 37%, doing way better.....and wow....Democrats 28 points ahead of Republicans.....that is fatal.....good thing you have a year to try to apologize to the American people and restore some semblance of a reputation before the next election.
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    @BravoJuliet Perhaps but you've got to admit this Republican stunt was as stupid and self defeating as people like me (and john McCain and Brit Hume and Bill O'Reilly, etc) said it would be.

    You all couldn't be a bigger help to liberal goals if you tried.
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    @NolanVoyd I would have given it to him with the only stipulation is that there were no exemptions or waivers, no delays, and ALL of Congress and the President had to be on it and handed it back to them.
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    @BravoJuliet Why would the president and congress be on it? The exchanges are for people who do not get insurance through their work. I get insurance through my work so I wouldn't be on the exchange, nor would congress or the President.

    The law was set up for people who do not already have access to insurance. If you think congress should be on it you miss the point of the law.
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    {I thought President Hussein Obama ran on change. Being different? He's more big money, big government than any president we've had since W. Bush.}
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    Right. They're just loving things like, new banking regulations, stronger EPA, loss of the low capital gains tax rate...

    Yeah, he's making lots of buddies with those policies.
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    This is more about the big banker bought government on both sides in place versus WE THE PEOPLE!

    Who the heck does this "government" think they are "closing" the Grand Canyon?

    This shutdown has exposed the utter over reach those in Wasington THINK they have legality over WE THE PEOPLE who ARE the government.

    In other words closing the Grand Canyon or any land is antiConstitutional and a war on the American people and progressive liberals and RINO's are being used as enforcers of the bankers against us.....

    Heck even John F. Kennedy knew this.....and was wanting to fight this.....
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    Could not have said it better myself. Politicians need to get over all the bickering over differences and put together a working budget along with stabilizing the economy.
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    If the president was really winning, I do not believe we would need multiple articles daily to proclaim such a victory. Methinks the left doth protest too much. Besides, there is no arguing with those AP poll approval ratings: a dismal 37%.
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    Example after example of the media spinning & fabricating & using propaganda to tell a story & prop their guys up. Yes we disagree w/ the.repubs too, boehner & the other repub progressives who support obama's agenda.
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    That was one individual poll.

    Polling aggregates have found Obama's approval rating improving since the shutdown started, see RealClearPolitics averages.
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    @lolitsadam You have to look at the internals. the way the poll was conducted and who they polled. For instance, the WSJ poll questions 25% government employees. Sounds plausible until you learn that government employees are not 25% of the population, they are a mere 8%, which means they were oversampled by 17%. That oversampling results in highly inaccurate results. These polls are all intended to force the Republicans to cave. On the other hand, when people are asked if the want the debt ceiling raised 70% say no, and 67% do not want Obamacare. When these two issues are looked at as issues and not partisan politics the Republicans are clearly fighting for what the people want and the Democrats are ignoring the will of the people.
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    The fact that you think "repub progressives who support obama's agenda" actually EXIST show how out of touch you are with reality.
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    Even the poll here, which usually has more Republicans voting, agrees that the Republicans are being hurt more by this.
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    Leslie is becoming more and more just a political hack. Obama is winning really buy what shoving around 90 yr old World War 2 veterans? by not paying death benefits to fallen soldiers? this woman has no credibility. he's winning with 37 percent approval rating really when Bush was at 36 she was calling for him to resign... yeah she's real credible
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    Poll wise, Resident Obama is winning. He's taken a ding, but the media propaganda machine is keeping him mostly unscathed. Nevermind what gets to stay open and what gets punished is at HIS discretion. He throws a temper tantrum and punished who? Our military, environmentalist with the EPA, our overseas intelligence gathering operations. Next he's planning on going after welfare checks. 80% of the government is still open and he targets those things. Weird.
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    Sadly it has become us against them.Negotiation for the good of all is something the democrats have written off to support their and obamas agenda.America will suffer until this fool idea is changed.
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    @miketost The reason it's become us against them is because there is NO leadership in DC - there is no one leading the process and the players, with no game plan, no direction, are all doing their own thing. We have a vacuum of leadership in DC and have for about 5 years now. This is what you get.
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    That is the way I see it too Tralee and Bill2e and miketost.
    The us against them is crazy, it is US, all of US and we get crazy bickering and messaging out of DC. I am firmly against Term Limits. I do think the ballot is a term limit. However, with these seemingly life time politicos who do not represent us and who seem to care only about the party and themselves, I am having second thoughts. If it wasn't for voter apathy, we would not have this problem. IF the voters paid attention, we would be swapping out folks who did not obey our wishes. That would call for the end of the pork barrel politics of DC and that itself is also a good thing.
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    What's the difference between Republicans and the Taliban?

    When the Taliban go on suicide missions they don't try to take out an entire nation at once.
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    What's the difference between the Democrats/Progressives and the Talilban?

    The Taliban subjugate women, put them down, tell them that without them they are nothing and must have the Taliban to take care of all their needs, OH! Jeeze, there really isn't any difference.
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    No, that's how Republicans are like the Taliban. Republicans are the ones who think women should have no rights and must be subservient to men.
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