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    No, I'm not bothered by this or surprised, I am bothered by the fact we gave Obama a first or second term.
    I'm bothered that now everyone wants to complain when they are the ones who helped the man get into office, and appoint his corruptees.
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    "Hope & Change" "Yes We Can". For years many have told others they were sold a 'fairy tale' as Bill Clinton called Obama....

    Day after day--- it is more and more clear.
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    @drpeeper Well to be fair he did deliver on change, more people have now only been left with change. Literally.... they are unemployed and are begging for spare change.
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    @Ironicguy Irony from an Ironicguy.......and true.
    As I've heard on here before, he won a majority vote. So, I'm sure ONLY a minority of people will complain.......right?
    We don't need voter ID laws......we need voter IQ tests instead. Can't pass the test, go sit at the children's table and be quiet.
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    To this day I am GLAD I can say I didn't vote for this clown in 2008 or in 2012. I knew he was bad for the USA then just as I do now. Unfortunately the population has gradually gotten themselves stuck on stupid over the years.
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    Obamacare is a scam to help further enrich the already wealthy and corporations, insurance companies, and lawyers. It is causing people who are healthy, and take care of themselves, to buy more comprehensive coverage that they don't need, and spend more money, up to 60% of their monthly income in many cases, just on insurance that they don't need.

    It never was about helping people. It is about extracting more wealth from the citizens, and creating more control over people's lives via the intrusion into the most basic of areas, a person's healthcare. The ONLY good thing about the law was the requirement that preexisting conditions be covered, but that could have been done much more cheaply and efficiently than by creating this fiasco, but once again, helping people was never the real intent, but merely the fa├žade.
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    I am getting more angry that universal healthcare wasn't passed if it was just going to be democrats pushing this through. This conservative law was supported by DeMint and Grassley in mid 2009. They supported the mandate. The majority of the people effected are on the individual markets which was like a junk bond sale. $54 a month doesn't cover one doctors visit. With the average $5000 deductible, people thought they were getting a good deal with low premiums that cover virtually nothing. Divide $5000 into 12 months and get $410 per month plus $54 with no prescription coverage and usually no hospital coverage. I signed up my father on Medicare Part d and he wanted the $14 month plan, but with $310 deductible is $30 average per month plus $14. The copay was 25% of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs and 33% for tier3-5. After entering what drugs he uses, it would cost $138 a month in copays for 6 medications and would reach coverage gap in August raising it to $286 a month with ACA closing that gap which paid for nothing before. I found him a plan with $113 premium with deductible and $0 copay for all medications at preferred network pharmacy. It covered coverage gap completely free if cost. He will pay $1350 over 12 months vs $2200 or more with cheap premium plan. People on individual market were never covered. It was an illusion. The reasons big employers are not having this problem is because they want happy workers and they pay for part of your premium and offer almost everything in law already. People buying junk plans never benefited from it and they did the opposite well insured people do and that is get prevention visits. 80% of total healthcare costs is caused by 10% population. I am upset with govenors turning down medicaid expansion and this women with worthless insurance may be eligible for subsidies. I can almost guarantee most people with bare bones plans with high Deductibles never get past deductible phase. The cheaper the premium, the higher the cost out of pocket unless you have workplace insurance. Car insurance has $1000 Deductibles with low premiums. Most people can't pay any deductible higher than $250. People can opt out of these plans and incur mandate which is not enforceable. Think people. ..$54 premium on the market without an employer who bargain for price and quality would be a financial loss to seller. I am glad this will be regulated.
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    The MAIN problem with the ACA is that it does not address the real problem associated with healthcare costs...lack of access to the competition.

    We are CAPTIVE CUSTOMERS. The ONE element that always brings down the price of goods and services is COMPETITION.

    But if you restrict the customers access to competition, the price the customer pays for the good or service will almost always be artificially inflated.

    Most states have the same problem with their utility providers.

    Here in Wisconsin we have about 5 electrical providers. But I am not allowed to shop for the BEST kilowatt cents per hour rate amongst those five providers.

    WHY not?????

    If my provider charges me 84 cents per kw/hr, and another company is charging 20 cents LESS, why can't I switch providers???

    It's a MONOPOLY.

    Put the healthcare providers in the FREE MARKET 'rasslin ring and let them fight for the customers business by providing the BEST service at a COMPETITIVE PRICE
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    I am sorry for the people who are loosing their insurance but some of these people voted for Obama again, they also voted for some of the senators and house members who voted this thing in. Watch what you wish for, you might just get it. Happy trails to you who voted the fine fellows back in.
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    For years, every democrat has knowingly lied to the American public and now they think we should trust them to straighten this mess out. These people are as phony as a pasty faced prostitute in church. I can only wonder what else they are not telling us?
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    @marine1 Seriously? Do you really believe the owners have cared one bit about if the NSA's operations were shielded from the people by all too willing and complicit democrats or republicans that have both ardently lied to the people throughout the history of the NSA? They both sold us out and will continue to sell us out for a rump roast, rack of ribs, ham or shoulder every single time they can. Both sides do it because they're all crooks and the American people are spineless fools that have long ago accepted overt corruption in American governance.
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    We have been telling the Obama lovers this all along. You know there will be a special seat in hell for Obama, Pilosi, McConnell, Carney, Hillary, and others for what they have done to the legal, working, American people.
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    The sad part is how, over generations, Americans have been conditioned to accept political lies as to be expected and part of the process. Where few are ever held accountable when they are caught.
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    If anything I expected worse and believe it will be Obama's epitath. Here lies the man who destroyed the most powerful and affluent country in history.
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    @Komo6496 Thank you, you make me blush! I am not sure how smart I am, but I am sure I know right from wrong. That is because I did so many things wrong when I was younger that I have a lot of experience which is the best teacher.
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    @fraps Experience is the best teacher...unfortunately, Obama is the president with the least experience. He does not know the difference between right and wrong... he only knows his ego
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    White House Knew Millions Would Lose Their Insurance Under Obamacare

    Of coarse they could they not?

    Obama knew he was telling lie's to the people, However democrats are so used to doing that, and they know that our liberal media wouldnt say anything.
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    Who was it that called him a liar in the beginning of his term? We need to find this guy and apologize to him for not listening.
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    HMMM......price hike are NOT already coming.......they are HERE!
    been informed that my health insurance at work will go up 23.5% "because of the ACA". This will NOT include the "new, just found out" $63 a year fee that the ACA imposes on employers, which (according to my company), most, if not ALL will be passed off to it's employees.....
    Thank you Democraps and I hope you subsidized, irresponsible, previously uninsured loafers send all us working people a Thank You note........I doubt you will (as ya'll ungrateful, lazy, entitled, parasites).
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    The very first thought was surprise surprise!! We've been saying this for years and called terrorists.
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    I'm laughing. Although, I too, must pay for the foolish mistake millions of Americans made on Nov. 6th of last year. I laugh because millions of fools thought obama "the messiah" was going to give away free health care to millions of people. Jokes on you dummies. Everything must be paid for, and guess who gets to do the paying?

    I expect a complete slaughterhouse at the polling stations next November. Keeping the House? Not only that, but we will expand control of the House. Senate? It's ours now, thanks to obamacurse.

    This horridable (yes, horridable) legislation will get repealed. A little late for my taste, but better late than never. And thanks to the horrific roll out of obamacurse, the sticker shock, and the enormous corruption involved, we will see a Republican in the White House in 2017.

    Bye bye obamacurse.

    America, rightward!
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Not only will those fools loose their insurance policies, but many of them will probably loose their identities by logging onto the vulnerable government Website. Can anything say MADE IN AMERICA more than this fiasco?
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix HMMM.......could I have been right, Neo?
    Been saying all along, the 'pubs should have stopped fighting "obamacurse" and fought to have it implemented immediately with NO exceptions and (per the "law of the land") included an additional 537 part time residents of Washington DC. Sometimes, people have to be reminded that their checkbook is being robbed to wake them up.
    I truly believe if they had, your dreams of 2014 and 2016 would have come true.......
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    Obama lied? I'm suppose to be bothered or shocked by that? Why should I be? He's a politician. If his lips are moving you know he's lying.

    Congratulations, you're losing your current health insurance plan and gaining a new one that has bells and whistles you don't need and will cost you more to have!
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    fully expected this, now will the media left give honest coverage of this disaster? Will the American people understand that Obama is a failure? Pelosi ethically bankrupt for passing this? will the nation demand we repeal?
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    This is what happens when you vote (D). This could very well end the Democrat party. I will also not hold my breath to see if any of the leftists come here to apologize for all their lies and hatred against the right. It is plain and simple that the Republicans were right and the Democrats were liars.
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    I am bothered by the amount of lying that we are getting from our elected officials and also by the fact that we keep voting them into office.
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    Blaming this on Bush in 3..........2..........1....... ... lol

    Wait that won't work... How about Corp CEO's?

    Nope....... How about the 1%???? Nope.

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    I actually "argued" with a fellow employee who called this "Bush's health care bill". I tried to tell him this was signed 15 months AFTER Bush left no avail.
    Again, one of those voters that needs to pass a test BEFORE casting a vote!
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