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    Yes, in other words, this is good spin, but bottom line is they ARE losing the health insurance they had and liked.
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    Do you want to know, thru an easy example, what is wrong with government healtcare, Medicare, Medicaid, and now Obamacare. I'll give you my late Mother's case. She had COPD (she wasn't a smoker, BTW). She'd had tuberculosis when she was younger, went into remission, and in her later years came down with COPD. She needed an OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR to be able to breathe properly from 1994 until her passing in September 2003. Rather than BUY HER an oxygen concentrator, which they could have done due to the tremendous buying power of the government, at a LOWER price than the average individual could, Medicare RENTED an OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR for her at a cost of $323.00 PER MONTH. An OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR could have been bought for UNDER $1,000. Instead MEDICARE SPENT $34,884.00 over the 9 year period she needed one. So rather than spending $1,000., then replacing her concentrator if it malfunctioned or broke down, let's say EVEN TWICE, would have cost MEDICARE UNDER $3,000.(I'M BEING VERY PESSIMISTIC WITH HOW MANY TIMES THE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR WOULD HAVE NEEDED TO BE REPLACED) and Medicare would have saved over $30,000. I wrote 3 letters to the folks at Medicare, and 1 to the Miami Herald (which never got published) on this matter during the 4 years I took care of my terminal Mother. Not once did Medicare even acknowledge receipt of it, and I had 'power of attorney' thru Medicare to handle her affairs. This is just 1 SAMPLE of Government waste. Multiply that throughout Medicare, Medicaid, and now Obamacare, US Defense Spending, other miscellaneous programs, and you'll get an idea WHY OUR SPENDING IS NUTS!!!
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    You can read one of the letters from Florida BCBS here. It doesn't eject the insured party from their coverage. Instead, the letter states that they will be transitioned from their current plan, which will no longer exist in 2014, to a new plan. Customers have a choice to remain on the new plan or choose another by November 1.

    {Political doublespeak.....the results are the same.....}
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    Deregulation of the insurance companys by Rick Scott has more than a little to do with it. Why do you think it's Florida and not the entire United States.
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    A buddy of mine and his family came over for dinner last night. He got his ObamaCare letter: Premiums going up 57%, deductibles are doubling. He blames Obama and the Democrats.
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    There's this woman, Sue, a cashier at our local Walmart, she's 57. She tells me the new Walmart premiums for the ACA-compliant healthcare will be extremely difficult for her to pay and that they don't cover her medical costs until she has spent $7,500. of her own money. I feel so sorry for her.
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    @incognitoinky Bwaaaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaa! You guys are STILL using that one? Nope. We can lay this one right at the feet of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi....the Dem Trio. Ole' Pelosi didn't know how right she was when she said "You have to pass the law to find out what's in the law." Well, we're finding out all right, and it's worse for the United States than even Republicans thought.
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    Nope, they're not gonna be 300,000 "ejected" (and now uninsured) people in Florida.......only "The new plan might have more expensive premiums."......they just have to pay MORE!
    (Sure, "it won't have treatment caps, it will have lower out-of-pocket costs, and will provide more benefits like free preventive care.")
    BUT, it will cost MORE!
    Now, that's how you bring a country outta a recession.......charge 'em MORE.
    The democratic thinking, ya gotta love it.
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    AFFORDABLE Care Act......and what makes it AFFORDABLE?(Unless you're already on Medicaid, gov. housing, SNAP and a nice phone....too boot)
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    So what is your solution? You bash the Democrats, you bash the Republicans, you bash Americans. You don't really seem to like any ideas. I say things were fine the way they were before obama seized power and started screwing up the country. However, you didn't like that either. I can't be libertarian because libertarians don't like anything.

    America, rightward!
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    @stepped_in_it Still want to come up with the Affordable Arming America Act where every person above the age of 15 has to own at least 6 guns. One gun and one AR-15 and the others they can choose. They can buy them at gun exchanges administered by the NRA Czar and if they choose NOT to have a gun they must pay an IRS fine up to the amount of guns they do not own.

    Ammo MUST be bought at the exchanges.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix "You don't really seem to like any ideas."
    "I say things were fine the way they were before obama seized power and started screwing up the country."
    Neo, that is NOT an idea.......that is doing NOTHING. Nothing has gotten us to where we were in 2008, which lead America to vote for Obama, which lead us to this.
    "I can't be libertarian because libertarians don't like anything."
    Jeez, Neo, I think your neo-con ways have clogged your brain....what is left of it. Never been a libertarian, didn't want to be a Tea party member (which pissed YOU off) and want both you REGRESSIVE conservatives and "progressive" liberals to go back to.......kenya. That's where BOTH of you belong!
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    @Knightkore "One gun and one AR-15 and the others they can choose.'
    Do you mean one HAND gun?
    Anything more than 3 guns are a waste of guns....IMO.
    One decent hand gun (semi auto or revolver). either will work great, but, a revolver requires training + intelligence. A semi-auto requires nothing, hence , the fact that gang banger's prefer them.
    A decent rifle. An AR-15 is fine, but, there are much better weapons out there. An AR-15 is like a semi-auto hand gun.......gang banger equipment. Requires little training/intelligence to use.
    A shot gun. Pump action preferred. NOT Biden's double barreled BS. Nothing causes a butt hole to pucker like the sound of a 12 gauge being chambered.....
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    The moron in the picture holding up the big yellow sign along with all others have no idea what Obamacare is all about. It's just one more form of welfare and one more way to control Americans. It's not health care it's people control. And it's not working now and never will work.
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    I laughed about that too! The plan hasn't even taken effect yet- how does she know she loves Obamacare? LOL
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    @GedankPol Good point! How does she know. All she is doing like many others is looking for that government hand out that we have to pay for.
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    She's probably getting paid to hold up that sign or is still one of those dimwits that thinks Obamacare means "free" healthcare.
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    Then how could you know you hate it? Maybe she actually read it!
    People seem to have blamed it for bad that has not happened yet, because it is not yet in effect. You Limbough sucking up dummies dont know what is about either. Might as well stop pretending you do. But go ahead and post something completely uninformed and Westboro/Beck
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    Dear John Doe... your old insurance policy that you paid 300 a month for is being transition to the new Obama Care Insurance policy which will cost you $900 a month now.... so you're not actually losing your insurance you're going to lose your home.
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    Once again, they're trying to put "lipstick on a pig" parroting the "BS" (Barry Soetoro) leftest mantra -- it would indeed be refreshing to hear it the way it really is instead of insulting our intelligence.

    One can take a lesson from the following article: "Obama in wonderland" by Cal Thomas, dated Oct. 26th---

    "The more President Barack Obama talks about the supposed joys of his Affordable Health Care law, the more he resembles a political Mad Hatter, devoid of reason, absent logic, and ignorant of facts." (In part from the following link:)
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    The new plan might have more expensive premiums. But it won't have treatment caps, it will have lower out-of-pocket costs, and will provide more benefits like free preventive care.

    Take that statement and consider that most if not all are going to see a premium increase. Get a life. It is not MIGHT it is WILL have more expensive premiums. There is not an option. Spin it anyway you like everyone is going to pay for this colossal cluster.
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    Yeah...they act like the massive increase in premiums isn't "out of pocket". Who's pocket do they think that money is coming from? Spending more on insurance means less money for everything else. The left was howling about a government shutdown harming our "fragile economic recovery"...but they think our economy can handle a public with billions less to spend? What a bunch of idiots.
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    @CaryNickel This is always a problem when you have masterminds spending other people's money. Funny damned thing.........nothing is said when people's premiums and deductibles skyrocket. They're expected to swallow it. However, if a 1% tax decrease was suggested to pay for these expenses, we'd be hearing all manner of howling and screams of "tax cut for the rich".
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    If the premiums are more expensive, how on earth do you rationalize that, and I quote:“will provide more benefits like free preventive care”

    Higher premiums != free anything
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    So they are loosing their current plan they like and forced into a government approved plan they do not. Anyone else wonder how long until government mandated car models emerge, meals and everything else arrives.
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    Well that would mean EBT cards couldn't buy soda, chips, and snack cakes so I doubt the government will go there anytime soon. I mean they won't go after their voting base too hard.
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    One day we may see EPA regs that mandate a certain emission test be met for older cars. Can you see the person driving around a 15 year old car trying to get current emissions met? This forces people to buy newer vehicles. I'm sure it's coming.
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    They might be more expensive, really I can't believe that Obama would do that to people. I wonder how many of the older folks really need birth control coverage.
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    Really under provider cost control in places like Japan, Taiwan,Germany,Canada birth control costs those providers less than an American six pack, much less. So yu would skew an all access plan over birth control? Most people dont know Blue Cross is non profit co-op weak as water allowed as a bridge gap still paying several layers of commissions and covering as little as possible. Some state are stopping certain blue cross underwritten plans and tiers or commission payments that pimp us to still go bankrupt if we need serious medical anything. Good heavens lets try something different if we have to adjust a thousand times. What we have under Blue Cross sucks. I broke a finger this year and because of blue cross catering to overbilling to the consumer I was forced to self treat. The system must change.... regardless of how much intelligent women would hate to have your babies.
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    From the FloridaBlue letter:

    "On January 1, 2014, your BlueOptions plan 522 will be closed. In its place, we recommend our BlueOptions Essential (HSA) 1419P. To help ensure that you have continuous health chare coverage you'll be enrolled in this health plan effective January 1, 2014, unless we hear from you by November 1, 2013.

    The monthly premium for BlueOptions Essential (HSA) 1419P will be $169.55. This new premium reflects required changes due to the ACA..."

    From Ms. Noble: "You can read one of the letters from Florida BCBS here. It doesn't eject the insured party from their coverage. Instead, the letter states that they will be transitioned from their current plan, which will no longer exist in 2014, to a new plan. Customers have a choice to remain on the new plan or choose another by November 1."

    It's not much of a "choice", Mary.

    Ultimately the existing plan will "no longer exist in 2014" due to the demands of the ACA.


    You can choose to let your rates go up for less coverage under the ACA...

    You can choose to pay the fine rather than pay for the new, higher rates for less coverage...

    ...or you can choose to search for another insurance on the broken, ACA healthcare website.

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    Yep gotta love the spin job. I've gotta take a damn antivert just from reading all the spin in this article!
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    The access and delivery of health care to all people should not be profit-driven. That is an obscenity. Wealth, or the absence of wealth should never determine or influence the quality of treatment, access, or health outcomes.
    The ACA is not the final answer, but it is a step towards equitable health treatment for all Americans.
    Americans have been forced to tolerate a capitalistic health care system that delivered top care to the few at the life expense of others. The very idea of allowing health care "caps" and "denial of coverage" was a obscene product of corporate greed and was a blight on our country. The argument against universal health care is solely a symptom of narcissistic greed. I would hope that fortunate American Christians of means would welcome subsidizing the very best care for those less fortunate. I can't think of a nobler pursuit: a few less Starbucks or foregoing buying Lotto tickets so someone else can get a lifesaving treatment.
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    Well if Obama Reid and pelosi think this is such a noble cause then they should sponsor the healthcare costs of a few hundred each. They can pay their premiums and their copays. Reid says more people want to pay taxes. What's stopping him from cutting the IRS a nice big check? Charity begins at home. What you're advocating for is forced theft by the government. It's not charity. Charity is voluntary. Theft is what you're advocating for.
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    BUT they liked their plan they are suppose to be allowed to keep it...what? Do you mean they can't? That can't be right that would mean Mr Obama lied...AGAIN.

    "The new plan might have more expensive premiums."...... Ain't no "might" to it.
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    This is a very fine point without mentioning that Obama TOLD ALL OF US "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan - period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor - period."

    Yes, they aren't TECHNICALLY losing their health insurance, but THEY ARE losing the health insurance they had and liked. They WILL have to pay more, they MAY have to have a higher deductible, higher co-pays and less choice of the doctor they may see.

    So, yes TECHNICALLY they are not "losing" coverage, they are just LOSING THE COVERAGE THEY SELECTED AND LIKED.
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    Obamacare is a one size fits all plan. While one size may fit many it virtually never fits all. Take an example of men's pants. Size 42 would sort of fit most but most that they 'fit' would be better off in 34's, etc. Those that need size 50 would not really be served at all. In Obamacare a sixty year old woman would be paying for maternity insurance. Other rediculous provisions abound.
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    Not maternity but the organs involved, that many women have trouble with over 40. Only evil if dying of feminine cancer is ok by you. Try to reply with something dumber than your above goofiness. Come one try hard, you know you can.
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    @DegredWhiteGuy Sorry for the bad example. Given the words and tone of your reply I will not be reading anything else you right. I am blocking you.
    As to my opinion on whether or not dying of feminine cancer is ok with me, that is irrelevant. To many, one need only say it is God's will. To others, can she afford to fix it.? To you I say borrow the money needed and pay for her medical treatment just don't take my money either directly or indirectly to do your personal wishes.
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    The major increases on insurance premiums are a direct result of the unaffordable careless act, known as Obamacareless.
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    The issue is not that they WON'T be insured. It is that Barack Husssein Obama lied to them and told them they could keep the plan they have if they liked it. They should have taken heed when The Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, said..." you have to pass the bill before you can see what is in it."
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    They are still being kicked off their previous plans and forced to take a different plan with coverages they may not want/need and at a much higher price tag I'm sure. Also will their current doctor be in the same coverage network? Will it have just as many specialists? Same co pays? Same drug coverage? I doubt it.

    Just shows that Obama lied when he said you could keep your healthcare plan and keep your doctor.

    This article is the same as someone saying "oh we didn't say he couldn't speak his mind, we just cut out his tongue. "
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    I have employer provided insurance. Our premiums for a single individual will go up $20 next year. This is less of an increase than the last two years. Our preventive care will now be without copay and the caps on lifetime care have been removed. Also, no one coming to work for the organization can be rejected because of prior conditions. Over all sounds great to me. My only wish is the ACA would have been a single payer system like medicare.
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    That's awesome for you. The plan I pay for through my employer with my wife has jumped over $2,000 more for the year. Our deductibles also increased by $2000. And thanks to Obama I can't put more than $2500 in my health savings account. My wife is pregnant and we are going to have our first child finally. I'll spend that $2500 in medical bills within the first 6 months the child is alive I'm sure.
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    @DrNickels Hey! Congrats! So happy for both of you - what fun you have ahead of you.

    Suggestion: Take a picture from newborn and each month thereafter (you can get stickers that say 1 month and so on) in a onesie - at the end of the first year it is a priceless memento.
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    @DrNickels Congratulations on the first son/daughter!!! And my condolences on the increased costs! I'm not being a wise guy.
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