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    You can wallow in your pain and misery hating the Country while I enjoy my Country and my President that I voted for . Now excuse me while i do my victory dance .
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    @MrMrk0804 this is why low information voters should be barred from voting. They make bad decisions and have mental problems.
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    @Arumizy Do I get to decide who votes?

    Problem is that idea is unAmerican to the max. The USA isn't an Oligarchy or the chosen few as England was in 1776.
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    @bsking Now BS, play nice. You are privileged to see a lot of graceful winners among our Democratic friends in this room. Well, most of them are just that. I very few just can't ever make their mothers proud.
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    @cayjr1 just pointing out the obvious Corey will be the first openly gay black senator.... but of course he won't officially come out until he gets himself in some political Jam where he needs that extra "juice"
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    I do too. The article went on and on about it. If I ever win an election I am going to file an affirmative action complaint if I am not called Northern European American / Native American.
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    @cayjr1 I too am a European American and I have never found any ethnic group superior to any other. The lack of non European-Americans in state wide jobs tend to make the few that do get attention.
    The Late Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn told new HA Rep. Japanese-American Dan Inouye that he was the 2nd most recognizable congressman in the House. Inouye asked why. Rayburn responded I'm the Speaker and You are the only 1 armed Japanese-American in the building.
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    While I appreciate his willingness to serve others in a variety of fashions, even putting his life at risk on occasion, I can not stand his views on gun control, spending, the role of government, and his playing on race to get elected. Even though I'm in PA, we were treated to a few TV spots and his distortions of his opponent's (and Republican) policies, which really drives me up the wall!
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    Careful, the lead article mentioned, quite in a lot, that he is black. There fore it is not lawful or even polite, to express any doubts about his ability or policies.
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    I used to have a Republican Senator whose position on abortions and support for business and many other conservative positions differed from mine. On the other hand I liked his consistent opposition to providing weapons to foreign countries and voted for him every time he ran and blocked my Union's endorsing his opponent the last time he ran. He was clearly our states favorite son.
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    Another disgruntle Jersey guy moving west to buy cheaper housing across the Delaware, then spending a day and a half getting to work on rt. 80.
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    Thank the Tpub's for the Democrat majority. They snatched defeat from victory in Alaska, MO, NV, ND, DE, IN,ME. Gave the D's their 5 seat majority.
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    @alexpinca yup...the arm pit of New Jersey....Newark.

    "Booker, 44, enters the Senate with a wealth of political experience in Newark, having served as city councilman before winning the mayoralty"

    New Jersey is the arm pit of America and garbage dumping site for NYC.
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    The dems add one more Senator. This probably isn't going to go down as a republican's favorite day. But hey - they're probably having more fun than they did on 11/06/12.
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    @cayjr1 Today's another day. They'll be other issues, other battles. Life goes on. I'll bet when it comes down to it that a typical persons day is no better or worse today than it was 3 weeks ago. life goes on. Family, friends health - they are so much more important than any of this stuff.
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    That is the way I see it. Get irritated or get joyful and move ahead. Family is much more important than issues like we just passed through. With the news seeking items to sensationalize you can bet we will get no respite if we let it get to us.
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    Did a good job as Mayor of Newark. A City that was no easy job.

    I have been impressed at the job Christie has done as a Republican Governor with lots of Democrats. His strange decision to run the election in OCT when a general election was scheduled 3 weeks later seemed like a weird waste of money.
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    He's just another inexperienced charming speech maker. But he gets a pass by the incurious Dem media due to their obsession with skin color. Nevermind the mayor never lived in Newark and the city is no better after how many years?
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    I am not a fan because I do not know anything about him. He seems to be a well educated man and he has lots of experience. He was a city councilman and a mayor.
    A lot of the article focused on him being an African American man. What is up with that?
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