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    WTF??? What's hidden in there for the D's? I was foolishly thiking this entire political pornshow couldn't get any more sickening..........and the joke's on me. Doesn't matter that it's a GOP thing; it's the lack of integrity that runs throughout all 3 branches.
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    According to that article, Lamar Alexander’s fingerprints are in the pie as well... and he is already on the local RINO list, as well as being up for election in 2014.
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    They are ALL RINO's and DINO's..........
    What they really are are pigs siding up to the trough!
    RE-NO......Re-Elect NObody........ever!
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    Well, if its a deal that benefits the people of three states...? I mean, McConnell isn't putting the money in his personal checking account or anything like that. "The price for opening the government is money to do something for the people"?
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    We've been infiltrated. The whole Republican party is riddled with RINOs. This is just disgusting. It's getting harder and harder to look my children in the eyes knowing they're just going to grow up to be slaves to the obama's socialist regime. Sickening.

    If we can't count on Republicans to cut a penny of the massive federal spending, who can we count on?

    I've never been so depressed about where this once great nation is headed. We're banana republic status. Bend over people, bend over. Here it comes...

    America, rightward!
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    Infiltrated? This is business as usual. McConnell had to offer something to the morons back home who are most likely going to re-elect him as a result of this. A villian to the rest of the country but a champion to the nitwits who vote for him. Same story as 75% of the guys sitting in chairs in the senate or the house.
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    Once again, Neo, you have to take a good look at where YOU stand. If you consider everyone who is not a rabid teabagger to be a RINO, meaning virtually the ENTIRE GOP, then it is YOU who are out on the fringe, and not representative of the party.
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    Neo. You poor thing. depressed since 08 when your escape to Canada was thwarted by the discovery that socialists ran the country and they too had national health care there. Better medicate because the future of a national win for righties appears bleak
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    Kentucky Dam Project? Re-arrange those words a bit and you'll know how I feel about it.

    We are going to shutdown the Government due to outrageous government spending! And the only way we'll reopen it is if you send some of that outrageous spending our way! Hypocrites.

    Fire them all.
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    As I stated on an earlier topic today. The shutdown has already cost over 22 billion since it started. We could have built 9 dams.
    Or to put it in a better light 1446 130000sq/ft high schools that average 15 million a piece to build and would have employed tens to hundreds of thousands of construction workers, boosted the local economies of 1446 communities with the money the workers would receive and the business lumber yards and brick yards would generate as a result. It would also help our infrastructure and provide modern learning facilities for millions of our children over the life of the facilities.
    BUT HEY, we got nothing instead for it. HOORAY FOR THE SHUTDOWN! The GOP really, really do care.
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    @jaybebo84 actually jay, i'm talking about the alternative that could have been as opposed to the reality of what was. the GOP already volunteered your tax dollars for this shutdown. you got nothing for it. well, a pork laden budget deal that will have to be renegotiated in a few months so they can add additional pork. but hey, if you like seeing those tax dollars flushed down the toilet then just keep towing the party line.
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    remember when ear marks and these "little" pork barrel add ons were common? we never had budget extreme battles in Washington, I help you get a Nuke plant in your state, you help me move the FBI finger print lab to mine we agree to pass a budget. Makes me wonder if a little favor trading was good for the nation afterall.
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    There's your win, lefties! Pork, pork, pork! Business as usual. And of course Reid and Obama will NEVER balk at spending more money.
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    Yes, the lefties shutdown the government demanding a repeal of a law they couldn't get rid of. Then to open the government back up they demanded pork barrel projects in their home states. That is if the left are the republican party. Seriously, does none of the things you read ever actually penetrate the partisan blinders?
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    As a lesson in practical politics, this is instructive. Doing an unpopular thing while facing a Tea Party primary next year requires some balance for voters to consider. Boosting the local economy by a couple of billion is one way to do that.
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    Kind of says it all about politics - remember Reid's deal making to shove Obamacare down our throats?
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    @Nemesis3X "Selling out" is harsh, and usually means someone has been cheated. In this case a large public works project that will benefit citizens in three states is being funded. How does this cheat the taxpayers?
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    @drpeeper "And YOU pay for it."

    You say that like paying for projects in the public interest is a problem. Would you prefer slave labor and confiscated materials?
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    Well hold on a second...the money is for a project that will benefit 3 states. What's wrong with that? Isn't that what tax dollars are supposed to do?
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    @Slowmo Actually four states. You know it is a bit of hypocrisy, but all pols are hypocrites. Earmarks never went away they just got more sneaky about it. Its the way congress works and unlike some hypocrites who support McConnell on the but criticized obama for offering pork to nebraska to get a vote for obamcare, I recognize this as a unsavory, but constitutionally permissible way to get votes that has been practiced from the inception of the republic. I dont like it, but at least this is not another weapons related fiasco like the F-35 plane...
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    @PoliticalSpice @pboucher PSpice you're right "at least it's not a weapons deal". But I'm looking at it this way...projects =jobs. And a $2bil dam is a big project to build and then to operate later. I've heard a lot of folks say Obama should invest in state projects. And they're right. And this is one. I wish we had "pork" like this nationwide.
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    I wish I would have thought of the Gadson flag icon. Very nice. Why am I seeing this everywhere now?
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    The Dam is already being build. This is actually money to finish construction on the Olmsted locks and dam (not start a new project). This is actually the kind of projects the fed should be spending money on (benifites the entire North East and North Central US). This is the junction between the Mississippi river and the Ohio river has needed this project for decades. What gets me is the dishonesty in the media suddenly calling this a KY dam project when it has been attached to Olmsted, IL since it was started.
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    I'm not opposed to helping the people of three states...I just wish McConnel would quit acting like he's against pork projects...stop lying, Mitch!
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    Obama insisted on a clean bill. This pork means it was not a clean bill, but I guess that was fine with Obama since the pork was for a democrat. I want to know how much more pork was added to the bill. Before I said, " since when have democrats ever passed a clean bill?" This just proves I was right. They do not pass a single bill without adding democratic pork to it.
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    If it's needed for affordable domestic and green energy anyway, then it's far better than shoveling more subsidies into the wealthy medical industry and Wall Street healthcare vultures.
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    Oh, yes, Mr. McConnell. Because there isn't enough animosity in the country towards politicians NOW. By all means, let's add some Pork to the mix!!! Un-freaking-believable. As outrageous as President Obama awarding the contract for the ACA/Obamacare web site to a CANADIAN CORPORATION, CGI !!!
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    If the dam was needed, this may not be so bad. At least the money doesn't go directly to the Koch brothers or to Murdoch. And anyone will tell you, Kentucky is in serious need of jobs that require knowledge of math and science, such as building and operating a hydroelectric dam. Perhaps an influx of science-literate people will drag Kentucky, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century.
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    Yes, spending 2 billion we don't have is fantastic. Guess the 21st Century means printing money and spending trillions to help bankrupt your kids and grand kids. Brilliant. LOL

    Maybe they gave up trying to help the illiterate urban thugs in places like Chicago who swoon over Obama .
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    @drpeeper Once we get the tax rates adjusted so that the top 1% pay what they were paying back in the 1950s, the national debt will shrink quickly.
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    @NormalFlora Of course, few paid that rate in the 50's. when the top income tax rate was 92 percent for income over $300,000, a person would have to make waaaay more than $300,000 to actually end up paying an average of 90 percent of their income. According to Williams, someone would have to make $2,328,400, and therefore pay $2,095,560, to get to that 90 percent threshold.

    Nobody, but nobody, ever paid 90%(or whatever) in income taxes.The rate was on the books, but nobody paid them.
    Loopholes; managing one’s money so as to have to pay as little as possible in income taxes.

    Old Man Joe Kennedy was a pro at doing that.

    Back int he day there were 1017-1 tax forms- so if you put a dollar in your company you got to deduct 1017. You could also deduct all interest on credit cards

    The US had the advantages of cheap capital, cheap energy, relatively cheap labour and the only intact advanced manufacturing base in the world. The US economy would have flourished in that decade NO MATTER what the tax rates were.

    These 4 happy conditions no longer exist. The moral evil of confiscatory tax rates aside, low marginal tax rates are now utterly necessary (as well as a number of other things) for the US economy to resume flourishing.

    The top 10% already pay their fair share.

    Liberals never think it's a spending/ problem.
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    @drpeeper Check the 27 leading corps paying zero fed tax most with additional tax credits to carry forward. Poor little Verizon can't pay a dime in taxes??? the Fortune 500 pays nowhere near our stated tax rate, they pay an ave. of 14%. remember all those loop hole Romney Ryan could not Identify that they promised to close. Conservatives fail to recognize revenue issues
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