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    Yeah, because lemmings like you completely ignore the fact that the GOP CREATED the deficit and debt. We were fiscally sound until the GOP had full control of the govt and spent us into oblivion, which we're STILL paying for and will be for the forseeable future. How many billions did this shutdown cost us? Yeah... some 'fiscal responsibility' you guys got there.
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    The Debt was worse right after our couple of years spent in WWII... so we are doing rather well given this time we have been at war for 12 year or so...
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    @AceLuby you do understand it is our monetary system that is at fault right? the more the Fed prints money the more this is going to get worse. A particular party isnt really at fault it is the financial system as a whole. being loyal to a party over admitting the problem isnt loyalty
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    @AceLuby The shutdown cost an estimated 23 billion over 16 days.Once the new credit card was re-instated the administration and government with two thirds control by democrats Spent 325 billion in The first 2 days and pass a new record debt level 17 trillion and climbing by the day.Get real and face some truth.
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    Of course they are going to say this. There were ZERO stories critical of Democrats- which is to be expected.

    The establishment GOP is in trouble. THEY are the ones who will be gone.
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    Exactly right. People are already starting to realize what a disaster this monstrosity is even w/ the msm providing cover. Cruz & the others hopefully will be remembered as the only ones who spoke up & tried to save us from it.
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    Correct. So let me get this straight-------- We will go another trillion in debt- McConnell is given 2 billion for a pet project- another 68 Billion passed out in kickbacks for votes..........

    and CRUZ IS THE BAD GUY ?????????
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    @Mia You couldn't be more wrong, of course time will tell, but if aca is such as train wreck, why did the insurance lobby spend 1 million dollars a day since 2010 trying to defeat it? Cause it is gonna be great for the consumer, its the first step towards single payer, they know it, washington knows it, why don't you?
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    It's funny.....the establishment Republicans are the ones most connected with big bankers that own most of Washington.....the Tea Party is so far the only effective team of Americans that are really scaring them.....if those who were with Occupy would join up.....realizing much of their goals against the establishment and big bankers are similar to the Tea Party, we'd really get somewhere and have our government back PDQ.....
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    After a year or so of Obamacare it might not be a bad thing to be able to say you did everything you could to stop it.
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    ObamaCare failures will definitely overshadow the shutdown fiasco, and provide proof why the Tea Party were being so difficult. With the acts failure it won't look good for those that fought to defend any improvements to the brink of 'default'. The tide may turn if Obama his propaganda machine can't control it's message.
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    @N0rthman I think even he is already losing control of it. Even the left wing press is not liking the mess the website is making of it.
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    IMO, The GOP'S chestnuts will be pulled from the fire as soon as O'Bysmalcare is at full operation in January. The president had 3 years to have the launch-site up and running, instead it was a complete failure at the tune of $600 MILLION of tax payer money. Proving once again, that nothing comes from gubment that is EFFICIENT, COST EFFECTIVE and QUALITY oriented ~ Buckle-Up!
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    Just the opposite .... just reinforces that that we need more Tea Party members .... could care less about the prostitutes that call themselves the GOP!

    The current administration had three years to prepare for their Obamacare rollout .... and they still screwed it up!

    That's the level of incompetence we have running our country and you expect these idiots to solve our countries problem .... give me a break ... lol =)

    These idiots couldn't run a whore house without bankrupting and drowning in debt!
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    @BravoJuliet keep in mind the government went broke running it. If you can't turn a profit with a brothel you have no business in business.
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    @FordPrefect I know, they can't even sell booze and whores right...hell, that's bad when you can't do that with that market!

    Guess they should have put Billy boy in charge of it...but he probably would have gotten into the profits with "personal use" being too high.
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    If the TP dumped the bigots, the racists, the angry South that thinks it's "smart politics" to wave a Confederate Flag in from of the first black POTUS..........dumped the "put down the Koran" lunatics, and expunged the Palins, the Bachmanns, the Gohmerts, who make the movement appear it is being led by utterly inane intelligenge-deniers, maybe it would have a chance to attract some real, moderate voter support. Who the heck is in charge of their messaging, which just turns off the public??? The original TP message was "taxed enough already"........which is great, but then they went out and snuggled up to the haters and the science-deniers with the crazy, misspelled is all about SMART leadership and messaging. The TP will never gain majority support without real, acheivable, sustainable DOCUMENTED policy proposals that make sense, don't kill off the country's economy, and are validated by economists.
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    As long as the american people continue to wake up & get their news from other sources, you will be right, hopefully. The msm will do & say whatever the machine tells them to.
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    @jpcash There is a lot of money behind the progressive media outlets. They determine what the outlets cover & how it is covered. They determine what questions are asked. The checkbook controls media!
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    @jpcash Yes, and it really matters when it involves the personal checkbook and the IRS, who wants the account numbers in it as you sign a contract wavering your rights to them and law enforcement agencies.

    That's about as gestapo as it gets!
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    I don't think the morons that support people like Ted Cruz are capable of logical thought. They see things in terms of Fire Bad, Meat Good, etc. they will believe what they are told and follow along.
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    You mean like "Hope & Change"? Or "Your healthcare will be cheaper" Or "You can keep your doctor"? Think that's what you meant.
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    Absolutely, it's exactly the same., but we were talking about republicans that's what the thread is about. I know it's hard for you.
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    I respect the opinion, but it would be a mistake to underestimate Mr. Cruz. He knows exactly what he is doing........... I'm not a supporter of him, but he is a very smart individual.
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    I think people that resort to name calling and don't provide anything fact based, only personal opinion... don't really back up their words.

    FYI Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton Law... listen to him debate sometime. Im not a big Tea Party advocate, but this guy is a serious debater and never lowers himself to the level of hecklers. He may not be line but stands his ground regardless of opinion. That show integrity that many people want to see in politicians.
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    Shut it down in hopes others will see the error of their ways, they did not see.
    Next time shut it down till America bleeds a little.

    makes you wonder when exactly we went from trying to do what is best for America, to looking at our citizens like lobbyist.
    Catering to whatever group or groups seem to have the most influence.
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    I agree. Republicans should shut down the government again.....sometime around next october.
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    When you say "hurt the Republicans" you need to be more specific. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are and were representing their constituents.

    McCain, McConnell, Boehner , Karl Rove etc. need to go join the Democratic party where they belong.

    If the Republican's do not come back to their Conservative platform and continue to run "moderates" they will be doing what they have done the last two times and they will always get what they got the last two times.

    In real life we have to "learn" from our is about time the "old guard" of the Republican Party moves out of the way for the brave who want to take their job seriously.
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    It may, but there is a whole year of Obamacare mess between then and now and Obamacare is, as they said, a train wreck! My state had a single, that's ONE, person sign up at the cost of $700 (out of her pocket) a month, that's $2,400 a year. Hardly a bargain and it's not known if that cost is the subsidized cost. So, perhaps, but maybe not.
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    If that single person makes more than $44,999 per year he/she likely won't get a subsidy to lower the cost.
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    @Fit2Serve I have no idea how much she makes, all I know is that one person is signed up and her cost is $700 a month. Judging where she lives I would hazard a guess that her income is below that figure.
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    If that one person has a serious pre-existing condition then they are probably getting a bargain and the care that may save their life.
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    I think the article raised valid points and is well-contended. The truth is, no one can 100% predict what will happen in 2014 based on the anger resulting from the GOP shutdown strategy.
    Americans are angry on both sides and for differing reasons, and the 2014 election impact could vary from having absolutely no impact in the # of seats lost/gained all the way to bringing major House seat wins for either of the Parties.

    It could come down to messaging, which unfortunately carries way too much weight with citizens, but it will also be impacted by other factors:

    -how well/poorly the ACA system is working
    -(as the article mentioned) other political/economic events that occur prior to the elections
    -domestic terrorism events
    -whether or not Ted Cruz and co. cause another showdown early next year, or mid-year


    I think it is way too early to call.
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    "Obamacare" is the law of the land and as more americans sign on and gain the benefits the republicants will be seen as the party that tried to stop them from having access to health care. Only the resolutely racist are left in the republicants camp.
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    Absolutely! The polls dont lie. However, the public often displays a short memory. My advice, dont vote for any incumbent regardless of party. We have the power to send a poignant message to DC.
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    The 2014 Midterms are still over a year out. Unless the Teabaggers pull the same stunt again at a later time, this won't hurt the GOP. The uninformed will still be inclined to support their incumbent dumbass regardless of the (R) or (D) behind the name.
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    While it is too soon to tell really what the outcome will be, what we will see the Democratic candidates having more moxie to challenge candidates in traditional GOP strongholds. The tea party and GOP have not gone away, and I don't expect them to suddenly vote Democratic, but the GOP needs to convince the skeptical independents that they are the right party. Right now, they are losing their votes. Independents look at the tea party as extremists, and that is a difficult characteristic to overcome. I think the GOP needs to stop the rhetoric and government shutdown tactics, and focus on traditional conservative values like less government, low deficits, low taxes, strong economy, and possibly be open to new ideas. If they want to focus on Ted Cruz, cutting taxes for the wealthy, outlawing abortion and being anti-gay, then they will lose.
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    Please tell me why you believe the tea party is extreme. In your own words without parroting msnbc. I want to know what it is that makes their platform extreme. I don't want lies or accusations....just facts. Btw, the gop continues to push moderate candidates whose voting record show they were for abortion, and gay marriage for long periods in their political careers. The gop base doesn't trust candidates with wishy washy voting records. If they push chris christie, dems will win again. The reason the gop lost is because their conservative base stayed home. They are busy trying to please Independents and Democrats....that is WHY they lose.
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    @TigerLandSC They would prefer NO government over a government they can't control. Now ask a hard question.
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    @ctc NO government IS the Constitution.....

    WE supposed to be government.....WE are supposed govern ourselves.....not some separate entity that are essentially a new monarchy that sees us as peasant peons to control.....

    You can JUST SAY NO to the "government drug".....
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    I think this is a great question to ask, and I will do my best to not sound like MSNBC, and be brief. The tea party is a faction of the GOP. It is more conservative than the mainstream GOP. I do believe that some of their ideas are good ideas (like low deficits), but the execution of their ideas is what (in my mind) makes them extreme.
    When the tea party came to prominence several years ago, groups like the Heritage Foundation and many others (largely funded by the Koch Brothers) developed plans to take over town hall meetings by being terribly disruptive. They deployed in-your-face tactics, the same type of tactics used by other extreme groups like Occupy Wall Street: loud, raucous protest and be as disruptive as possible.
    The Tea Party was then given instructions to not compromise. Stand your ground. Our government is not about stand your ground. That is gridlock and dysfunction. Imagine if everyone in your family took this approach, what would be the result? During previous administrations with low deficits, it was not about stand your ground, it was about respect, and the ability to reach across the aisle and compromise. I don’t feel that the tea party is ever willing to reach across the aisle and compromise. I don’t see it.
    Their success was their ability to influence the republican party, but this is outweighed by their strategic blunders: 1)their failure to manipulate the Democratic Party—the party that is in charge of the Senate and Presidency. 2) their failure to connect to the average American voter. 3) their failure at thinking that most of America would side with them on defunding Obamacare.
    What I think most Americans want, are not political extremes (right or left), but somewhere in the middle where Congress works for America.
    Right now, I don’t see any viable GOP candidates with appeal (maybe Jeb Bush). If Cruz runs, he will be swamped. I’m don’t buy that the GOP base stayed home during the last election. If you look at the statistics, in 2008 58.2% of eligible voters turned out. 61.6% in 2012. In 2008,$69.4M people voted for Obama and 59.9M voted for McCain. In 2012, 65.9M voters voted for Obama and 60.9M voted for Romney. More voters voted for Romney than McCain. What base didn’t turn out?
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    I can certainly see how they may gain an overwhelming amount of votes from active duty military, veterans, and their friends and family after the way they were crapped on by the administration during the shutdown. There was no excuse for those silly barricades and paying for "guards" for open air parks/monuments. Let's not forget how their social security and food benefits of the elderly/vets were threatened as well.

    Interesting how we didn't see any entitlements cuts threats to classic Dem voters, though, wasn't it? Hell, they even got a rally on the "CLOSED" National Mall, a warm welcome from Pelosi, and 100 port-a-johns!
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    As much as I`d LOVE it if this whole debacle damaged both parties beyond repair, what will actually happen is that by November of 2014, most of my fellow citizens will have forgotten about it, and the 15-20% of registered voters that`ll even bother to vote will cast their ballots for the two cults who got America into this mess. America will continue to decline as long as the dems/libs and reps/cons are in power.
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    I see that 50% of the voters in this poll are engaged in wishful thinking. Of course the shutdown and default threat will hurt Republicans. Their popularity has never been lower because of their attempt at hostage-taking.
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    I suspect that it will benefit them in the end because between now and election time we will all see just how bad Obamacare is going to be for America. I think the democrats are going to own Obamacare and that even includes those who are just running for office. Obamacare is a dsaster and the bigger it gets as a disaster the more it will help republicans.
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