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    It is relevant with talks of a North CA or Colorado. It creates precedent even if unconstitutional.
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    Who really cares, our government doesn't abide by the contitution, and 80 percent of the government and laws are unconstitutional.
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    You must be a Democrat ... The actual words of the Constitution mean nothing, do they?

    Not advocating returning WV to VA, but Congress has to (and had to) follow the Constitution just like the other branches of the government.
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    actually I was a life long GOP and now I am an independent because members of both DEM and the GOP parties are idiots. I respect the power of the legislative branch (which was controlled by the party of Lincoln during 1863, GOP...DUH) who reviewed and admitted WV to the union, I think we should stop screwing with things that are not important, pay our bills, respect states rights. So... your attempted insult missed the mark as most do that come from narrow minded folks.
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    Here's a thought: Wouldn't it be ironic that West Virginia, created as a union state, would 150 years later be full of people who right now more likely side with the confederates in that war, rather than Virginia, which seceded as confederate, but now is solidly union and vote blue, being full of big welfare populations and military bases, both big budget drains and guaranteed democrat votes every election. May the south rise again, ESPECIALLY in states that thought they made the right decision at the time.
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    Via is not blue it is all of the carpet baggers in northern Virginia that turns it blue. Both Governor candidates are northerners
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    The majority of people in WV work and if they receive assistance it is because they don't make enough to live. I know to receive any help you have to either work or go to school 30hrs a week unless you are a mother with very young children under schoolage, elderly, or disabled.

    As for it being a solid blue state, you are wrong. Although many of the state elected officials are democrat, there are many republicans. In the last 4 presidential elections, WV voted republican. I'm not sure why considering they are the ones that don' t really care about helping the poor.
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    @Darkdreamer democrats couldn't care less about helping the poor! They create thus culture of dependency on the government to guarantee demo votes! That is not helping the poor! That is driving the poor deeper into poor-dom! I wish people would wake up and see to help give them the opportunity to help themselves! You do NOT teach them that the only spoon they can eat with us the govt spoon! I grew up dirt parents taught me to count on myself and work hard! NOT to sit around and wait on someone to do it for me!
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    @1971tennessee You are right about one thing, neither party cares about the poor. They all only care about the money that goes to their campaigns so they work for corporations. All of them do. They get richer and richer, while we get poorer and poorer. I was just picking the lesser of two evils. We do need more opportunity but opportunity for good jobs not for low paying jobs that people can't live on. Alot of people do work very hard and still don't have enough to live. Doesn't mean they aren't working hard enough just shows how screwed up things are when a few have millions while the majority scramble to live off the scraps.
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    @Darkdreamer couldn't agree more with one thing...just because you are poor does not mean you don't not work hard! I am scared to death of these conversations...because I do NOT believe in this redistribution of wealth concept I see from the majority of liberals!

    The playing field should be level. We all should have the opportunity to succeed however we see fit...not according to the Obama measurement!

    Michelle Obama earns 40000$ a month! You don't see anybody taking her money and handing it to someone else!

    For the sake of argument....federal sales tax and no income tax levels the field!
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    Well, technically, Virginia was NOT in the Union at the time that West Virginia 'seceded' from IT and became a non-slave state. Virginia was in fact a member of a hostile enemy country, so West Virginia could not obtain its permission, nor did it need to, to become a State. That's how I look at it.
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    This article and subject matter is one not even 10% of Americans remotely have a clue to form any educated opinions.

    Let's quote Obama's spot on assessment of the original Constitution and pay attention to his silence on the corporate Constitution.

    It's a shame very few Americans understand enough to ask the same "which one?" question and I doubt even the writer of this article has any grasp on the subject shown by his using a picture of the original and organic constitution and not specifying either the Constitution for the United States of American, complete with the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation..... OR THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which was laid over the top of the original one in 1878.

    This illustrates the point.

    Most don't even know where unalienable or inalienable rights are mentioned in any of the above documents and their actual differences as has been made abundantly clear by both the United States Supreme Court AND the Supreme Court of the United States, dictionarys and grammar experts be damned, both ruling courts do indeed hold that there is a HUGE difference between the two words and most all states have similarly incorporated constitutions also laid over their republic constitutions and they ONLY recognize INALIENABLE rights.

    See even this page mis-represents the documents title which does indeed change it's meaning and legal intent.

    People don't know and the sadder shame is, so very few care.
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    "Article IV, Section 3, reads that "no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State ... without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.""
    "But when West Virginia was deemed a state by the U.S. government Virginia did not give its assent. Virginia had seceded to join the Confederacy, and so did not give its assent to West Virginia's statehood, as the Constitution seemingly requires."
    HMMM.....seems pretty CLEAR to me. Why would the US ask permission of the "seceded" state of Virginia....somewhat akin to asking the owner of a vehicle (who just gave up ownership of that vehicle) if you can own it. They no longer had that right......they gave it up!
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    They should reunite as one Virginia. Then make the 50th state from our Caribbean territories Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc all one state.
    That way we won't have to change our flags and Congress.
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    Congress and Lincoln voted and ratified West Virginia as a new state. Does that not give legitimacy that West Virginia is a state under the constitution as required?
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    I forgot to put that Virginia had seceded from the Union and was therefore not legitimate to give it's assent to West Virginia at the time. West Virginia had not seceded from the Union which in turn gave itself the legitimacy to give itself assent to become a new state during the time of the Civil War.
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    Some people will argue laws forever. West Virginia has been a state for over 150 years. There's no question that is is a state.
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    Depends what your definition of horrible is. I'm quite sure I would rather live anywhere in West Virginia, versus Detroit, Shitcago, East St. Louis, etc. etc.
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    @TheJimmy The Cardinal is the WV state bird. As with all states WV has its unique stories and legends, the Mothman being one.
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    The Cardinal is the official state bird but if you ask your typical West Virginian they will usually say it's the Mothman. More like the unofficial state bird I guess you could say.
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    Since Virginia had seceded from the Union and had declared war on the Federal government, it voluntarily gave up its statehood and thereby it's Constitutional right to determine it's own borders. But at this point, who but an idiot studying his own navel would give a rat's ass about the subject.
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    I live in WV and I love that I live in a quiet community with pretty much zero crime, and I can walk outside at night and build a bonfire and look at the stars. Noone cares and noones going to complain. It is a beautiful state where people for the most part don't try to tell others what to do and we try to take care of our own.
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    I question but one thing about thing in your article and that is if it was treason to secede from the Union. My recollection of early American history includes various states threatening to secede from the Union because of some proposed policy. At the time the states were supposed to be sovereign, too. Lincoln changed that.
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    The Feral Government was ready to file it's second bankruptcy in 1862 with the first one being represented by our first constitution as it was a bankruptcy pact between the colonial states to repay the debt incurred to fight the British.

    Lincoln chose to fight the most expensive war ever fought on earth and that debt still hasn't been repaid... who financed the war for the north and south?
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    West Virginia we will more than happy to let this one go. Can we give you parts of northern Virginia as a thank you for doing us a favor?

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    West Virginia might be the single exception to the rule that the further south you go the dumber people get. Because I'd have to say that Virginia is a little bit better off.
    Sometimes I wonder about Alabama and Georgia but then Florida will always manage to do something to make me think it holds true.
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    As this article notes, the leaders in the NW part of Virginia were recognized as the legitimate government of Virginia in 1861, so the process was followed, albeit irregularly.

    A more interesting "what if" would be to consider the implications if Congress in 1863 has recognized that part as the original Virginia, and readmitted the eastern part as a new state during reconstruction, giving seniority in the Union to what we now call West Virginia, and give this hypothetical state of Southeast Virginia an admission date of 1869?
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    By declaring secession from the United States, the state government of Virginia engaged in treasonous rebellion and effectively abolished itself. Thus allowing the loyal Americans in West Virginia to elect a new replacement government.
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    But then again it was done during the war of northern aggression so I guess they get to make up the rules as they go along like obama is now.
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    There should be some formal way to legalize WVA's status. Even if it involves the VA governor and legislators signing some sort of document affirming WVA's sovereignty.
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