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    Well I believe that society probably failed in teaching her a lesson. Most likely her mother was or is also a Weldare Recipient that doesnt work. So by our example this girl has been misled and so will her childern. What we as a people should do is TEACH her how to have a job she enjoys and how to enjoy being a mother and the joys of these things not just the joy of being a Welfare Queen. It looks easier but truely its selfish and not rewarding.
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    It sounds horribble but.... CUT THEM OFF! & tell them if they neglect to find means of care for the children, the children will be removed. Dont make it an option. It Should Be, NO WORK, NO SERVICE. If they have a debilitating handycapt (bi-polar NOT included) have a doctors statment to be excluded. Its either sink or swim, and if you wont push yourself to stay afloat, your going to sink. & Sink is What may happen, if our government if it doesnt wake up, and cut off the floating fat.
    BUT...before that helps, they'll have to be cuts a whole alot bigger than welfare!
    But thats just my opinion!
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    Why should they want to work. They are paid quite well for not working and have better benifits as well. If I was going to encourage these people to go back to work I would drop the benifits to the point of someone who was working for minimum wage for thirty hours a week. Then stand back for the whining, wailing, and nashing of teeth.
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    There is a level of unemployment built into the normal functioning of the economy. It is impossible for everyone to have a job. So, let those who don't want one not get one. Let those who want to work hold the jobs.
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    4 Kids? I mean do people even start with facts? 1 kid maybe... another accident, but COME ON.... 4 kids and they live in birth control capitol of California... this is just a free ride for almost her whole life.
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    The more kids they have the more welfare they get. These kids will grow in this environment and most likely will do the same thing. It's a never ending circle. Well, hopefully some will break that circle when they are grown, maybe want something more out of life.
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    Government should require the mother to name the father(s) and have both become responsible of raising the child(ren) and with some government assistance.
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    Don't have kids ! I also think every state should put a Time Limit on how long one can receive welfare benefits !!! And pass random drug testing ! Look at Texas for example,in such a hole,That the ATTY.GENERAL was caught dipping into child support payments to keep his office afloat! Basically Theft! So Lazy add people,that Are Able bodied,get your add to work or look for work full Time !
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    I do not know this woman well enough from the scant info in the story to say why she made the comment she did but let's start with she has 4 kids that need fed. 4! 1 I get. 2 Is an accident, 3 maybe if there were a set of twins on there somewhere but 4?! Are you kidding me? I don't know what kind of job the guy laying in the picture has but if it wasn't enough to support the family then it was time to exercise some adult discretion by both spouses. This is called manufactured poverty. I know a number of families where both spouses work and either had to plan their family with finances in mind or want more children but can't afford them. Just pumping out kids and then expecting others to pick up the tab is wrong. Barring a more definitive explanation of her story, I'm having a hard time mustering sympathy for anyone but the kids and the taxpayers who now must feed, house, and clothe them while shorting their own families so that Ms. Cole may continue to live irresponsibly.
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    Man, this person sure is living the life, living on less than 20,000 dollars a year while attempting to raise four children. Anyone who would take this woman's already meager public assistance checks away is quite honestly a monster; and I can only hope that others around you recognize as much. This person wants to work - she wouldn't go out of her way to, you know, SEARCH FOR JOBS if she didn't want to! Get some fucking perspective.
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    People who can't support themselves shouldn't have a kid, let alone three of them and expect the tax payers to do it. She could have studied and retook the test, but said the hell with it. Doesn't sound like she wants to work. She even said so herself.
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    You mean the four extra welfare checks she generated?
    She should have had her tubes tied after the first one and someone should have explained to her how babies are made.

    Bet she smokes.... and the gov't pays for that too.
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    You two do realize that we're the richest country in the history of humanity? We have enough money to make sure all 300 million Americans have the basic necessities and then some. We just choose to spend it in other, less helpful ways (read: military spending).
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    This a prime example of how lazy and worthless some woman are! If you can not feed your children then do not have them! I am not talking about someone who are going through difficult times. This woman has never worked and never will!!
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    The welfare system was a terrible idea from the outset.
    Able-bodied adults who aren't college students with too much to study should work for a living, period.
    Instead the government should have a public works program that guarantees you will have employment if you can't find work in the private sector.
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    The government needs to take a stand and stop letting people have kids that can't support them. Including woman who give up multiple kids for adoption, multiple abortions, drug babies etc. Make it a law that after so many it is required to take birth control, like parole, every month show up to take meds or jail time! We have enough suffering children !
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    This is ridiculous! Where is the father of these children anyway. She should have gotten a job. She could work anywhere at minimum wage. C'mon now people. Get your stuff together. Take her kids away, take her government assistance away and leave her. The strong will survive and she's definitely not a strong woman for her kids. Thinning of the herd. Either that or tie her tubes!
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    Basically what has happened is the gov't has become the surrogate father for these single women with children. This has to stop! Entitlement for the unemployed is one of the major causes bankrupting developed nations. We can't afford any longer!!! Cut them off.

    I'm not a fan of big government but maybe it's time for State run day care centers. Put the kids in the daycare and this will free up time for mom to go back to work. No more free rides.
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    2 years welfare, period. 1st, get them fixed so they can't pop out more welfare babies. 2nd, education. 3rd, make them work in jobs, cleaning up litter, daycares, school cafeterias, earn their welfare funds.
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