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    Investigate first. Verify. Then prosecute. Can't just go off without knowing all the facts.Who do you think you are, the President?
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    It's a box. It's not a whipping, it's not even a spanking.
    Seriously this is on the level of "go in the corner" or "sit in a chair". It's a timeout. The media is trying to make a "timeout" sound like it's some terrible child abuse.
    This is a piece of sensationalism. Using the word "store" implies that they were treating him as an object when there is nothing inherent in this sort of punishment that does that.
    They're actually being extremely lenient. Normally you'd be suspended, even expelled for that kind of behavior. It's appropriate that they are lenient, because the kid has a brain injury but just because a kid is slower doesn't mean you just give up on teaching proper behavior, in fact it becomes even more important.
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    my nephew is autistic all I can say is HELL NO!!!!!
    If the teacher cant deal with mentally and physically disabled students then that teacher needs to move to a more appropriate area of work...
    If I was this mom this school WOULD HAVE HELL in every corner imaginable...mega big lawyers,activist and groups including the a.c.l.u.
    This case would most definitely go down in the history books...
    And just so you know even if this child wasnt handicapped it would still be CHILD ABUSE.
    There is a case right now where a mom and her boyfriend took her 12 yr old daughter and because of bad grades they shaved her hair off and made her wear a diaper and run around out in public for close to an hour in front of aprox. 50 people, eventually someone called 911 and both mother and boyfriend were cuffed and arrested,childrens services came and took the child with 3 other siblings.
    Why do you all have to even question this???
    Is it ok for people to force you to do humiliating things and be put on display for others to see???
    this child or any other child has no less rights than you.And if the mother and bf of the 12 year old was arrested I expect no less for this teacher...administrative leave+pay=BULL SHIT
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    I thought that is what the principals office was either take the child there, or have the principal call the parents??? dont get me wrong provided the child isnt handicapped I understand children need discipline...but the way schools are now many kids dont have a isnt all about education anymore...its about lining their pockets with money
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    Humiliation is the best teacher for some people...however, I don't know the full story. Given the level of the child's disorder, it could be okay or not. I won't judge until I know the truth.
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    story goes he is mentally and physically handicapped due to brain injury as a child...If special ed teachers cant handle the job then move over and let someone else...point blank..too often now days special ed teacher are in those positions only because they couldnt get another position.
    My nephew has autism and if I ever heard a teacher done this to him I promise you this SHIT WOULD DEFINITELY HIT THE FAN..IN THE HARDEST POSSIBLE WAY EVER!!!